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  • “the thing of changing your way of living is you have to change your way of thinking” Via @MARLON86653888 

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This interview with Marlon .C. Parieaho was a blast. You can learn more about Marlon on todays chat, as well as on his blog:

The Blind Way Forward

his podcast:

Dreevay in the dark

and the project him and a few other individuals have started called:

Blind Way Forward

Additionally if you read on you can read the questions i asked this blind guy from Trinidad and Tobago and listen to hear his responses.


“Wait, you attach the phone to your eye? …  @MARLON86653888 #yopcast “

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  1. 1. you haven’t been blind all your life, when did you go blind and how did this happen?
  2. If you had to pick the hardest thing to do when you when blind what would it be?
  3. Did you have kids before you went blind?
  4. what’s the story behind blog started in June 2015, the blind way forward?
  5. “But he’ll hit my baby” is one of my favorite articles on your blog, “I was not in the mood to educate someone that was obviously convinced that I was the Blind version of Charles Manson. I decided to just move along and leave her to stew in ignorance.” when do you make that decision to educate or move on or does that have a lot to do with how you feel?
  6. What is life like in trinidad and tobago for a blind person
  7. what do you want to do to help change this?
  8. Dreevay in the dark has been a blast to help produce, what do you want to do with this podcast?


Top four

  1. What is one app, or online service you couldn’t live without?
  2. What is one pease of advise you would give someone who is following there passions?
  3. How have books had an impact on your life?
  • We were introduced to the iPhone 10 years ago, what’s one thing about technology you are excited to see in the next 10 years?


Can you give contact information for people who want to chat more with you