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How to create a website using assistive technology

How to create a website using assistive technology

Back in 2001, sitting at the city library listening to music on Yahoo music, when I got started with web development, most sites were built using HTML (code), CSS and even Flash. These websites took a lot of time to learn and were tricky to master. When I wanted to update these sites, I had to find a way to download the files to the computer I was using, open them in notepad, make the changes, and cross my fingers as I uploaded them. If they worked the way I expected them to, then that was wonderful. That being said however, I noticed more often the websites didn’t do what I wanted.

It was times like these that I experienced, as well as others, that causes most people to still think creating a website from scratch is difficult or requires a lot of coding and design skills – but that’s no longer true!

In 2017, content management systems (CMS) like WordPress have made creating a website accessible to everyone. Free services like wix and your web hosts “Site builder”, that allow anyone to be able to build a personal or company site in moments, seeing how updates they make effect the site instantly. No more uploading and crossing your fingers as you reload the page, praying that what you expect to happen happens.

To put simply, a content management system (or website building platform) is a user-friendly platform for building websites and managing your own online content, instead of using a bunch of loose HTML pages.

Three Most Popular Site Building Platforms in 2017 according to The Reasons to Use WordPress – The Most Popular CMS | Inspiren – Blog

  1. WordPress – 50.07%
  2. Drupal – 17.07%
  3. Joomla – 6.44%

As you can see from the numbers above, nearly half of the websites on the Internet are running on WordPress website platform.

Why WordPress is better than the rest?

WordPress is the best way to create a website using assistive technology, because at this point there are no better/easier way to build a website… But more importantly;

  1. It’s totally FREE, with many layouts/themes to choose from
    WordPress doesn’t cost a dime to download or install, and there’s a huge community who have designed beautiful themes and templates, making it easy to get going fast. You’ll never run out of uniqueness…
  2. It’s VERY beginner-friendly
    If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you already know how to add your own content. (It may even be eassier once you get to know the keystrokes)

WordPress can be expanded with free plugins to handle just about any site you can imagine – from gorgeous business pages to social networking sites. With “plugins” you’ll be able to add contact forms, subscription forms, image galleries and so on for your website – pretty simple, huh?

  1. Small or Big site? Great for both.
    From basic blogs to beautiful business sites and online stores, WordPress can handle just about any kind of website. WordPress is used by eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA.
  2. Your site will be ‘responsive‘. Meaning it’ll work on mobiles & tablets, too.
    The website you build will instantly be responsive, looking great on every mobile device, smartphone and tablet. No need to hire a web developer for that..
  3. HUGE support and developer community available to help.
    With so many people using the platform (Webmaster, Bloggers, Theme developers and Plugin creators), it’s easy to find QUICK help when you need it. In addition, WordPress has lots of free resources both available on Youtube and their support forum.
    WordPress is the easiest platform I’ve ever worked with, but it’s flexible enough to suit everyone from small business owners, and freelancers to creative artists and bloggers.

How to create a wordpress website using assistive technology

Now that you have red this far, you see that the answer to How to create a website using assistive technology is WordPress, but now your wondering how you should get started with building your own site?

As you have seen from above, WordPress allows customization through the use of themes and plug-ins. There are thousands of themes and plug-ins that you can Peru’s once you have your website up. One of benefits of getting connected with someone like Damashe and myself is that we can help you answer the questions you already have, and share with you the themes and plug-ins we are using. And additionally you can enter your name and email address in the form below and order to download a free PDF file with our top 10 plug-ins.

We should probably revise this…

But here’s a good getting starting point.


I’ll post more about WordPress later, if you’re interested you can check out the word press with the blind guy course I created currently being beta tested and revised found at this link and off the courses tab

NOTE: this message is going to be syndicated to a few different mailing list, the subject will remain the same(excluding the prefix some mailing list add to it), so if you see duplicates feel free to delete.

it’s possible that you may have seen I’ve been seeking beta testers to help me produce the most comprehensive training platform for blind small-business owners.

Wednesday, when I was speaking with Google, I realized I was actually teaching blonde entrepreneurs how to use software as a service platforms.

Most notably, wordpress,(Website design) convertkit, (email marketing) and Thinkific,(learning management system).

I’ve received some amazing feedback from the 43 students who are currently registered for the WordPress course, these students some of which have paid for access to this course and some of which are free beta members, have helped me realize that throwing videos into an LMS isn’t the best way to handle teaching small business owners how to build their own website.

I’ve also learned that it’s important to have a specific end point when it comes to building a course, what are people going to get by the time they finish the material you’re producing?

Finally, someone made the suggestion that I turn the video files that I was producing it into transcripts for people who didn’t want to read them, I’m going to do something a bit better than this…

this includes eliminating videos, switching to audio, and adding those audio as supplemental content not required order to follow the course material.

But I need some feedback from people like you.

In order to make sure that I answers many questions as possible,When it’s release in December or January, I’m going to shoot for the target price of $497 with one bonus that will only be available to people who owned the course by midnight on the opening day, that bonus is access to an exclusive syndication group to help generate traffic from like-minded bloggers looking to build awareness about their business as well.

