What Is Convertkit

What is Convertkit

What Is Convertkit, Screen shot of the Convertkit homepage
This is the first of several audio and Video lessons I’ve recorded, answering the question, what is convertkit?

If you have listened to the podcast it’s possible that you know that I’ve been fond of Convertkit for a while now. May of 2016 to be exact, and I have not looked back at the previous email service provider I used in the past,

ahem, AWEBER

What is convertkit

In the next short while if you subscribe to the podcast, I’m going to share the following five things for you:

If this is the first lesson in a course I’ve produced why are you getting it on the podcast?

If you’re not asking yourself that question, just as a heads up into how my mind works, if I was in your position that’s probably one of the first questions I would have asked…

The answer is simple though, I need feedback from you!

I’ve got something I need to admit, and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that!

Convertkit helped me see

That it’s very likely I don’t want to be producing courses.

However, people have told me that I’m good at what I do…

So, I want to share my knowledge with people like you, in hopes that you’ll reach out to me and tell me that you would rather hire me and then have me teach you how to do it.


Well, I’ve got a couple of reasons…

So, answer, what is convert kit?

Convertkit is my favorite email marketing software, easy-to-use, accessible, flexible, and powerful.

If you’d like to check it out, enter your name and email address and the form below and you’ll be able to get a free month trial.


and more lessons coming soon😘


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