why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project

Did you know that your email list is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project?


Before the conclusion of this article, it’s our goal to help you see why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project.

With all the hype around the fast and relatively quick growth of social media over the past few years, many have shifted their marketing efforts to these social media platforms. New bloggers and businesses are leveraging social media campaigns to help drive traffic to ultimately convert sales and build followership. Though social media is an incredible tool that any marketer would be silly to ignore, email marketing is more important, especially in the start-up phases of new projects. Email campaigns and building a strong subscribers base will likely be the most crucial factor when determining the viability of your endeavor. Here is why:

Why Do Email Campaigns Work?

The simple answer is everyone online has an email address. According to website builder usa, there are over 4.3 billion email accounts globally, that send over 196 billion emails every day. Additionally, 91% of internet users check their email at least once a day. Email converts 3 times better than social media. With 77% of consumers preferring email for marketing communication, the online email marketplace is the biggest form of digital communication available to marketers today.

Psychology of email recipients

why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project
why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project

With more than 71% of mobile purchasing decisions influenced by emails from companies and 91% of Americans wanting to receive promotional emails, the recipients of email are very receptive. Emails have the best chance of being opened in the first hour they are sent, the fastest average response time among communication channels. Also, with an unsubscribe rate averaging only 0.25%, a customer is very unlikely to ever opt out of email campaigns, giving you multiple opportunities to reach and convert them.

Personalization and Segmentation

Email is highly personalized, and marketers can build multiple campaigns and target multiple segments. A personalized subject line like “Happy Bday” results in a 26% higher open rate to emails. Using a recipient’s first name increases chances of opening by 14.68%. Personalized emails improve CTR (Click Through Rate) by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

In terms of segmentation, marketers who segmented their email lists have a 39% higher open rate, 28% lower unsubscribe rate and 24% better deliverability. It is further estimated that relevant segmentation of email databases drive up to 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. Additionally, targeted emails saw a 68% open rate while general emails saw about a 22% open rate.

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Email has the highest engagement rates online, in terms of business to consumer (B2C) communication. Over 70% of email readers open emails from brands in search of deals and discounts. B2C marketers who use automation in their email campaigns have seen conversion rates of up to 50%.

Comparing it to Twitter, email is 6 times more likely to get a click-through from email as opposed to Twitter, and 5 times more likely to be seen via email than Facebook. Also, 72% of people prefer to receive promotional offers through email compared to just 17% on social media.

why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project

Consumer psychology, personalization, market and list segmentation and overall engagement, are just a few reasons why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project. Though social media and other channels are important and deserve your attention, they still don’t compare to email marketing and building your subscriber list.

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