Lets get Linked Up with Linked In

Let’s get linked up, with LinkedIn.


In this episode I give you four ways you can share your content with people on LinkedIn. The venture beat article that I mentioned regarding the statistics about LinkedIn can be found here. 100 million active monthly users as of the third quarter of 2015, with a total register count of just over 400 million users. Why not get linked up with LinkedIn?


In todays podcast  I share that you can get connected via the seven part branding with a blind guy email series that I put together. Take a look at the bottom of this posting, or the your own pay blog if you’re reading these notes somewhere else, maybe LinkedIn?


Shout out to Amanda for giving me suggestions about using LinkedIn groups, it’s a resource I haven’t leverage to the best of its abilities however definitely will be exploring more. Desiree over at 5 seconds to impress also provided me some positive feedback about LinkedIn, maybe I personally should stop neglecting it.


In this podcast, I share with you the four ways that you can share your message with people on LinkedIn, and I’ve only leveraged the first two mostly.


Are you on LinkedIn? If so let’s get connected.


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So, Lets get linked up on Linked In, and I hope you enjoy todays episode.