Interview With Blind Hip-Hop Artest Fluffy

In this podcast I had the wonderful opportunity to interview blind hip-hop artist Jon Lyon, also known as fluffy. The ability to highlight other inspirational and motivational blind passionate professionals is a wonderful opportunity, and though we face some technological mishaps, we still got the podcast recorded and available for your review. 


Who fluffy is is a very interesting story, and especially the way that Jon got the name fluffy. As someone who always likes to save a little bit of money, I am also inspired by the fact that Jon is currently using free software to produces music and make it available in iTunes and google Play Music. If Jon can do this even though some parts of the submission process are not accessible, what’s holding you back from turning your musical passions and or any other passions into fruition?


finally, listen to the end of this podcast because I asked Jon if he was to give any advice to a blind musician who is interested in playing music for a living what his response would be. There’s a reason I marked this podcast as explicit, so I’ll just warn you about that now, however I won hundred percent agree with what Jon’s response was. What about you, do you agree?


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