Setting your Can-Spam, Name, and reply email up in Convertkit

Setting your Can Spam, Name, and Reply email up in Convertkit If you enjoy todays posting, try Convertkit for your first month free. visit this link to try Convertkit free for a month We’re going to fill out the important key information for your Convertkit account. I am still on that page that told us that there was one more step and I continued reading down that page. Noticing that there actually are a few more steps let’s go ahead and fill out this form real quick and you can substitute any of this information with your information, continue reading down the page after it tells you to return to your email to confirm it you’ll see the following: address. Antispam laws require a physical address where you can be reached at This address is found at the bottom of every email. Street address and of course you can put a PO Box there as well I’ve seen a lot of people doing that. so I’m going to grab the street address information that Mitch uses for his Can-spam requirements and Pace that in here, after you filled all that information out you’ll be prompted to enter your website. This is the main site you will use with Convertkit, ( you can obviously use Convertkit with other sites as well,however in this field please put your companies main site) so I’ll paste in the URL that were using for this client. And then the last thing we have to fill out on this page is your default email settings. This is the name and email address that will be used as a default for your account, you can change it later or override it on individual emails. Or broadcasts or sequences. I’m going to put the from name here We’ve now got the reply email address, and we will press VO right arrow until we get to save your information and we’ll select that option. Now unfortunately Convertkit does not with voice over show you that this information has been updated, however when all you see is that you have one more step which is to confirm your email address then go ahead and confirm your email address, then that page will go away and you’ll be ready to go. Your next lesson tomorrow is going to be a brief overview of terms to know foru sing Convertkit. Did you enjoy todays lesson? If so, feel free to try Convertkit out for a month click to try Convertkit Disclaimer: If you click a link in this or other content published by me, it’s possible you may be clicking an affiliate link. Clicking an affiliate link simply means i took the time to establish a relationship of some sort with companies so these companies would pay me a portion of what you pay them for the product or service you order. I do this because it’s my goal to do what i can to provide the best life for my younger brothers and my wife who has done so much for our family. You do not pay any more for ordering threw an affiliate link then what you would pay if you ordered the content directly threw the company producing the product/service. ———— I’ll be sharing more information about affiliate marketing in the Payown.Club Contact me if you have any question about what this means for you, and if you don’t wish to support me threw using affiliate links I publish, feel free to google the company/product/service.

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