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Michael here and I hope you are doing awesome


if you look in my computer, You’ll notice that I have horrible organization but,  I’m getting better at it. Maybe if your organization skills are half as bad as mine you understand the predicament I found myself in yesterday. I was looking for a folder of videos, with about 20 videos in it, and I’m I knew that I had it on my computer. Checking my documents folder, going through every one of the subfolders in there, I couldn’t find my videos. I thought maybe because I had downloaded the videos from my previous video host service, that they would be in a folder in my downloads folder. However, the 19 videos that I was looking for weren’t there either. Then I decided to check my desktop, dropbox, Google Drive, one drive, and even iCloud. All, to no avail.

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In October 2015,, I released a course called Word press with a blind guy. This course contained 19 videos, walking other blind entrepreneurs through the process of building their first website online from the domain name to the authentication of the three major search engines. I am my worst critic, probably like you are as well,  so after I release the videos I wasn’t very satisfied with then. Additionally, when I finally released the videos to the beta members who purchase them, it was the third time I had recorded them. Either my voice was too loud, voiceover was too loud, people wanted to learn more about a specific step, or I just simply had corrupt Video files.


My intention was to release the word press with the blind guy course, version 2, in the middle of November around the 20th. I was going to use the videos that I recorded last year, put them in a more organized format for people to access, and add them to the thinkific learning management system. ( clicking that link will take you to the thinkific home page, however just so you know it is an affiliate link,  this means that if you decide to purchase a paid plan with them, I will at no additional charge to you receive a commission.)  when I released the videos around 20 November, I was going to let everyone in at a discounted price,$97. Letting people know that the course would be released again in February 2017, with absolutely new videos that were recorded from scratch and that my beta team members had gone through and provided feedback on.


If you didn’t know, I am also in the process and slightly delayed of releasing my over the shoulder course creation course with the blind guy. In this course I’m walking blind small business owners through the process of building their own course online, using the thinkific learning management system. The course I’m using for this course is the WordPress with the blind guy course as I’m building it out for resale. I uploaded about seven or eight videos to the learning management system for the WordPress With A Blind Guy course, and have recorded 14 videos and uploaded them for the over the shoulder with the blind guy course creation course.  I was in the process of recording the video to show people how they can publish the course, and that’s what I realized that during my purge of files that I did, last week, I deleted all of the videos and empty them out of the trash.


When I realize this:



I knew I could not just give up on this course creation process.


The Forbes article “Online Learning Industry Poised for $107 Billion In 2015” really helped emphasize that giving out the definitely wasn’t an option. So, what did I decide to do?


Of course because I’m in the process of creating the word press with a blind guy course on Thinkific to show you how you can build your own course on thinkific, I had a few videos already uploaded. There are at this time a total of 6 videos that are in place from walking you through installing WordPress to your web host, to configuring the way your site looks. I’m going to be rerecording the videos, and adding the missing videos that aren’t available right now, and uploading them to of course I’m releasing.


You’ll notice that I’ve referred to this as WordPress with a blind Guy, as well as wordpress with the blind guy. An individual in a mastermind i’m a part of, Yvonne, of fresh outlook coach email me one day and asked why I was referencing myself as just another blind guy, “With a blind guy”? She told me that I  bring some unique qualities to the table, even though others are producing their own training material, I teach in my own style. I already knew this, however she suggested that I start referencing the courses as “With The Blind Guy” vs just “A Blind Guy”. Because I am completely redoing the word press course, I figured why not instead of calling at version 2.0,, rename the entire course. So, you now have, word press with the blind guy.


My ideal target price for this course is going to be $297, I want to cover enough material that people will feel like they under paid me for the course. However, in order for me to be able to over deliver on the content of the course, I need feedback from individuals. I already had a group of people who paid for access to the course, and they get lifetime access so they will get the new course for no additional investment. This is awesome, however I also felt that getting feedback from other individuals who can take the course and let me know what they would add, change, or even remove, would help me in producing the most comprehensive wordpress from a voiceover users point of view tutorial in one place.


So, because I messed up, and deleted the videos I already had in place this has set my target date back a bit further than what I originally expected. However, I have had people ask me how they can get access to the course and I did tell them that they could get access around November for a limited time, probably just through the rest of October and the entire month of November, I’ll be making the more impressed with the blind guy course available at a one time lifetime investment of $27. This is the lowest you’ll ever see any course that I produce at, and like with everyone of my other courses anytime you purchase one course you get a lifetime discount of 25% off of any future horses I produce. If you already invested as a beta member in the course creation course with the blind guy course released in September, then you also get a 25% discount on this extraordinarily low investment.


Forgot to things that you need to do.


Number one, tap Share!


Number two, go ahead and get your copy of word press with the blind guy today for a nominal $27 investment.


(Note, if you are a current client taking one of my courses at this time, reach out to me prior to ordering and I’ll provide you a special link you can use to give you the 25% off. Additionally, if you already own WordPress with a blind guy, you’ll get WordPress with the blind guy for free, so don’t use the link above and reach out to me via email.)


Once again, click here to get in the course for a one time $27 investment.


And remember, if something happens that put you back a couple of steps, keep on keeping on! If everyone stopped keeping on, then what would happen?

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