Inviting members to Trello with your eyes closed

In today’s episode I walk you through the process of inviting a member to your Trello board with your eyes closed.


The first step I took was to access the Trello board I wanted to invite my friend too.


Then I located the members menu link, using my screen readers next object function, this may be right arrow for you or down arrow. Continuing to use this function I located the “add members” link.


The system then prompted me to enter an email address and it would search for the user if already found in their database, if the user wasn’t in the Trello  platform, the system would send a customized invitation.


I pasted email address and found the invite button. The system told me that that was not an email address of a currently active member, and asked if I wanted to invite this person. I selected the option to send them an invitation.


Focused moved back to the Trello board, and I moved to the bottom of the page and located the very last heading once again.


When I used my screen readers next object function, I was able to determine that the system in fact had invited my buddy Erin.


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