Let Me Here Your Voice – Quick Intro To Anchor

In this podcast, I walk you through the setup process of getting started with anchor. Anchor is an application available on IOS that will allow people to communicate via voice. It brings podcasting to a whole new level, with the ability to collaborate with your followers and listeners. There are some interesting accessibility loopholes with the setup process, however hopefully listening to this audio you’ll be able to get through them. the developers are aware of the unlabeled buttons, and it’s hopeful that they will resolve these unlabeled buttons and provide one hundred percent accessibility.


DOWNLoad Anchor



The purpose of the Your Own Pay podcast is to motivate,  educate, and inspire you to get off your ass and make things happen. Demonstrations of programs I use, with the knowledge i’ve acquired to help blind business owners bring their business online, and interviews with passionate professional blind individuals. Enjoy what you here? Feel free to leave a review on iTunes, or stitcher.


Do you see the possibilities of working with anchor? I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to connect with your friends and followers on a whole new level. Text says so many words, and images even more. However, hearing the sound of a persons authentic voice, in my personal opinion is so much better.


Don’t have any ideas on how you can use anchor for your business? Check out this article for five ways you can use anchor. Thanks to the folks over at Boom social. Let me know in the comments what type of things you might start doing with anchor, and of course drop your username so I can connect with you two.

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