Christine of Insightful publications – todays passionate  professional blind individual

This week’s guest is passionate professional Christine of Insightful publications. Here’s how you can get connected with Christine her email Her website is Insightful Publications Facebook Page Insightful Publications on Twitter Insightful Publication on Pinterest Insightful Publications on Linked In Insightful Publications Face book group Insightful Publications Linked In Company Page Christine is … Read more

Drew Weber @radiodrew1 joins us for todays passionate  professional blind individuals chat

In today’s chat I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a little while with the notorious Drew Weber, and I had a blast hanging out with him. Below are my notes I used for directing today’s conversation, to hear any of the answers and to listen to this episode play the attached media to this … Read more

Chat with Desiree of 5 seconds to impress – passionate professional blind individuals

In this Chat with Desiree of 5 seconds to impress – we are talking with another passionate professional blind individual. The questions I asked Desiree are found below this introduction, you’ll need to listen to the episode to hear the answers. However, briefly, you’ll learn about Desiree’s passion for words, and how copywriting doesn’t mean … Read more

passionate professional blind individuals – Dreevay The Blind Way Forward

“the thing of changing your way of living is you have to change your way of thinking” Via @MARLON86653888  Click To Tweet This interview with Marlon .C. Parieaho was a blast. You can learn more about Marlon on todays chat, as well as on his blog: The Blind Way Forward his podcast: Dreevay in the … Read more

passionate  professional blind individuals – she was made redundant but no stopping Amanda Heal.mp3

In this podcast episode i was joined with Amanda Heal of: Below i have included the questions asked to amanda. Listen to this podcast episode to hear her responses. If you want to connect to amanda on the following social media sites, click the respective link. Twitter, Facebook, Linked in If you would like … Read more

passionate professional blind individuals – Hanging out with the blind blogger

  In this episode of the your own pay podcast I’m bringing back one of my favorite series. Every Wednesday you’ll here words from ;passionate  professional blind individuals. This week we’re bringing back a guest who debuted on the podcast back on November 19, 2015  in the episode The Blind Blogger, and some other guests … Read more

Hanging Out With Mike Malarsie

Recently I had the opportunity to interview an amazing individual. If you don’t know Mike Malarsie you don’t know what you’re missing. Today’s interview is going to blow your mind because Mr. Malarsie is taking action and making things happen. You’ll hear all about it in today’s interview but Mike lost his vision due to … Read more

Interview With Blind Joe – Your Own Pay Podcast

Today I had the honor  of interviewing blind Joe from the TV show “The Voice”. Yesterday in the podcast episode I released, find it here, I talked briefly about how I was slightly nervous for the interview. I don’t know why I was nervous, as you’ll hear in this interview, our conversation pretty much flowed … Read more

The Blind Blogger, and some other guests – your own pay podcast

In this blab I had an opportunity to interview the blind blogger maxwell Ivey. We discussed some of the challenges he’s overcome, and also talked a bit about how he’s grown his social media presence. In addition, this is the first Blab that I’ve held where we actually received some live engagement from some of … Read more

Interview With Blind Hip-Hop Artest Fluffy

In this podcast I had the wonderful opportunity to interview blind hip-hop artist Jon Lyon, also known as fluffy. The ability to highlight other inspirational and motivational blind passionate professionals is a wonderful opportunity, and though we face some technological mishaps, we still got the podcast recorded and available for your review.    Who fluffy … Read more