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By now, you should know we love us some WordPress over here☺️ So when Michael wanted to get in to WordPress for a few episodes, I was like ??
To get started, in this episode, we discuss the primary differences between a site and a selfhosted site. **Hint, one requires more work**
Both Michael and myself have some strong opinions about which we choose to use, but we are aware that our solution isn’t for everyone.
You can get a site started for free by going over to [](#)( and creating an account. The service is freemium, meaning you can use it for free, with some payed upgrades for more features and functionality.
One of the nice things about using is that you don’t have to worry about staying updated, the WordPress team takes care of all updates on the backend. You also get instant access to millions of other WordPress users, with easy ways for other people to follow your site, and for you to follow others. There are no hosting costs, and you can upgrade for the features you want with relative ease.
## Selfhosted

WordPress selfhosted solution is also free, at least the WordPress software is free. And while there are certainly ways to host your site for free, neither myself nor Michael would recommend it. Especially if your site being online is important?
So there is an instant cost associated with a selfhosted site, somewhere to host that site. This doesn’t have to be expensive hosting to get started, but your site must live somewhere. You are also responsible for ensuring that your site stays updated, and take care of defending it against random attacks.
With that out of the way, running a selfhosted site is going to give you significantly more flexibility over just using You have thousands of free and payed plugins to add additional functionality and features to your site, and just as many themes to customize the appearance.
Can you guess which solution either me or Michael prefer? More importantly, which solution do you prefer, tell us in the comments or reach out on Twitter [@Damashe](#)( and [@Payown](#)(

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