Resources for Blind Individuals Learning WordPress

Hey Everyone, Michael Babcock here. This is episode number 101 and today we’re talking about resources for blind individuals to learn wordpress. We’re going to cover three different resources, one that you’ve probably heard of, two that you may have not.

I found a website called Accessible WordPress site | Training course for Disabled … It looks like it might be a bit outdated but possibly worth looking through to see what you might find. Related to this site however is a Facebook group put together by Mike Malarsie called WordPress for the Blind.

A second resource is WordPress for Bad Eyes. I haven’t read Jeff’s book but I’ve heard great reviews of it by those who have used it. I am currently using his theme which he gives away to readers of his book so if you like the look of my website, check out Jeff’s book and you’ll receive the same theme for your site.

Lastly a third resource is my WordPress With A Blind Guy training. At the moment that program is closed as I am planning on revamping it, but you can certainly get on the your own pay podcast club mailing list to see when it will come back up.

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