What can having an email list do for my business over a youtube subscriber count.

Welcome to E4, of the Your Own Pay Podcast.

Yesterday I chatted with you about why you need an email list, listen to this in e3.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be a surprise, but I’m sure your going to love it.

Today though, it’s all about what a email list can do for your business over a youtube subscriber base. This episode is dedicated to my man J.R. Check him out on youtube at this page. I’m also dedicating it to my man Hash Knight Gaming, a crazy ass gamer.

Before we get into talking about what a email list can do for your business over a youtube channel, I want to share with you the tip of the day. You can automate just about anything in your business, from the email relationship that you have with people to your social media postings. That is, if you produce the content in time to get it scheduled. Speaking of scheduling content, a change in the schedule for the Your Own Pay Podcast.

I love producing content for you on a daily bases, and sharing with you the knowledge I have. That being said however, at times I get lazy and I don’t get the content to you at 7. 9:00PM is the latest time you will have the podcast on a podcast platform near you, so you can still listen to me on your way to work. Maybe, while your drinking that wonderful cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I got connected with JR, back in march when he mentioned he was sitting at the table and didn’t know what he should do.



A little #BlogPost about how @PayOwn gave me the idea to make a #Video about sitting at the table. https://t.co/oeIpXWsLyZ

— J.R. Bjornson (@theonewhocares) March 20, 2016

The fact that we can connect with people around the world is something we should take advantage of. J.R. Is in Canada, and I got connected with him on Twitter. 

So, the answer of todays question, how can an email list benefit my business over a youtube subscriber bases (shhhhh, you here my cat in this part of the podcast).

In the article 3 METRICS RATIOS TO MEASURE YOUTUBE CHANNEL SUCCESS “The best ratio for measuring success for comments vs views is comments:views = 0.5% .” In the podcast episode I was off a bit with this number, I said that for every 1000 views you should get 4 comments

The above article also said, “If your YouTube channel has 100,000 subscribers, then you should expect between 12-15,000 views per video. That’s an average ratio of views:subscribers = 14%. Dane has done a lot of research in this area and this kind of percentage is what the average creator should expect to see.  If your channel has 1,000 subscribers, than you should expect around 140 views per video.”

These numbers aren’t horrible, however they aren’t also the best either. If you remember from Build On Social Media – #Yopcast E1, between 2-6.5% of your Facebook fans natively will see your post. Double that for subscribers who will on average check out your videos. Don’t get me started on how it’s about 7X the amount of views a tweet gets. 🙂

67% of your email subscribers are active with a list.

That’s 4X the amount of people subscribed to you that you could be engaging with.

“An email list is on average 4X more valuable then a youtube subscriber base. #yopcast e4, http://yourownpay.com/e4/“




An email list will also give you the ability to engage with people in a different format. Youtube is visual, however you can take your visual content and transcribe it into an email to people. You could also  write emails that introduce you to your subscribers, but then drive those subscribers to youtube videos that you have recorded to engage there. Or you can email people podcasts, so email is a lot more flexible.

You need an email list, check out yesterdays episode to learn who I’m fond of.

Michael Babcock here, coaching blind business owners on how to build there business online. Taking care of all the technical shit, so you don’t have to.

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We are our worse critics, and often I feel the value I’m sharing with you isn’t enough. Thanks to every one of you who has helped me move forward and see that you do value what I’m sharing. 

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