Three Sexy Ways To Improve The Look Of Your WordPress Site

Today’s episode is regarding the three sexy ways you can make your WordPress site look better. These tips can be very valuable, though they don’t all directly relate to the appearance you’ll understand how this relates.

. Let me know also what you think of the sound quality, Chris of CLG Productions has done some editing of the podcast, and I’m looking for feedback from the listeners who consume the podcast. I will be switching to a different Mic soon, and will be taking things to the next level!

I appreciate you, especially if you’re bringing me on the go with you and listening to me in your car on the way to work. Maybe you’re listening to me while you’re taking a walk, whatever it is I appreciate you. I understand there are plenty of options when it comes to listening to podcasts, hell I’m subscribed to 70 or so podcasts now that I’ve been finally convinced to invest in the Downcast Application on my iPhone. So I personally understand how there are several different options for who to bring with you and it can become overwhelming figuring out who to prioritize and listen to. I hope I’m providing you some value, and if I’m not don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what you want to hear.

The first sexy way to improve the look of your WordPress site is to explore themes. Don’t hold back in improving the appearance of your website simply because you don’t know what you’re doing, later on in this episode I’ll explain to you more about how you can test changes on your website prior to it going live. There are free themes available in the WordPress repository, and if free isn’t giving you the features or visual design that you’re looking for don’t hesitate to explore paid auctions as well. The access press theme we are using here is a paid theme from Jeff at WP For Bad Eyes, check it out and try out the free version.

The second sexy way to improve the appearance of your WordPress site is to have one function for your site. Let me explain something to you, your wordPress site that your customers visit in order to learn more about you doesn’t need to do everything. If you have a membership site, your main home page doesn’t need to host that membership site. Creating a community? Create a second installation of WordPress in order to host this community and avoid any problems that may arise from having your site performed too many functions at the same time. If you don’t know how to create A separate installation of Word press, get on the waiting list for the your own pay podcast club and one of the videos in the near future that I’ll be sending out we’ll be showing you how to do this.

NOTE: Please consider the functionality of your site, if users have to be logged into multiple different plug-ins, there might be some advanced configuration necessary in order to make this available. Also consider looking for a plugin that can provideĀ 

As previously stated, it’s possible to host multiple instances of word press on one domain name. This means you could have something like:

That is the main installation of WordPress and the outward facing site your customer see. Then maybe have a version of Word press at:

That is identical to your outward facing site.

Use this domain name that you’ve created for free with your hosting account, so that you can test changes to the site prior to those changes going live. For example, if you want to change the theme, but you’re not sure how that will affect the appearance of your site, simply change the theme on the test site and observe what changes are made in the appearance. This concept could also work when testing plug-ins for additional features, try them out on the test site prior to implementation on the live site.

The three sexy ways to improve your word press appearance are to test out new themes, configure one purpose for that WordPress installation, and create a test site to observe changes prior to implementation. Nothing is worse than having an amazing looking site, and one change to a theme or plug-in causes the whole thing to go off-line. I’ve got some awesome stuff coming up for you, and we are experimenting with the sound quality to find the best configuration that you like to hear. Your feedback is appreciated.

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