Seminar on using podcast interviews to share your story and grow your passion

Hello Again;

Thought I’d share this webinar that me and my good friend Michael Babcock recorded on one of my favorite subjects using podcast interviews to build your business and grow your brand.

In fact it was Michael who encouraged me to start offering a service where I would get people booked on podcasts so they could gain more exposure for the work they are doing.

He was also the one who encouraged me to create an online course, offering my experience, advice, knowledge, and best practices to those who may not be ready or able to hire me directly.

That course is called On The Air, How to Use Podcasts and Radio Shows to Reach New People, Share Your Story, and Grow Your Brand.

You can download that course for free here.

Topics Covered

  1. Why do podcasts
  2. Media kit page
  3. Previous interviews page
  4. Base pitch email
  5. Required audio-video technology
  6. Show interview promotion
  7. Handling setbacks

During the hour I also share a couple of my favorite stories.

And me and Michael share some of our opinions on what makes a great podcast interview.

My hope is that by watching or listening to this you will realize the importance of using podcast interviews to promote your work.

From there I would love it if you reached out to hire me or to at least have a conversation about hiring me.

But, if you aren’t ready for that yet; then the next best thing is to take advantage of the free online course.

You can always reach out to me with questions or concerns.

Also, if you sign up for the course, I’d be willing to have a short talk with you about your story and how best to present it to podcast hosts.

The one thing should learn from me is that hosts don’t book you, your products, or your services.

They Book Your Story.

Lots of you have great stories that need to be shared. The kind of empowering stories that will make the world better by their being told.

But you aren’t putting yourself out there. You think maybe other people have better more powerful stories than yours.

You wonder if you are ready. You think about your website, blog, or work so far not being good enough.

Please don’t wait until you think your story is good enough to start sharing it with the world.

It took the work of many great friends to convince me. I wasted a lot of time by needing to be convinced. I want to try to save you that time.

That’s why I offered to listen to your story and give you feedback on it.

I’m sure there are many of you who have even better stories of overcoming adversity than mine.

I bet you would be a great guest on my show if you were willing to send me that email and say pick me

Thanks for taking the time to check out the webinar.

And thanks for continuing to support me and my show.

Until next time, take care out there, Max

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