Technically Working

“Welcome to ‘Technically Working’, the go-to podcast for tech enthusiasts and productivity seekers alike. Hosts Michael Babcock and Damashe Thomas take you on a journey through the ever-evolving world of technology and productivity. As Mac OS and iPhone users, they share their personal experiences and tips on staying productive while using these tools. But they don’t stop there – they also explore other platforms like Android and Windows to bring you a comprehensive view of the tech landscape. Tune in each episode to hear them keep each other accountable, discuss the latest tools and strategies, and share their journey to reaching their goals. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or simply looking to boost your productivity, ‘Technically Working’ is the perfect podcast for anyone looking to level up their tech skills and get things done.”

  • Welcome to the 27th episode of Technically Working, where host Michael Babcock gives a shoutout to Taylor for her innovative WordPress plugin for Gravity Forms. This episode delves into a spirited conversation about the challenges and frustrations of using Gravity Forms, with Michael and Damashe sharing their experiences. The discussion then moves to audio and […]
  • Technically Working 26: In this episode of Technically Working, We kick things off with a discussion on whether or not Damashe should sell one of his web cams. Michael shares some tips on using notifications in Mona. We answer some listener submitted questions, including one about WordPress. We disclose our thoughts on wearing shoes when […]
  • This episode discussed CleanFeed, mishaps with recording, Double Tap, Steven's TV show, connecting with our community, Slack notifications, package deliveries, video challenges for the visually impaired, and upcoming changes. They thanked subscribers and encouraged feedback.
  • In this episode, we cover a range of topics and make exciting announcements. We ask listeners for shout-outs to Doug, introduce a new segment, and discuss our smartphone experiences. We talk about fitness competitions, pizza, food delivery fees, and automatic tipping systems. We also address a bug with the Smart Vision 3 phone and provide […]
  • In this episode, we discuss defining success on our own terms and avoiding comparisons. We highlight podcast hosts' unique success stories and mention our oversight in sending files. We invite listeners to follow us on Mastodon and briefly touch on productivity tools. We tease the next episode on SaneBox and ongoing notification issues. We provide […]