How To Become Better With WordPress Sites In 10 Minutes

Todays podcast, I’m going to provide you with four ways to become better with word press in 10 minutes or less. The fifth thing I’m going to give you is a piece of advice that I need to apply to other aspects of my business. You’re going to love this, and if you do like I know you will, then someone else you’re connected with on social media will as well. Hit the share button found at the bottom of this article, or hell wherever you’re seeing this article, and share it with your most active social media network.

The first way to become better with word press in 10 minutes or less is to simply learn. Having the knowledge of being able to configure and set up your own WordPress site puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. Especially when what you’re trying to do is assist small business owners with bringing their website online. Yes, you can show them how to be able to code their websites by hand, however who has the time for that anymore? Word press is an amazing content management system that makes it possible for anyone to be able to manage their own Home on the web.

You can use site like YouTube, Lynda, and you did me to be able to teach yourself WordPress. If you’re like me, sometimes questions come to you at random times, and knowing the answer will help you with your current project and future projects you maybe involved. Ask your questions on video social media sites, or in courses, so that you can find the answers and observe others doing what you’re looking to do.

Podcasts can also be a beneficial add on to your knowledge of Word press. A list of The Best WordPress Podcasts (Ultimate List) can be found on  David Gray’s blog. The one podcast I was introduced to buy my man Tom over at iHabilitation CA, was the WORD-PRESS WEEKLY BY WP TAVERN. Learn more about it here. The podcast i’m going to start listening to is WORD PRESS PLUGINS FROM A TO Z, connect with this podcast here. What do you listen to in order to expand your knowledge on a regular basis? Drop me a comment and let me know. 

The final way you can expand your knowledge about word press while learning is to purchase courses. I personally have a Word press with a blind guy training to become available again in the near future. Remember to subscribe to the your own pay podcast club waiting list here, so you can be the first to know when it goes live.

In Order to become better with word press in ten minutes or less, you need to be open to asking questions. if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s likely you’re connected either on a business or personal level with someone who uses the WordPress content management system to manage their website. Hell, if you’re reading this or listening to the podcast, I use word press and would love to answer the questions you might have about this platform. contact me today, or get in contact with that friend and start picking there brain.

In the unlikely event that none of your friends are using WordPress and you don’t really want to contact me, there our Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups available to learn Word press. The one I mentioned in the podcast today is word press for the blind, check it out to get started with your WordPress education. Unfortunately I don’t have any specific groups on LinkedIn one might want to consider joining in order to learn about Word press, however I’m sure there are plenty available. Finally, don’t forget to search out other bloggers on Twitter. There are twitter chat related to your blog, the contents of your blog, and the support of your blog as well.

The best way to learn anything in 10 minutes or less, Word press included, is to get your fingers a little dirty. You can set up a WordPress site for low too no-cost, and as previously mentioned there are plenty of resources to get you going. If you mess things up and it doesn’t come out perfect, what that’s okay! Just keep in the back of your mind that your first couple of sites will not be exactly the way you want them to be. However, building out these first few sites with give you the foundation to a longterm understanding of WordPress and how it works.

The final way to learn Word press in 10 minutes or less is to help others learned as well. By now you’ve Learned what resources work best for you to learn by, and you’ve even built out a side or two. As previously mentioned, your first couple of sites don’t need to be perfect, just created to give you the experience necessary to help others. By this point, it’s likely you’re familiar with my friend Google or YouTube. If so, and the person you’re helping asked you a question that you don’t know the answer to, turn to those resources or the relationships you’ve built earlier.

I’m not sure if you knew this, however you don’t need to know WordPress. I know, this was a podcast on how to learn WordPress in 10 minutes or less, however you don’t need to know how to install WordPress or set it up. People will install and configure for you on sites like Fiverr. If you want you could also find a virtual assistant to take care of all of your website needs. Though you don’t need to know WordPress, it is important to learn How To Become Better With WordPress Sites In 10 Minutes or less because you never know when the skills could be fostered into more work or more experience.

Are You Embarrassed By Your WordPress Site Skills? Here’s What To do, tune in tomorrow and listen to the episode. If your not, subscribe to the your own pay podcast in iTunes or Stitcher.


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