More details about that coming two beta members in November, and the general public early December.

If you’re interested in having all of these exclusive benefits at no investment, except a little bit of your time and your feedback, then visit the following link and get registered for the course before I close the door Sunday night.

Also, if you have anyone in your network that you think would benefit from this knowledge, then please be sure to forward this email to them before Sunday morning.

Look forward to seeing you on the inside, and I can’t wait to hear what you create.


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3 ways podcasting has had an impact on business

The Your Own Pay Logo on a black background, a blue Microphone shows at the top, with white letters that say,, @payown showing on the bottom. Another thing thanks to these 3 ways podcasting has had an impact on business.
and starting my own podcast helped me build confidence, create relationships, and make money all at the same time.

Hey, everyone. My name is Michael Babcock, and I am the host of the Your Own Pay podcast, a podcast started to motivate, inspire and educate entrepreneurs around the world. Since I started this podcast, in October of 2015, a lot of things have changed in my life and in my business. I’ve been changing my business model and the way that I work over the past couple of years. Using my podcast has helped with making this possible. Here are three ways that starting my own podcast has impacted my business. Hopefully, you’ll give it some consideration and think about starting your own podcast today.

confidence is a major impact on my business starting my podcasts has giving me

The first way that starting my own podcast has impacted my business is it’s given me confidence. You might not be aware of it when you

  • watch me
  • talk to me
  • or listen to me,

but often, I suffer with confidence issues. Unfortunately, I think this directly relates to the fact that I’m blind, and it’s one of the things that I think about while I’m walking around, or while I’m talking, or while I’m streaming live video. What are people thinking of what I’m doing and how are people taking the way that I’m doing something, and does this fit within society’s norm?

Something that I don’t normally talk about, but it’s true, my podcast, the Your Own Pay podcast, and I’ve got to give a lot of credit of this to Damashe, since February of this year, and we’ll talk more about that later, but my podcast has given me the confidence to get out and do more live streams, and get out there and actually talk to people, and realize that people want to hear what I have to say.

Did you know that relationship building comes with podcasting?

The second way that podcasting has impacted my business is it’s built some amazing relationships that would have never been possible. Theresa and Michael Blaze, of the SBP podcast, Small Business Puzzle podcast, and I got connected. These guys spoke at Podcast movement.

They know their shit.

They are two blind individuals doing kind of the same thing that I’m doing, not really though because they specifically work with local businesses. I’ve also built relationships with Amanda heal, out of Australia. That has been both profitable and amazing when it comes to sharing information, with softwares as a service platforms and accessibility. Amanda, thank you for your feedback on some of the tools that we’ve tried out.

I’ve met Marlon from Trinidad, and that was a complete unexpected experience, because my friend Amit from India, another person who I met because of the podcast, wrote up an advertisement for me, and I posted it on Blind Bargains, not thinking anything of it. As you might know, if we are left to our own devices, we’ll second-guess everything we’re doing. I knew that I could edit podcasts, and I knew that I could get content out there for people, but I always second-guessed myself when I wrote the advertisement. Amit wrote the advertisement, posted up on Blind Bargains, got Marlon from Trinidad to pay me. Hey, there’s two nations, one country and these nations are there, and I didn’t even know about them.

Anyways, Trinidad and Tobago, great experience. I’ve also met people like you, people who are on the Periscope watching this, people who are streaming the podcast, people who are listening to the podcast right now. I’ve met you because I launched the podcast,

🤑 ok, so the podcast has also helped with making money two!

The third and final reason, definitely not most important, that podcasting has impacted my business, is it’s made me money,

simple as that

. Working with people like Marlon, working with people like Amanda, working with people like Donna, working with other individuals, VaShawn, and Tom, and the other group of individuals that I’ve connected with is because they built that relationship with me. As you can see, launching my own podcast has helped me three-fold and more, with my

  • confidence,
  • relationship building skills,
  • building money.

Those of you who are live on the Periscope, I’m going to engage with you here in a minute, so drop your questions in the chat. Those of you on the blog post or listening to this in the podcast, let me ask you, engage with me in the comments. Have you started your own podcast, and if you have, how has it impacted your business? If you haven’t, why not?

Did you know that your email list is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project?


Before the conclusion of this article, it’s our goal to help you see why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project.

With all the hype around the fast and relatively quick growth of social media over the past few years, many have shifted their marketing efforts to these social media platforms. New bloggers and businesses are leveraging social media campaigns to help drive traffic to ultimately convert sales and build followership. Though social media is an incredible tool that any marketer would be silly to ignore, email marketing is more important, especially in the start-up phases of new projects. Email campaigns and building a strong subscribers base will likely be the most crucial factor when determining the viability of your endeavor. Here is why:

Why Do Email Campaigns Work?

The simple answer is everyone online has an email address. According to website builder usa, there are over 4.3 billion email accounts globally, that send over 196 billion emails every day. Additionally, 91% of internet users check their email at least once a day. Email converts 3 times better than social media. With 77% of consumers preferring email for marketing communication, the online email marketplace is the biggest form of digital communication available to marketers today.

