What Is Convertkit? {Video}

What Is Convertkit


[0:00] What is convert kit,

hey guys thank you for checking out this content
today I want to answer the question of what is convertkit?

you can get more information by clicking on this link or see that card, right there

did your phone just vibrate right now.

touch on that and you can go to my website and get more information

I’m dropping most of my course that I created for convertkit with your eyes closed on the podcast definitely check it out,

The your own pay podcasting your favorite podcast app

if for some reason you don’t see it in there definitely let me know so,
I can fix that real quick

what is convert kit?,

convertkit is in my opinion the most accessible and intuitive; easy-to-use email marketing service.

an email marketing Service as discussed in the episode that I just dropped his, a way for you to stay in contact with people who are interested in your products and services.

If you’re a blogger and you’re looking for something really easy to set up you definitely should check out the free trial that I can give away to you if you,
and opt-in for your free tiral.

convertkit will make it easy for you to put together a form kind of like what you opt-in to to get your trial,

put that form on your website or link to it in your video descriptions and then start capturing the information from people who are interested in the content that you’re producing.

Why do i need an email list?

Why do you need to capture that information then why do you need to use a tool like Convertkit?

I discuss that more in the near future and I talked a bit about it and today’s podcast episode

really think about this.

If you are selling livestock, cows chickens Etc or you are selling a digital product, ebook course Etc and You need to get people to your website what’s going to be easier?

Getting in the inbox of people who are ready know who you are and they may like and trust you or.
Generating traffic from a cold list Of people who don’t know you?

so come on obviously it is the email list if I already know you I’m going to buy your chickens I’m going to buy your livestock I’m going to buy your digital course or ebook.
If I don’t know you I’m going to say why should I buy from you.

Make sense?

an email list

for example will allow you to build that relationship.

And allow people to get to know you so they’ll buy from you

  1. It’s funny how people don’t think of some of these things anymore.

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