Weekly Recap Ending Saturday October 8th 2016

I’m coming to you live on October eighth and we’re going to talk about the content that’s dropped on the podcast over the past week.  If you’ve noticed I haven’t been putting intro music in I’m going to slap a outtro  at the end of this podcast. I do want to get into the content and let you hear what you need to 

yesterday the episode was titled Three ways to use @Convertkit and @thinkific to generate more leads and sales. so  you can generate more leads more sales and more money and. I also mention that I happened to share with you a couple of ideas.  You can implement and a couple of ideas that I’m implementing myself.

On Thursday.  Oh man.  It was a blast six reasons that I am in love with Convertkit face blowing a kiss you need to listen to those six reasons because one of the reasons that I threw out there was the amazing  customer support. Convertkit corrected me on a previous episode I’ll tell you about that here in a minute.  They Reached out to me and nicely said hey by the way Michael we do offer support you can schedule it here.  So listen to Thursdays post to hear more about that, once again is called the six reasons I am absolutely in love with Convertkit.

Wednesday I dropped an episode titled 3 reasons I don’t like Convertkit even though I love them.  That was a preface to Thursday’s episode, and in Wednesday’s episode I mentioned that they unfortunately unlike AWeber, Convertkit doesn’t offer phone support.  However they reached out to me and corrected me. so I definitely know that 

if you think you know everything you don’t.  

Tuesday’s episode.  Two reasons I chose Thinkific as my LMS.  Do you know when L M S is listen to that episode, it  means learning management system.  Check out the two reasons why I chose to use Thinkific over teachable or Zippy courses on Tuesdays episode.

 Monday.  C’mon you know what it was, the one thing I don’t like about using thinkific,  that one thing is little however it makes a huge difference.  So definitely check out Monday’s episode.  If you’re interested in hearing about the one thing I don’t like about using Thinkific


Sunday was an amazing episode and I’ll talk more about this here in a second.  However the name of Sunday’s episode was contests, Creepy, and anniversaries. on the eleventh of October is my wife and my anniversary and on this past Saturday was the one year anniversary for the your own pay podcast.  So I’m hosting a contest.  If you were not on any of my mailing lists then you should be, grab your copy of the course creation outline today, and one lucky winner will win the rest of my courses released in 2016 for free, on Tuesday October 11th, winner to be announced on the 12th.

This has been your Saturday weekly recap for the Your Own Pay podcast.

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