DM66 – Robotic Pi Ham

In this episode we talk about robotic vacuums, raspberry pi, and ham radios. Of course, we are talking a little reaper and so much more! Links for this episode Anker eufy RoboVac 25C Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum .. Google Nest, build your connected home – Google Store Teach, Learn, and Make with Raspberry Pi Top … Read more

DM65 – Accessibility+

DM65: Accessibility+ In this episode, we don’t talk about Reaper at all😯 We do discuss scripting screen readers, Damashe trying a new email service, and the shrinking browser landscape.Follow us and get in touch on Twitter, @payown and @damashe. Links to stuff mentioned Doug Lee’s projects Using the JAWS Scripts For Microsoft Teams use JAWS … Read more

dm62 – Feeding emoji Links

Starting out discussing reasons Michael would think about going back to the mac, followed up with a brief discussion of how he could accomplish what he wants to do from windows.We then talk about why not just get a mac mini, with this transitioning into a conversation about thunderbolt.Discussions of RSS Readers, saving links, Draft … Read more

DM61 Auphonic Prime Deliveries

DM61: Auphonic Prime Deliveries This time, we go in deep on Michael’s use of the excellent Auphonic service. He takes us on a journey of how to make use of the multitrack productions. We also chat about our love/hate relationship with, and why can’t I just get shipping with Prime. Speaking of prime, Michael … Read more

DM 60 – Managing Kitchen Layouts

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech start out talking about reaper and computer setups, michael is using a different setup. Damashe mentions the new Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone Damashe then chalanges Michael to an activity chalange. (Damashe won the compatition) We then talk about how the compatitions can motivate people to get more active. … Read more

DM59 – Watch Podcast Players

In todays Damashe and Michael, Just Talking Tech series episode we start out discussing the fact that standing desks would be useful!This topic is followed up by Michael’s favorite podcast app, while Damashe talks about his favorite IOS podcast app.The apple watch had been in Michael’s life for a couple of hours at the time … Read more

DM58 – 3 Task managers and a launch bar

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech DM58: I have three task managers on my phone In this episode, we’re talking about some of our favorite audio tools, Launchbar and 1Password. Also, how Mike gets less done with more task management… As usual, Damashe has a rant about something, a tip on importing items into 1Password, … Read more

Keeping To Your Productivity – DM57

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech Keeping To Your Productivity[0:00] Hey, bro, let’s get into this thing. It’s Tomassi and Michael. Just talking. Tack. [0:09] So is edge. Said is your default browser. No. Well, that doesn’t make any sense.It does not. So what I did is I went thio Seymour APS. [0:25] That does … Read more

Mixing IOS Home School Recordings – DM56

Mixing IOS School Recordings Audio Recordings We start out with Michael shairing information about a voice project he did. This transitions into a conversation about IOS and apple watch. The episode we recorded was recorded the day before the apple event. This transitions into a conversation about School from home and how that’s going for … Read more

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