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Affiliate Marketing


On the last episode, DM49, Michael made an off-handed comment about wanting to talk about Affiliate marketing, what it is and how it works.


Michael starts out explaining for those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is a way that companies can acquire new customers or leads.

When I got started online. I got started with what was called CPA marketing or cost per acquisition marketing.

And what that was was for each individual who signed up for a company, I got paid between 50 to $100.

So affiliate marketing is a way that website publishers such as us over at Your Own Pay, we can publish a link that when you click on it it will track back to the fact that you came from Your Own pay.

An example of this is what I like to go back to often and that’s ConvertKit.

If you clicked on a link where I mentioned ConvertKit, and it goes over to convert it’s website, that is a unique link that is tagged to me.

And what happens is you can sign up for a free account with ConvertKit and get all the free features they offer.

If you enjoy using that tool, and you decide to upgrade to their $29 a month plan, I get paid $8.70 or 30% of the monthly sale that ConvertKit gets.

 Some affiliate marketing opportunities are one time payouts, Which means if you sign up for a hosting company, for example, the publisher will get paid a larger amount, but only once.

some affiliate marketing opportunities are reoccurring, which means for as long as someone keeps the membership or service, then the publisher will get paid.


2020 WWDC


Michael starts this section out asking Damashe about his thoughts on the 2020 Apple, WWDC event.


He expresses how he likes the flow of this year’s event omitting all the pauses that are typically seen in a live event.


IOS 14


Damashe explains that first of all the beta one, which is where we are right now, for developers, as we’re recording is beta one is actually really solid.

 like, it is not quite as good as iOS 12 was, for anyone listening that remembers the iOS 12 beta.

Most people started referring to iOS 12 for a very long time, as you know, it’s just like 11 point, you know, five or 11.6 because it was very, very solid.

14 is pretty solid.

There’s some random glitches here and there, but most of that, I think, are kind of a bug for some of the features that they added, but it’s extremely solid.

I’m running it on my iPhone that I use every day.

Yep, I know. It’s crazy!


Man but it is really solid!

 most of the features they added are needed features or really kind of expanding or building upon things that they have done.

everything they’ve done seems like a logical step in the process of building as they continue to expand the OS.

widgets are now available on your home screen, which are pretty cool.

Right now there’s only Apple stuff.

So of course we don’t know how other developers are going to do their widgets.

But they give you multiple sizes.

The difference in the home screen widgets now versus the widgets that were available in IOS debut are that the widgets on the home screen in IOS14 are not dynamic.

little mini applets is the best way I can think of to put it.

This is the closest way I can make a simple explanation of Widgets in IOS14 If you have an Apple Watch.

The way that complications work on the watch are essentially the way that the new widgets work on iOS 14 on your iPhones home screen

 So your weather app will show you weather and it will periodically update itself throughout the day so that you know you’re seeing the correct temperature.

 But when you tap on it, it’s not going to let you do any functions, it’s just going to launch you into the app.

Now developers can set specific deep locations inside of their app where a tap will take you.

 So let’s say if you’re looking at a calendar widget, for example, and it just shows The number of appointments that you have today.

And you tap on one of the events that you have, you know, fantastical or Apple’s calendar, which it may do this now could launch you into the view of that specific event. Whereas if you tap on a different section of the widget, maybe it launches you into just the entire view today showing everything listed for you.

So there’s some functionality, but it’s really more just glanceable information.

Just like the complications on the watch.

I would say probably the big headlining features are that they have added some new stuff to messages.

We’ll chat about some of the other features as the summer progresses and as I spend more time with it, and mike potentially spends more time with it because Mike is using an iPhone, sometimes.


We also talk about the app list, shortcuts, automations, mac os going to 11 and remind you that this is Beta 1, so items will likely change over the summer.


Android 11


Michael explains now I am running stable version Android 10 right now, because I was just having some talkback quirks with Android 11.

I would wait a couple more iterations of Android 11 to come out.

 So for those who don’t know me 11 is out as a public beta.

And so I of course, went installed it on my pixel, and you can get things done.

But some of the things like sending audio messages inside of messages or telegrams or WhatsApp is a little difficult because you can’t double tap and hold on icons.

I think this comes into some of the stuff that the Google accessibility team is working on for public release of Android 11.

Unfortunately, with beta, you will run into bugs.

I think this is hopefully one of those bugs and will be resolved in the near future.

I also was running into some little quirks of being able to access different apps.

There were some apps where I had to turn the talkback off and then touch in the relative place on the screen, which was okay, but it kind of made my workflow a little more difficult.

However, since I have removed the Android 11 beta and switched back to Android 10, I’ve learned more about how to access some of the Android features.

So in our previous episode, I think I mentioned that I really was fond of the notifications way that things were sorted, and how conversations can be floated to the top of your notification, so you didn’t miss them.

Side note, that’s one of the features that I hope eventually will come that was released in iOS 14, but I haven’t seen it in Android 11. And that is being able to pin conversations inside of messages.

So hopefully, that’ll come in the near future.

So I really liked that feature.

I got used to it a little too much when it wasn’t available in Android 10. I’m like, well, where are my messages?

I know I got a message.

Now I have to go through my notifications and find that message.

So you know, one of those features that I really got used to and then the other one I mentioned in dm 49 was about being able to route audio and send it to different devices, right from the Notification Center.

I had mentioned that I didn’t know how that worked, and I hadn’t observed it. Well, today I was reading an article from Flo and I’ll see if I can find it and maybe put it in the show notes.

I say maybe because there’s a lot of ads that are in that article. And it was driving me crazy, but I did make it through.

But the feature is in the developer settings of settings on Android, so you have to go to settings and then about and then tap or double tap on the build number.

I think it’s seven times it’ll walk you through it, just do it multiple times, it’ll start counting down and then that’ll enable the developer mode and then you go in, you turn this this function on, and then you can actually route the audio from your headphones or you can have headphones going and play your audio through the speaker of your phone.

So an example that came to mind for me was I always have a pair of earbuds in.

I might want to play audio from pocket casts on the speaker of my phone, but keep talkback in my headphones.

So I presume that that’s how this isn’t gonna work.

I haven’t actually tested it. But that could be very useful, especially for accessibility reasons.

And I don’t know, but maybe you can start sending talkbacks to different places and keep your media playing in your headphones.

So I’ll be playing with that again, when the next beta drops. I do recommend if you are trying out betas, maybe poke around in the developer settings as well because you might find some hidden features in there for some people as well in different places. So that’s my experience with Android 11. It’s mixed. I’m excited to see where they go.

I have told a couple of people that I am interested in what iOS is doing as well.


The talk about simplified view in chrome is brought up as well as the ability to ask the google assistant to read an article one may have accessed.


Fun Apps


Michael mentions the SMS Backup and Restore and Damashe talks briefly about FoodNoms


Other items such as TV’s and more are included in DM50.






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