Boys, Tools, Evan, Webinars, and doing it all in todays w-6

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todays shoutout goes out to the one and only,

Boys in my life

OK, so maybe i can’t say the “one and only”, listen to this weeks episode to here more.
Oh, and hears that audio file i promised…




the question for today is:

Wwhat are some unusial tools that people may hae never heard of or used to help manage social media

Would love to know what you think.

Are these tools you may check out?

Let us know in the comments below.


Evan gets released to us next Thursday

and I wonder how that’s going to turn out…

I do want us all to wish him the best, and as i discussed in this podcast episode, maybe this time i’ll be more helpful.

Listen to that episode i mentioned today below.
Listen to Meth, marijuana, juvenile detention, and my fuck ups | The Your Own Pay Podcast | Podcasts | iHeartRadio


attend webinars, you will learn about more tools.
The tool i mentioned today was:
Research-based writing software | For teams, bloggers, lawyers, students


Do something that you’ve never done before.
I talked all about the CRM i mentioned today in the w5 cast.

Oh yea, that’s also the first i mentioned September’s trip.

Wow, how that’s coming up quicker then i think…

Though it’s possible of course someone put a rincle in that plan now that i think about it while writing todays show notes…
Listen to next week’s w-cast to learn more…

Oh yea, and do you want that free trial of convertkit?
If so, fill the form below out.


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