How I got started.

In today’s Sunday story, your going to learn all about how I gotstarted with marketing online. We’ll talk about my experiences withwork from home opportunities, and even go a little too what I didbefore.

If you followed me in the past, it’s very possible you’vealready heard the story. This is primarily a posting to help newindividuals who have no experience with who IM get to know why I dowhat I do. You won’t miss any content if you skip today’s episode,so if you already know my story, look forward to the next episodecoming out fairly shortly talking about the three ways Facebookruin my motivation without me even knowing it.

Actually that contents probably going to come out a bit later ontoday, I know, I know I’m a bit late for Sunday. But at least I’mgetting you the content.

If you weren’t aware, I got started marketing online after thesudden passing of my mother. In 2010 though, I worked for a companythat took customer care calls for Sprint wireless. That’s the placeI met my wife, and if you didn’t hear check up the first episode ofthe podcast titled”If you don’t want Creepy blind people textingyou, you shouldn’t put your number on Facebook”.

In 2011,, I move to Montana and got a job taking calls for Bankof America. I also had some family stuff I had to get through inMontana as well, so after I was done with that family stuff andthen concluded working at the call center taking calls for Bank ofAmerica, I moved back to Oregon. This was may or June of 2012.

When I moved back to Oregon in 2012, I decided I would apply atthe call center that took calls for Sprint wireless that I hadoriginally worked for. The night before I was supposed to starthowever, I received a phone call from I believe it was the sitemanager. The individual who called me and informed me that due tochanges in the software that Sprint used, I was unable to starttomorrow as originally scheduled. Honestly, I was a bit hurt, andquite frustrated with the fact that I was clearly discriminatedagainst.

Earlier in 2012 I had put an application in at the Alaska Centerfor the blind and visually impaired as the centers assistivetechnology and braille instructor. When I found out I was unable towork at the call center due to accessibility issues, I reach out tothe center and asked if they had made a decision on the applicantas of yet. As a matter of fact, they had and luckily it was me. Thesecond week of July 2012 I flew to Anchorage for the next chapterin my life.

In July 2012 when I moved to Alaska, I didn’t have a home I wasgoing to. The center kindly allowed me the opportunity to Livethere while I found housing, and I’ll forever be grateful for them.It was amazing to be able to live where I was working, except for,I was living where I was working… this was the case until about aweek before circumstances took a nosedive.

While I was working Mallory was in Oregon helping her sisterwith her wedding. I was on my own for a couple of months as Mallorydidn’t arrive in Anchorage until September. The week that Malloryshowed up, on a Sunday evening, we moved into the place that I hadfound. It wasn’t the nicest place, I remember that most of thatweek was spent with us cleaning it up, however it was ours and wewere back together.

Friday came, and we decided to go out and get the rest of thestuff we needed for the house. I believe we got cable and Internetsetup, probably purchase a set of dishes, and I know we also pickedup a TV. We started the evening however by having a meal at both ofour favorite restaurants, red Robin. It was a relaxing and funevening. We got a cab home as we didn’t have a vehicle at thistime, and both crashed after a busy day forgetting to put either ofour phones on the charger.

We both slept in that Saturday morning, and when we woke up ourphones were completely dead. We have no clue about the lifechanging event to occur that day, and started our day out the waywe normally would. Getting things together for breakfast, andchatting about some of the things we wanted to do this weekend, Istepped outside for a cigarette and grab my phone off the counter.As I check my notifications I noticed I had a voicemail, so Icalled into the voicemail system

My sister’s voice comes through in the message and I hear hersobbing. I can’t understand what she’s saying, however before ihave a chance to listen more to the message i hear that twofamilial call waiting tone and i switch lines. Answering theincoming call i heard my sisters voice, and in order to know whatshe told me you need to listen to the podcast.


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