Mystery Guest

All the ANTAD episodes have been great but I would like to particularly deem episode 11 as extra specialI gave this episode the nickname of Mystery guestWe are graced by the appearance of a highly respect develperEyal from high Mountain from where we get the Speak appan OCR package that is free to use for any blind person with an Android phone and it can be installed from the following Play URLhttpsplaygooglecomstoreappsdetailsidcomtoucanspeakEyal took us to the history of the app and what led him to developing the appWere delighted to say that hed be visiting with us from time to time here on ANTADOur next session touched on some of the news of the week where Nimer talked about a fix that the Pixel 4 phones receivedThis was a bug that caused a popping sound when doing either video or audio recording on the Pixel 4seriesThe full article is located athttpswwwphonearenacomnewsTappingnoiseheardonPixel4Playgroundvideosisfixedid120583In another news that is closely related Mike reports the camera exploit that was found on some Pixel and Samsung phones which have since been fixedThe story can be read athttpswwwforbescomsitesdaveywinder20191119googleconfirmsandroidcamerasecuritythreathundredsofmillionsofusersaffected5e1b9a7f4f4eMoving away from news having to do with exploites and focusing on the discontinuation of the Cloudprint services from Google I Warren shared the news that can be found at the following URLhttpswwwandroidcentralcomgoogleshuttingdownitswebbasedcloudprintserviceWe moved on to the apps and talked about shopping apps and onto a password managing app called 1Password that Mike talked about found athttpsplaygooglecomstoreappsdetailsidcomagilebitsonepasswordIn the tip of the day section Nimer talked about a site that compares data consumption I warren showed a little tip about managing your wifi data consumaption and demonstrated how to read articles using AndroidAs always we welcome your questions by sending us email messages toantadpodcastgmailcomTo join the ANTAD email forum send a join request toantadsubscribegooglegroupscom

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