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I took yesterday to reflect on the direction I wanted to go in with the blog and podcast. I’ve got so much knowledge that I throw at people, that I often feel like I am providing too much information and people aren’t acting on it. I do always stand to be corrected, however I thought it was important that I take a moment off and reflect on where i wanted to go with the podcast and how I wanted to present this information to people like you. Reference the podcast I did the other day titled “three ways for a more effective club opening-Your Own Pay podcast” so you can here what type of things i can do to make the opening of my programs better, and maybe it will help you think about how your programs can be improved when you open them as well.


The second thing I referenced in this podcast is the book “WordPress for Bad Eyes: A Beginners Guide” I have not purchased this book so cannot speak as to the clarity of the material in, however it is a lower investment than what my training is, and does allow an individual it appears who is a beginner with bad eyes to be able to get up and running with WordPress. Might be worth adding to your arsenal of WordPress material.


As promised in the podcast, click the button below (some scream readers see it as a graphic), and the first word press from a blind guy’s point of view video will start playing. If you love this content, click the link below the video, and save a spot at the $50 investment level now.




GET YOUR WORDPRESS videos from a voiceover users point of view


The meet and  potatoes of this podcast though are the three differences between self hosted WordPress and website, take a listen to hear why I personally prefer hosting your own WordPress site though it does take a little more work on your part. Here’s the article I referenced in the podcast, “The $64,000 Question: or | The Daily Post” and, you go ahead and make your opinion on which way you would rather go. However, if you want training on setting up your own self hosted word press site, click the link above to save your spot before it’s taken. Do you have a website? Drop me a comment and let me know.


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