Why Blind Small Business Owners Need to have a WordPress Website

Why Blind Small Business Owners Need to have a WordPress Website

The other day i typed a blog post up called How to create a website using assistive technology
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Blindness and Small Businesses

Today’s small business structure has paved the way for blind people, and others with disabilities, to emerge as owners of their own small businesses.
One example of this is Barry and Debra Carver, owning and operating despite the fact that both of them are blind. Another example is Maxwell Ivey The Blind Blogger, a blind inspirational blogger, author, and amusement equipment connoisseur.

though the world is stepping out to give everyone equal opportunities, setting up a business involves problems rooted in money. These, unfortunately, are dilemmas amplified in the cases of visually impaired entrepreneurs.

Small businesses generally find it difficult to generate profit due to lack of resources. Capital availability is mostly poor; translating to a lack of resources to boost sales. To address this, proprietors improve marketing strategies to widen market niche. One of the most readily accessible and effective remedies to this is online marketing and website development. However, the utilization of this solution is commonly misunderstood to be out of reach for the blind since it almost often translates to a virtual-visual remedy.

WordPress: The Solution for creating a website using Assistive Technology

Fortunately, there are free website generators available online with tutorials for step-by-step assistance. Arguably the best, and most popular, amongst these is WordPress – an OpenSourced content management site useful for generating fully functional websites. Since it’s free, small business owners are able to improve their marketing and profit levels without worrying about capital. Additionally, like what has been earlier mentioned, it can be used by totally blind developers [(one tutorial can be found here.)

After getting a good grasp of WordPress, one can note that it offers a variety of themes and plugins to their users. First, there are pre-made themes for clients who do not have the budget to secure their own custom-designed website. Aside from allowing financial savings, this frees blind small business owners from having themes with unnecessary plugins involved. This is also especially helpful for blind developers, who can simply decide on an available theme without needing to verify their visual standards. If budget is available, owners can browse thru WordPress themes available online thru third-party designers.

Second, WordPress has a catalogue of plugins available for small business owners to use. This means you can add software that is specifically designed to do a certain task with ease. It allows those with no background in coding to customize their sites to make them specifically functional for their customers. A vast collection of accessibility and easy-to-use for-the-blind plugins are also available for one’s use.

Final Words regarding why blind small business owners need to have a wordpress website

Undeniably, small businesses are thriving in today’s market, without prejudice to owners with a disability or lack thereof. However, all small business owners face problems which mostly relate to capital and profit. Though seemingly hard to cope with for the visually impaired, there are strategies that can address the problems mentioned; one of which is WordPress for website generation since it has several accessibility features and tutorials ready for use. Aside from targeting the large online market niche, it provides two effective and valuable resources to proprietors: site theme customization, and a variety of plugin availability. Together, they enable all kinds of owners to **
– strengthen marketing,
– build up sales,
– attract customers,
– sequentially boost profit levels**.

This is the Your Own Pay blog and podcast though, and your opinion matters to me. What do you think the best way to build a website with assistive technology is?

Obviously, my thoughts are WordPress…

Let me know in the comments ↘️



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