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One of my  clients talked with me today about wanting to know how to set up a membership site using Word press. He knew that I had done just that when creating the empowering the blind beta training, click here to get access to it. So I decided to quickly walk them through the process over the phone, and as I was doing and I realized how easy this process is for me to explain. Therefore, that’s the subject of today’s podcast for the your own pay podcast.


As a preface before I continue with this blog post, I’d like to let people know that there are alternative ways to accomplish just about anything in WordPress. The procedure I walk you through in this podcast is quick into the point, however it’s the procedure that I used in that I’ve personally done in the past. For a lessons site, in another words a website where you’re going to present lessons to individuals, there are other plug-ins that can make this process substantially more easier for you. However, the way that I explain it you could get a membership site up for free right now.


You first need a WordPress site, the site must be self hosted you cannot host this on a site and use the following steps. Once you have a self hosted WordPress site, download the paid memberships Pro plug-in, yes it’s available in the WordPress plug-in repository. Then, download the AWeber add-on for paid memberships Pro, again available in the WordPress plug-in repository. Finally, ensure that you have an AWeber account with a list set up in the AWeber account. If you don’t have an AWeber account you can use alternative email marketing providers, however i’ve  got the most experience with AWeber. Click here to get a free 30 day trial.


So, now that you have the paid memberships Pro plug-in, and the AWeber add-on for paid memberships Pro, you need to authenticate the AWeber ad on with your AWeber account. Log into your WordPress dashboard admin  panel, and find paid memberships Pro AWeber add-on. Click the button to connect your account and copy the authentication code into the plug-in.


You’ll then need to acquire your API access for your payment gateway, or give away free memberships if that’s what you choose to do.


Now that you’ve got all of these tools in place, you just need to set up the membership levels and then if you want integrate your site with lead pages. There’s also some automation rules you can set up in AWeber,  listen to the podcast for demonstration of this. Bit overwhelming? I’d be delighted to set up a membership site for you, simply contact me today.


This process of setting up a membership site is also one of the training videos I’ve got coming in the your own pay podcast club, so you definitely want to get on our waiting list now for when it launches, either click here to save your spot or send a quick text message containing just the word Payown to the number 44222


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