Marry Christmas with Unmute Updates

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Marry Christmas With Unmute Updates.

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[0:00] Hey listen, so it’s been, well it’s been a while. Last time we talked, well last time you listened to me.

[0:10] Was August. Damasi, I got something exciting coming up for you. Stay tuned, we’ll share more information about that. I wanted to drop in and say, hey, Merry Christmas.
I think Damasi can drop his own message in if he wants.
And I also wanted to give you a quick recap some of the stuff that’s been going on with unmute presents.
Those who don’t know unmute presents is live on ACB community. You can go to ACB.Community, after that, just ACB.Community.

[0:41] And get more information about how you can get the emails that are sent out on a daily basis and how you can see what’s coming up.
So Marty and I have been hosting a call every Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, that’s 1pm Eastern, where you can come and ask your questions and we’llpretend like we know the answers.
But in addition to that, we’ve also been publishing some extra content. So for example, on Sunday, Marty shared a quick demonstration on how you can use Siri to restart your phone in iOS 16 or greater.
This past Thursday, we sat down and had a roundtable conversation. Marty, myself, and Michael Dois.
You’ve heard Michael Dois on the podcast. Tune into DM81. Who’s that?
We talked about some of the new features of iOS 16.2 and some things you can expect.
Tuesday we published a recording of our most recent Unmute education cast. This was a series that was related to taking pictures from a blind person’s perspective.

[1:57] So if you are interested in some Unmute Presents content, definitely check it out. You can subscribe to the Unmute Podcast on your favorite podcast app, simply search for Unmute Presents on ACB Community.
Hope you enjoy this and share it with a friend.
And stay tuned for a project Mossy and I are working on that has the word working in it. Thanks for listening to this pale media production.


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