Five requirements for a successful podcast

Five requirements for a successful podcast   In this episode of the your own pay podcast, I discuss with you the five requirements for a successful podcast. I will be the first to admit that my podcast isn’t as successful as what it could be, however coming from someone who has done Podcast work in … Read more

What Made You Want?

Sometimes you’ve just got to go back to what used to make you happy, what motivates you to get up and do what you like to do. Go back to that thing that inspired you to be you! In the recording for November 6, 2015 for the your own pay podcast I’m preparing my nightly … Read more

Welcome Stitcher, I want to be know

Welcome to the your own pay podcast listeners on stitcher. Remember that if you get any value or inspiration out of this particular episode, you can give us a thumbs up on that platform to show your appreciation. The more people that are positively impacted by the content that I have to produce, the more … Read more

2 Youtube Alternatives – your own pay podcast

In today’s Your Own Pay podcast, I discussed with you to alternatives to the YouTube network. I assume that most of my readers and listeners have heard of the YouTube platform, even if they don’t have accounts on YouTube themselves. if you’ve been living under a rock and have absolutely no clue what YouTube is, … Read more

3 reasons i use @libsyn for my podcast

In this podcast I discuss with you the three reasons that I enjoy using the Libsyn service for podcast hosting. There are alternative services, and I also explained to you at the end of this podcast why I have elected not to use those alternative services personally. Do you use Libsyn? Do you not have … Read more

Twitter Analytics with Voiceover

How are your tweets doing on Twitter? Do your followers engage with your tweets? Are you aware of what tweet resonate the most with your followers? Well, if your answer to those questions above was ‘I don’t know,’ then I completely understand! However, I’d like to show you how you can learn the answer to … Read more

3 tools blind business owners should have

Yesterday I dropped a podcast titled the three platforms a blind business owner should focus on. You can listen to that podcast here, however today I wanted to release to you the three tools a blind business owner should be using. Because the third tool isn’t the most accessible on all platforms, though I do … Read more

Your Own Pay Podcast – 3 actionable steps #yopcast

Three actionable steps to revolutionize your business    in this Scopecast I share with you three actionable steps you can take today to start revolutionizing your business. Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics in order to realize that what we’re doing might be spinning our own wheels. These three actionable steps … Read more

What are you afraid of? – Your Own Pay podcast

What are you afraid of?    Take a listen to this audio to learn a little bit more about what I’m afraid of, and how I’m overcoming those fears. Then, consider what you’re afraid of and how you can overcome whatever fears you’re facing. Being able to successfully overcome whatever fears we are facing starts with … Read more