The Disappearing Eloquence TTS

In our second episode of the ANTAD Podcast we discussed the sudden disappearance of the Eloquence TTS engine from the Google Play StoreMichael demonstrates the capabilities of the unsung heroVoice Access from GoogleRavi unveiled the new feature in WhatsApp wherein one can use the fingerprint Reader to lock the appWarren demonstrates a little tucked away feature that is hidden even from file manager in the Chrome browser where one could clear the footprints of websites either individually or clear all with one tapShould you want to catch mike demonstrate features or apps on the Android Platform you may do so by navigating to the following URL where he joins a Canadian crew every other week starting from Oct 14th at 225 EasternThat website isAMIcaFor questions concerns and suggestions for the ANTAD Podcast crew please direct those toantadpodcastgmailcom

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