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thanks for your support even though you don’t listen to the podcast

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One of the questions i’ve been asked lately,

Mel, Amanda, and Tanner

have all asked

and hears what i’ve found

thanks a lot to amanda’s help

  • Agile crm will likely work
  • pipe drive has more drag and drop actions
  • we don’t have a purfect selution

that’s my answers to people now that I can share some findings, and as i start to use a CRM more i’ll share my findings on this podcast like normal.


Why would I need a CRM?


  • more information about your contacts
  • emails lists are wonderful but this is a unified communication system

and sometimes conversations happen out of the inbox
so why not have a way to keep track of all those communications?

I am going to import the “Launchers” database i’ve had on my harddrive
since march

and htis will help me learn how to use Agile before September


If your not doing something your unconfertible with then you need to step forward and do something different

getting out of confert zone by visiting albany in september, the 15–17th.

going to the oregon NFB convention
phalosiphy of the nFB has ben influanced by what others say, so i’m making my own decisions

and htis is getting red of one of the goals i set for myself, that is be at a live event by the end of the year

maybe it was 2 events.


Figure out what you want to get out of something and then work from the end to how you can take action today.

example, the end goal of me visiting the NFB convention is the aquire 50 new mailing list subscribers, get 5 new sales in my new club, and make at least 10 new friends.

As a by product of this i expect that the podcast download count will increase.

How am i going to reach these goals?

  • create an opt-in worth people subscribing for
  • finish the sales page for the product
  • be ready to talk a lot
  • figure out what type of value i can share durring the convention

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Blind since birth, Assistive technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden unexpected passing of my mom. I enjoy the transformation my ideas and knowledge can give people. Fast talking and filled with information i'm ready to show you the power and freedom automation in your business can give you.

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