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Today I had the honor  of interviewing blind Joe from the TV show “The Voice”. Yesterday in the podcast episode I released, find it here, I talked briefly about how I was slightly nervous for the interview. I don’t know why I was nervous, as you’ll hear in this interview, our conversation pretty much flowed and there wasn’t any excuse for me to be nervous. Lesson learned, do it, even if it’s not perfect at least something came of it.


You can connect with Joe on his website, renovations coming soon. you’ll hear about that in the podcast. You can also connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and periscope when he’s spending some time over there. Don’t forget to check out the go fund me campaign that he keeps forgetting to take down, so you can be one of the first to hear of when he is releasing his album coming up this next month.


In this episode you will hear how he’s leveraged the support of those who are close to him to make some amazing things happen. But more importantly, you’ll learn that Joe doesn’t make any excuses for not accomplishing what he wants to accomplish. An amazing individual, who is real and down to earth.


You should also keep an ear out for some answers to questions I asked Joe. One of which was if he thought he was treated differently because he was blind by the judges on the voice, and I also asked him who has helped him make his dream happened? Another question I asked Joe was what were some challenges being blind caused while filming of the voice, his answer kind of made me chuckle… There are additional questions and I know your going to love todays content.


As I referenced in the podcast, I first heard about Joe on the how to be blind podcast, and he mentioned the man-made podcast a division of the how to be blind podcast. There are some amazing individuals who are making powerful things happen in life, and it’s my objective with the use of this podcast to motivate and inspire people like yourself with stories from passionate professional blind individuals pass, to get off your ass, and make things happen.


The song in the intro of this podcast is the song that Joe sang for the voice. Check out the video below for the entire version, and if you want to listen to whiskey, wine, beer, pot, pills, and cocaine, click here to check out the album in iTunes.



Please, share this episode with your friends and followers who you think might be inspired and motivated to hear from a guy like this amazing individual. Did you watch Joe on the voice? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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