Content Recap for week ending September 17th

This is a recap for the content covered on the Your Own Pay podcast for the week ending September 17th, 2016. 3 blind business owners talk about tools they can’t work without how assistive technology trainers are screwing themselves When Shit Hits The Fan, Do You Have A Plan? Own Up To Your Screw Up … Read more

Short recap of the content published last week

In today’s episode I’m summarizing what we talked about over the past seven days.   Yesterday, your products and services deserve the modern way 3 reasons you need to join a mastermind, Over Thinking Ends Up With No Action, Security Stories, The 1 Way To Get More Attention For Your Books, Blogs, Courses, and Services … Read more

Security Stories

“This is Maxwell from Houston, Texas. I am planning a trip to New York city for the holidays, and I was wanting advice on how to keep my Macbook iphone and or iPod secure while using other people’s wi-Fi connections. I would also like to know about Bluetooth security when using my bluetooth earpiece or … Read more

8 Steps to launching your first or next podcast

Thanks for tuning into the September 3 episode of the Your Own Pay podcast. Today’s podcast is all about podcasting. If you tuned  into yesterday’s episode, you probably heard that I’m releasing my own over the shoulder course creation series. This will be a series released to members every Monday and Friday afternoon at 3 … Read more

Why Do I need A Course?

Why do I need a course Michael?   That’s a question a couple of people asked me via email since I released the over my shoulder option so people like yourself can watch me create a course. In today’s podcast I give you two reasons why you should create a course, one of which is … Read more

Finally 4K – Build With Me

Welcome to the first episode of September 2016.   In this episode I do a little bit of reflecting on the past 11 months of publishing the podcast, and though I hit my goal of 4K downloads, which was my ultimate goal it took me 11 months to reach this.   By the end of … Read more

Lets get Linked Up with Linked In

Let’s get linked up, with LinkedIn.   In this episode I give you four ways you can share your content with people on LinkedIn. The venture beat article that I mentioned regarding the statistics about LinkedIn can be found here. 100 million active monthly users as of the third quarter of 2015, with a total … Read more

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Kids

Welcome to today’s Tuesday episode of the podcast. In this episode we talked briefly about why your business needs to be on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I share with you my favorite social media, which is none of the three aforementioned networks. Finally, I ask for your opinion about some interesting challenges that I’m currently … Read more

Periscope, Facebook, Youtube Live, WFM?

What should you be focusing on, Periscope, Facebook, Youtube? Your likely asking yourself, what’s for me? Listen to this Monday morning podcast episode from the Your Own Pay podcast and learn what you already know. Visit Home And get access to your free branding with the blind guy email course, and don’t forget to share … Read more

Twitter Lists – What Are They?

Thanks for this question asked by Ben, calling from Scottsdale, Arizona. He called in and asked the following question: “If you would would you please do a demo on Twitter list for whatever reason. I can’t seem to get my head around them. I mean. I know that they’re a list of tweets, but Beyond … Read more

CK3 – Why I Chose Convertkit #a11y related.

Why I switched to Convertkits specifically.   So yesterday I chatted with you little about why I left my previous autoresponder, check it out here. Today I want to chat with you about why I specifically chose to go with the Convertkit platform, and maybe you’ll think about why you should too. The main reason … Read more