Teaching Blogging All Day And You Will Realize 3 Things About Yourself You Never Knew

Hey everyone, happy St. Patricks day.

Teaching blogging all day, you’ll probably realize three things about yourself like I did. Honestly I was surprised I’ll explain more in the notes. If you appreciate this content, please feel free to share with any of your social media platforms.

The objective of the podcast is to inspire and motivate you to get off your ass and do something. I use my digital marketing knowledge along with the stories of passionate professional blind individuals. If you know a passionate professional blind individual please get in contact with me today.

Firstly, I realized clearly that I didn’t have patients. I have set up an AWeber list so much that I just found myself the first time or two recording the directions going two fast for people to keep up with me. Reference Tuesday’s episode for more about my speaking two fast. The one thing that I did find interesting is when i do slow down i learn stuff that i didn’t know

The second thing teaching WordPress all day taught me is that I am very well  stuck in my own ways of doing things. This is good, because I know what i’m doing when i do slow down to teach others, however the problem is that if something is working for me I won’t try things the newer way in fear of inaccessibility. As you may know, i’m part of a mastermind called Big Dreams Start With Small Steps, and this is ran thanks to Maxwell Ivey of The Blind Blogger.net. Maxwell had mentioned to me that he was going to try working with the visual block editor of AWeber so he can create a theme or templet for his messages. I never had done this, because I was stuck in my way of doing things so couldn’t help him with that. Max did, and in a moment i’ll tell you how it turned out.

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Max sent an email out to his list and I got it. I looked threw the email, and He had all of his social media sites linked, and even included an image if i remember right. So the ending of the story is that Max tried something, got it to work, and it may not be perfect but he knows how to change it to make the emails look better.

I learn differently then others. That’s the third thing I learned about myself while teaching WordPress all day, and maybe it’s something that you can relate to? 

You might see something and learn it instantly. Maybe it’s you have to be shown something more then once and then you will understand it. No? What about if you do it, do you learn hands on? As you can tell, everyone learns differently and this made it quite difficult to teach everyone.

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