Eyes Free Use of the Yaesu VX6R

Change Log

This document was last edited 7-20-2020.

  • Added a change log
  • Added audio showing Memory demo on the VX-6R
  • Added the type of Antenna on the VX-6R
  • Added the location of the Mic

This is the guide I’ve started to create mainly for others use and my own while learning the Yaesu VX-6R transceiver.

Description of the HT

The ht has a hefty feel about it, and while the display faces you the following layout should help.

Top Of the HT

From left to right you have the:

  • Antenna connection (SMA)
  • A round cap with ridges in it to untwist for exposing the remote mic/headset jack
  • The volume nob
    • Directly below the volume nob is a wider round nob to change between menus and frequencies/memories

Left side of the HT

On the left side of the HT from top to bottom is:

  • The PTT Button,
  • Squelch button (Note the squelch button is only slightly separated from the PTT button and feels like a round button)

The Right side of the unit

On the right side you have a cover that you use a finger nail from the bottom of it to open it that covers the port for the wall wort.

Front of the unit

On the front you have from top to bottom:

  • Display
  • Speaker
  • Mic whole is on the right bottom of the speaker
  • Left of speaker has 3 buttons vertically aligned
    • Power
    • PDMR
    • FW
  • 15 key Keypad (3 rows of 5 keys, From left to right)
    • Ban, 1, 2, 3, Mode
    • HM/RB, 4, 5, 6, 0
    • scientific symbols (The Wires Button), 7,8,9, v/m

Memory demo on the VX-6R

This is a brief audio demo of accessing a memory on the VX-6R, as you’ll see from when i started this audio, often you don’t know if your in the enter frequency mode or the Memory mode; however i hope this will help you figure out what mode your using.