The Your Own Pay Podcast Now On Youtube

The Your Own Pay Podcast Now On Youtube

Welcome back to another your own pay podcast, today I talk with you about the new availability of the YouTube channel I’ve recently started. If you’d like to connect with the YouTube channel, and check out what I’ve got going on over there click here and subscribe. All of the content that is available on YouTube is to help you do better at what you do, and assist in automation of your actions.


The purpose of your own pay podcast is to help provide digital marketing tips from a blind guy, while inspiring and motivating you to get off your ass and make things happen. If you like the content that you here on the podcast, you can contact me at anytime to either suggest someone you’d like to hear on the podcast, or suggest some ideas of future content. What are you struggling with in your business? Maybe you haven’t even taken the plunge and don’t even know that as my man Darren says “you are more valuable than you think.”


Be sure to subscribe in iTunes to the podcast, you can also subscribe in stitcher.


The first video related to training that I’ve shared on the YouTube channel is the one included for your perusal below. Definitely check it out and let me know your thoughts! I will be working on an in depth AWeber training, so hopefully this particular video get you thinking.


NOTE, future videos will include softer music or no music


I’ll be publishing very brief summaries of each podcast episode a day after the episode is released into the podcast content distribution service. I’m also planning to set up a regular posting schedule to revive old podcast, and encourage people checking me out on YouTube to come back to this site and review some of the content that I’ve got. Do you have anything you want me to cover on the YouTube channel? If so, drop me a comment wherever you’re seeing this particular post, or obviously on any of my YouTube videos.


Never stop being amazing, and don’t forget to make today the best day of your life, then do it again tomorrow!