Technically Working

“Welcome to ‘Technically Working’, the go-to podcast for tech enthusiasts and productivity seekers alike. Hosts Michael Babcock and Damashe Thomas take you on a journey through the ever-evolving world of technology and productivity. As Mac OS and iPhone users, they share their personal experiences and tips on staying productive while using these tools. But they don’t stop there – they also explore other platforms like Android and Windows to bring you a comprehensive view of the tech landscape. Tune in each episode to hear them keep each other accountable, discuss the latest tools and strategies, and share their journey to reaching their goals. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or simply looking to boost your productivity, ‘Technically Working’ is the perfect podcast for anyone looking to level up their tech skills and get things done.”

  • TW 4 Visible link or just use friend code 3PB3NQG Brett Terpstra's fix for bin installation with Homebrew Brett's Markdown Service Tools multi markdown installer Link to demo of MMD to RTF Parallels Drafts Mail Assistant Jetpack CRM Unmute Michael: [1:13] How has your experience with that with Edge been? Damashe: [1:16] So I haven't […]
  • Transcript Damashe: [0:00] I also forgot that when you open clean feed, which is good. Maybe next week I will play with Oxygen and do the hosting for the beat because I completely wasn't thinking that, oh yeah, why it's got a push record just because we're in here doesn't mean it's automatically recording. Hey, […]
  • [0:00] All right, so today what I want to demonstrate is I'm going to take you through my adventures in LaunchBar's settings. I'm going to go a little fast because most stuff is kind of self-explanatory, but I will stop and explain either what some maybe ambiguous options are actually for, or explain why I'm changing certain things the way that I am […]
  • The transcript was generated thanks to Auphonic.Transcript Michael: [0:00] So this might be an interesting show because we really haven't talked as much as we normally do. By the way, we're recording. At least I feel like we haven't. Damashe: [0:09] No, we definitely did not talk as much this past week as we normally […]