You, me, and motivation, the truth.

You, me, and motivation, the truth.


Tomorrow I will fly across country to attend a school for just over three weeks so that I can properly be trained with a  guide dog. Listen to the episode to learn some of the trials i’ve endured   throughout this process, and some of the motivation i’ve used in order to get through those. Knowing the result of what you’re attempting to accomplish definitely helps keep an  individual motivated to complete the process of reaching his goals..


What are some of the goals that you have coming up, What methods do you use in order to stay motivated? Listen also to hear additional instances in where motivation assisted me with getting things done. As I quoted in this episode, Brian Tracy said that we only just have to take the hardest step, that is the first step in order to reach our goals. What is your first step?


Some of the goals for 2016 I have are to build a six-figure business, as well as attending a live networking event is something i’ve had the desire for for a while. Helping enough people to automate their business, or a majority of the aspects that need to be automated is also a goal of 2016. So what are your goals? And what are you doing to educate yourself so that they can become realities?


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