the truth about WordPress in four little words

In today’s episode of the your own pay podcast, I share with you the truth about  WordPress in four little words. If you like this content, then those who you are connected to my as well. Feel free to hit the share button wherever you’re seeing this, so that you can help someone else have an amazing day with this content…


The 4 little words that we have to share with you regarding the truth about WordPress are all three letters or less. The four words are words that you know are true. Your subconscious is preventing you from overcoming the doubts you have, however hopefully these words will help you demolished that barriers. The four words regarding the truth about word press sites are that


“you can do it”


The projects you’re involved in right now might seem a bit overwhelming, are you working on a blog and podcast while sharing your content on YouTube and connecting with people on each of the three major social media platforms, twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn? If you are, or maybe only are doing some of that, then it feels at times a bit overwhelming. You can do with though, and you know that you can do it, and that’s the case when it comes to WordPress sites.

Though creating your own WordPress site online might sound like a huge step for you, you can do it! Materials for free on how to do just about anything in regards to a WordPress site are available on YouTube. There’s also customized and more in depth training available for both free on YouTube and paid via membership sites or courses. Don’t forget to take a look at Linda to learn all you can about the amazing power of WordPress.

You can do it. After you’ve learned the skills necessary to be able to get your WordPress site online, and maybe any extra skills that excite you, you can take those skills and do several things. If you produce your own training materials, you could offer that material for sale on your website or using a third party service. check out yesterday’s podcast though, to learn and avoid the 5 Horrible Mistakes I made When Teaching Blogging. If teaching others isn’t what you wake up every morning thinking about doing, then get paid in order to do the work for people who you can help the most.

You can do it, even if you don’t think this is true. Have you ever done something that you might had originally thought you wouldn’t be successful at doing, however after doing it you’re very successful? I am glad I sent this text message to my wife, because I could have second-guessed myself and missed out on my life for ever being different. Learn more about how we got connected in this article “Creepy Blind People, Episode 1 of the Your Own Pay podcast.” You can step out of your Comfort zone.

If you think it all like I do, the”you can do it” phrase sounded like a height or bullshit answer to someone having difficulties in life or business. This isn’t true however, whatever you put your heart into is possible. For example, my biggest struggle is consistency, I have a problem with maintaining my own personal motivation in order to keep a consistent posting schedule. How did I overcome this? I recorded a couple of episodes one day, uploaded them, and then just had to type the show note. The next day, I recorded a couple of more episodes, so that my buffer between when shows are live and when I record them is growing every day. This makes less work for me if I decide one day I don’t want to record, and my consistent posting schedule is not negatively impacted.

You can do it, one more example of this is that you might not produce the best results the first time. I Created a WordPress with a blind guy training, click here to learn when any of my programs available first. This was not the best training, and I could have made it better. However, a couple of copies did sell, and I was able to help transform the way that a few individuals looked at WordPress. with a blind guy, and now I’m receiving feedback from people who have gone through the material to tell me what I need to do in order to make it better. You can do this.

As you’ve a hopefully figured out by now, the truth about word press sites in 4 words, 3 letters or less, is that you can do this. Stop second-guessing yourself, and just do what you need to do so that you can take control of your WordPress mastery. Tomorrow, let’s talk about how teaching blogging all day we’ll teach you three things about yourself you never knew. If you like this content, you’re going to love it so don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher.

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