How to build a word-press site with voiceover

How to build a word-press site with voiceover

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I won’t reiterate information i’ve already shared in the past regarding why you need to explore hosting your own word-press site. I will however help by sharing a couple of articles you may get some value from:

Image showing the homepage

Listen to this post

or I’ll give you some hints throughout the post of different things you can look for while trying to find what we’re clicking on.

Once you have WordPress installed which you can do either by a shared hosting will show you how to do that in this content or via some additional content available then you’ll be able to follow along no matter what type of web hosting your using.

With that let’s get into it,

start out buy opening Safari

  • Log into CPanel from your web host (You should have an email with your username, no more than eight characters, and your password. Some web hosts will allow you to reset your CPanel password if you forget it, however some do not. If you can’t find your password and your host won’t let you reset your password, please contact them via the support method of your choice. I suggest you look into a tool like 1Password to keep track of your passwords.),
  • Access the Links List
  • from the links menu I’m going to type in “SA”, so that should take us to, softaculous app installer.
    • Most web host have a form of softaculous or the other popular one is one called “instalatron” will select softaculous.
  • this takes us to the softaculous homepage
  • Access your links list-view again
  • Tap “WO”, and you’ll hear WordPress and then a bit more about WordPress,
  • Press VO+Space to highlight the word press link
  • press VO+Space again to select this link
  • This takes us to the softaculous page where you can use links list view again – look for the link that says “Install” and then press VO space to highlight install, list-view space to select it.,
    • voice over does not let you know this however dynamically a couple of options have appeared on this page.
  • tap the Tab Key this is the protocol you want to install most users are going to install http.
    • I do recommend you look into https however I don’t provide support I’ll tell you someone who can help you with that. My Coe-Host [Damashe who got me set up and up and running. You’ll want to look into linode probably
  • Press Tab from this drop down box and chose the domain that you want to install word-press on.
  • Pressing tab will ask you about the sub directory and if you want to install word-press in one. I like to install word-press in the root directory, so leave this blank, and press tab.
    • If you want to install word-press on for example, because already has a site your using, this is the place you would add that information. Simply type “blog” without the quote signs and your word-press site will be found at “” being the domain you picked in the previous combo box.
  • Enter a title for the blog
    • You can also leave this and the next box with default values, as you can easily change this information. I’ll show you how in a future lesson.
  • Pressing tab will provide you the site description edit box
  • Tab again will ask if you want WordPress MU
    • I leave this box unchecked, because for most cases i’m only needing one install of word-press.
  • Change the “admin” username from “admin”, typically i use “master”
  • Enter a password or expect to change it soon
  • I do want limit login installed
  • and i do not choose a theme
  • Tab to “install” and select this button
  • Review the information on the page that congratulates you for installing word-press.
  • Now you know How to build a word-press site with voiceover

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Screenshot of the homepage from Natural Log Creations Mt

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Installing word-press on your own server is the first step down a life changing path that most don’t know the direction of this journey. I remember my first word-press site, kinda, back in 2004-2005, and really enjoyed the knowledge this has brought me over the years. Missed opportunities and won chances.

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