The 1 Way To Get More Attention For Your Books, Blogs, Courses, and Services Today

Happy Labor Day and thanks for listening to another episode of the your own pay podcast. In today’s episode I share with you the one way you can get more attention for your books, blogs, courses, and services. As I said in the podcast it something that you’ve probably already known that you need to do, but it’s very possible you haven’t done it.


I also mentioned that I would link to the article I wrote about Maxwell’s course that he created showing you how to get your message out there. Click to learn the five steps to promoting your books on radio talk shows. Definitely pick up a copy of the course that Maxwell has created, especially if you’re interested in learning how to quickly get your message in the ears of people who might have never heard of you.


Do you agree that what you need to be doing is outlined in this episode? Did it motivate you to get up and actually go out there and do it? If you got any value out of today’s episode, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared with your most active social media.


Finally, the  resource that i mention today is Radio Guest List.