Wistia Or Youtube – Your Own Pay Podcast

Wistia  or YouTube? 


In this podcast I explain to you why I personally preferred to use the Wistia service. With YouTube, if you host your videos that you have as trainings for sale, they can easily be stolen without your permission. Of course, content on the Internet can be stolen at any time using any service, however with Wistia  you have a better chance in my opinion of your content remaining yours. The beautiful thing about Wistia is that you can offer a download version of your videos if you choose to, as well is obviously you can in bed your videos into your own website like with YouTube, and it’s also convenient to use keystrokes when sharing the Wistia  links with those who purchase your training. At the end of this podcast I also explained one additional feature of Wistia, that is your videos look a bit more professional then using youtube to host your for sale trainings.


Wistia also provides individuals the ability to automate their video marketing with their email marketing. I have not taking advantage of this as that is part of their paid upgrade plans, and for the time being I’ve only got a free account with Wistia. This being said however, the ability to automate your video and email marketing efforts do exist with the Wistia  platform. Also, remember you can try Wistia  out with no time limitation, however you will have limitations on the amount of content you can host on your free account.


Do you host training videos and sell them? If so, what video hosting service do you use to sell your content? Why? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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