DM 60 – Managing Kitchen Layouts

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech start out talking about reaper and computer setups, michael is using a different setup. Damashe mentions the new Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone Damashe then chalanges Michael to an activity chalange. (Damashe won the compatition) We then talk about how the compatitions can motivate people to get more active. … Read more

DM59 – Watch Podcast Players

In todays Damashe and Michael, Just Talking Tech series episode we start out discussing the fact that standing desks would be useful!This topic is followed up by Michael’s favorite podcast app, while Damashe talks about his favorite IOS podcast app.The apple watch had been in Michael’s life for a couple of hours at the time … Read more

DM58 – 3 Task managers and a launch bar

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech DM58: I have three task managers on my phone In this episode, we’re talking about some of our favorite audio tools, Launchbar and 1Password. Also, how Mike gets less done with more task management… As usual, Damashe has a rant about something, a tip on importing items into 1Password, … Read more

Keeping To Your Productivity – DM57

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech Keeping To Your Productivity[0:00] Hey, bro, let’s get into this thing. It’s Tomassi and Michael. Just talking. Tack. [0:09] So is edge. Said is your default browser. No. Well, that doesn’t make any sense.It does not. So what I did is I went thio Seymour APS. [0:25] That does … Read more

Mixing IOS Home School Recordings – DM56

Mixing IOS School Recordings Audio Recordings We start out with Michael shairing information about a voice project he did. This transitions into a conversation about IOS and apple watch. The episode we recorded was recorded the day before the apple event. This transitions into a conversation about School from home and how that’s going for … Read more

DM53: Marking down Fido

DM53: Marking down Fido   In this episode, we talk about Fido, not Mike’s new dog, and our love of Markdown.   We get pretty indepth on Damashe’s use of the Yubikey security keys, and the different ways it can be used. Damashe describes using the security key to store 6-digit multifactor codes for an easy backup … Read more

1Password re visited in DM52

in an effort to render show notes quicker, and an opportunity to demonstrate to you what transcription through the Amazon web services looks like I’ve posted the unedited show notes below. In summary, this is a follow-up to DM7 1Password, Published April 4, 2017. In todays episode, we discuss the merits of using one password, … Read more

DM51 – Microphones, Betas, repeater books, and Krypton

Are we recording? This week’s episode starts out with the two of us in our pre-show content discussing how the episode will be recorded using Google meet. Damashe mentions the fact that he did go into the admin settings, and configured the Google meet recording. When we are done it will be added To his … Read more

Affiliate marketing, IOS14, Android 11, Apps and tv

Welcome to all listeners In DM50, Affiliate marketing, IOS14, Android 11, Apps and tv  Are all talked about plus more. Tune in and share with a friend.   Welcome to all of you listeners. I said this a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll repeat it again, we really appreciate all the feedback that everyone … Read more

DM49 – Wyze Android Arm, and podcasting with zoom

Wyze   Michael starts this episode out explaining about pricing for the Wyze scale, and explains that if you visit the show’s show notes you can see the unboxing of the scale him and Nicholas did.   Wyze Scale Unboxing   Michael explains the setting up of the Wyze scale, including the fact that when … Read more

Android Jobs, and ducks with TV

Adult Content Android Jobs, and ducks with TV   Before we get started, a quick note that today’s episode may contain adult content, and listener discretion is advised.   Introduction   We start out this episode by briefly addressing the unrest and turbulence in our country at this time.   Damashe and Michael both encourage … Read more

Secure messaging to eBay shoes in DM47

Secure messaging to eBay shoes in DM47   We started this episode out with Michael trying to get the podcast he started accidentally right before recording to stop, and his consideration of butten mapper.   Whoops!     Voiceover Continuously Reading In Chrome     Damashe mentions a bug he has found with Voiceover continuously … Read more

dm46 – Audio editing apps mindful of working from home and 15 years

Adult Content the following podcast on the Your Own Pay Podcast Network will contain adult content listener discretion is advised more information about this episode can be found at [Your Own Trying to find positivity? We start out discussing the fact that we seem to have more time learning our technology. Michael starts out … Read more

DM45, Editing Flexible Text Toggl’s.

