How To Teach WordPress Better Then Anyone Else

How To Teach WordPress Sites Better Than Anyone Else 


In today’s episode I’m sharing my knowledge of past experiences to help you learn how to teach word press better than anyone else. Those who are new to the podcast, my name is Michael Babcock and I’m helping the blind entrepreneurs bring their business online and inspiring and motivating you with stories of passionate professional blind individuals and my own to get off your ass and make things happen. If you enjoy this context, it’s possible someone out you’re connected to what as well. Hit the share button for your mostly active social media presents, and Don’t forget to leave a comment.

The first tip for teaching WordPress better than anyone else is that you need to not try to be perfect. On top of not needing to be perfect, one needs to realize that you’re going to make mistakes and messed things up. But that’s okay, I’ve made some of those mistakes myself, and you can read about them in the article I published on the 15th called 5 horrible mistakes i made when teaching blogging.

You need to outline what you want people to get from taking your course. What is the revolt of your course,  do you want them to have a website online? Maybe you want them to have a complete marketing system and website? What about a membership or course distribution system? Having a clear goal from taking your course will make it a lot easier to instruct on the promised content. People will ask questions and this could be the bases around the future course you create.

Before you go live, you really should Get beta testers to test your training. Do remember how your not going to be perfect? Don’t forget that, and know that you can get people to test the training for you before you release it. After I started working with beta members I learned that i often talk a bit two fast and so i know that for the wordpress training i’m going to do again and for future trainings i need to speak slower.

The final tip i have to share with you in regards to teaching wordpress better then anyone else, and even teaching anything better then anyone else  is to Take action. Listen to the podcast for some examples of how you could take action to start doing what you love to do for an income. I know you likely here “Take Action” often in your day that is if your anything like me. Maybe the answer is really not as hard as we make it seem and taking action is the next step. When i ignored this, I lost out on helping more people.

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