Helping podcast hosts edit audio with Reaper Let’s start out with helping podcast hosts edit audio in reaper. This episode starts out with Damashe and Michael talking about how our tracks get Lined up for editing audio. If you’re looking at recording your own podcast episode, it’s best that when possible you record your audio … Read more

Project management Android and back doors DM43: Project management Android and back doors In This episode, we’re discussing a new podcast recording tool, Damashe’s using Edge, and Mike’s Android thoughts after a year of daily usage. We get right into it by discussing a new service, SquadCast, we’re trying out for recording the show. While it is pretty straight forward … Read more

DM42 – Are they listening to our task managing time tracking

There back!   Welcome back to another episode of the DM Show with Damashe Thomas and Michael Babcock.   The disclaimer file provided at the start of this episode is courtesy of Murray Media Productions    Starting this episode, we chat about the crazy setup Michael has for recording, but it works right?   Closely … Read more

dm41 – Audio Sauce

DM 41: Audio Sauce We are back for episode 41: Getting started by talking about virtual workspaces on your computer. Michael has been making great use of the Virtual Desktops on Windows; while Damashe has been less than satisfied with the actual implementation of Spaces on macOS. Using these types of features can really help … Read more

DM40: Android and its been to long

See, this is why you should stay subscribed… DM40 is a long overdue catch up and show release for us. April 7, is when we released DM39, were we discussed, among other things, Michael’s reentry into the workplace. Even though the timing coincides with Michael’s switch to Android as his mobile platform, I promise it … Read more

Wifi – acrobatics – and sunglasses in DM38

Do you know why Michael is wearing these sunglasses? Listen to the entire episode to hear. 0:30, Michael asks Damashe, “So what about Wifi, what’s going on?” 0:58, and how he does not have that. Do you think he sounds like a baby? 1:40, and as Michael said, that’s why we have andrew hard wired … Read more

Damashe and Michael try to talk Airtable in this Your Own Pay Podcast Network Exclusive, DM36

The Your Own Pay Podcast Network Exclusive – Another Damashe and Michael, Just Talking Tech Episode. Welcome back to another episode 0:06, today’s episode starts out dropping you into a conversation Damashe and Michael are having regarding the importance of planning. 0:35, and how you don’t have to be a nut about task planning, but … Read more

NSFW – DM 35 – The todoist app on ios with Voiceover

The Todoist App on IOS with Voiceover Let’s get started with chats about organization. Starting this episode out we discussed briefly the episode folders that Michael has added to the Google drive for the YOPN team. and we then start chatting about how Google drive notifications work. 0:50, We now have folders for DM35, well … Read more

time tracking on mac and iPhone, DM34

time tracking on mac and iPhone     00:20, You can connect with Michael, @payown and he’s @Damashe Starting it out with us chatting about time tracking on mac and iPhone 00:35, jumping right into it talking about iphone time tracking apps. 0:47 you’ll learn how Damashe has to get back into time tracking. 00:50, … Read more

dm33 Day carrot launch soulver, 2019 cool tools for IOS

dm33 Days carrot launch solver 2019 cool tools for IOS In this episode, we are back to chat with you about 4 apps we have heard of but just started using recently! That’s right, it’s our 2019 Cool tools for IOS and yes, it’s a follow-up of our chat in March of 2017, DM6 the 2017 cool tools for Mac OS and IOS.. Getting into it 0:07 we start by reflecting on how long it’s been, 27 … Read more

Damashe and Michael are back with a new episode, Chatting WordPress

Damashe and Michael are back today to just talk tech with you. If you enjoy todays episode, don’t forget to share with your favorite social network and podcast host 😉 With that, lets get into the latest installment of the Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech podcast episode. If your not subscribed, be sure to … Read more

New Jobs and tools in DM31

DM31: Merry Christmas written in styalized text We are back this week, and we want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. We take some time to talk about what our kids are getting for Christmas this year, and how we the adults are excited. Me and Michael both are really excited about my kids … Read more

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