Psychology of email recipients

why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project
why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project

With more than 71% of mobile purchasing decisions influenced by emails from companies and 91% of Americans wanting to receive promotional emails, the recipients of email are very receptive. Emails have the best chance of being opened in the first hour they are sent, the fastest average response time among communication channels. Also, with an unsubscribe rate averaging only 0.25%, a customer is very unlikely to ever opt out of email campaigns, giving you multiple opportunities to reach and convert them.

Personalization and Segmentation

Email is highly personalized, and marketers can build multiple campaigns and target multiple segments. A personalized subject line like “Happy Bday” results in a 26% higher open rate to emails. Using a recipient’s first name increases chances of opening by 14.68%. Personalized emails improve CTR (Click Through Rate) by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

In terms of segmentation, marketers who segmented their email lists have a 39% higher open rate, 28% lower unsubscribe rate and 24% better deliverability. It is further estimated that relevant segmentation of email databases drive up to 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. Additionally, targeted emails saw a 68% open rate while general emails saw about a 22% open rate.

The one tool i suggest for managing your email marketing campaigns is convertkit, and in an effort to build my own email list I’d love to invite you to subscribe today for your free 30 day trial of convertkit to leverage it in your business.

Fill out this form in order to be taken to the 30 day trial opportunity.




Email has the highest engagement rates online, in terms of business to consumer (B2C) communication. Over 70% of email readers open emails from brands in search of deals and discounts. B2C marketers who use automation in their email campaigns have seen conversion rates of up to 50%.

Comparing it to Twitter, email is 6 times more likely to get a click-through from email as opposed to Twitter, and 5 times more likely to be seen via email than Facebook. Also, 72% of people prefer to receive promotional offers through email compared to just 17% on social media.

why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project

Consumer psychology, personalization, market and list segmentation and overall engagement, are just a few reasons why email is the most crucial marketing campaign for any new project. Though social media and other channels are important and deserve your attention, they still don’t compare to email marketing and building your subscriber list.

Convertkit Create an online business Day 1 Journal,

What’s this Michael?

Read to the end of the article, i’ll explain in a moment. In short though, this is my day 1 journal for the Convertkit Create an online business masterclass.

Which archetype(s) did you pick?

In the list of eight archetypes I chose 2, the lifestyle Creator and the Tinker.

Originally, and for the longest time, I thought I connected most with the provider architect type… However, when reading through today’s material I realized that actually my desire is to provide a better lifestyle for my family.

My wife Mallory would never quit working all the time, that was apparent a couple of months ago when she was out of work due to medical. This i think has put a mental block in my abilities to take things to the next level in business, knowing that Mallory would always work and I was trying to make it so she didn’t have to work.

What aspects of this archetype resonate most with you?

Picking when I have to work, and when i can spend time with Mallory allows us to continue living the way both of us have managed to be happiest.

Having the ability to take her on dates, buy extravagant things for the kids, and new tech when it comes out for myself and Mallory drives me.

Having the ability to teach others the new tech also is exciting but it’s not a driver of mine.

When I tinker, I like to try to figure things out. The description of this architect type did express:

you’ll always work until you land on the one that’s just right for any given situation

I will have to admit that sometimes I do give up before I find a solution, but I do like to test new solutions to try to find the right one for whatever situation I am working on.

Having the lifestyle of not stressing about how bills are going to get paid, or how we can do fun things with the kids would help me arrive at the solutions to problems that I’m trying to solve though.

What life experiences have you had that have created this motivation in you?

I have enjoyed the time I spent teaching assistive technology, and most especially enjoyed the fact that I could go out and get myself things when I wanted to without having to really think about it.

Mallory was able to get a plane ticket, and we did not have to stress about how to “fit it into our budget”.

Having a chance to teach myself new software, zoomtext, and teach it to clients who could use it showed me that i loved learnning how to find the correct solution to solve most any situation.

Will it be more painful over the next 10 years to live the current life you’re living or to start a business?

It would be more painful to continue living the current lifestyle without expanding my business

If you start this business (and it grows as you imagine it will), what will be different in five years and how will that improve your life?

In 5 years I will work 2 days a week on the computer.

Mallory and I will own our own land and home, and the kids ben and andrew will be getting there own cars.

The boys will be following in my footprints by building their own business, or they’ll be exploring work opportunities in the industries that they’re already interested in.

Mallory and I are happily exploring the world and eachother, while not stressing about how to get new shoes for Andrew or what were going to do the next time Ben grows.

I will be paying 3 people to work for me full time, and they will be loving the work they are doing…

What’s this Michael?

This is day number one of my journal entry for the create an online business course from Convertkit.

If you’re interested in taking this course, I’ll publish an update when I hear they reopen the doors.

As it’s the first day of the course, I can’t provides an adequate review of it though I will throughout the course, I’m excited to see what material we are covering.

Every day we have a journal entry, I’ll publish my journal entry on the blog.

And I’m also going to let my mailing list know that I have a journal entry as well.

So, get your free trial of convertkit and join the mailing list all at the same time, fill out this form.

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OK, so it’s michael ✍️ todays show notes…

and it’s my fault this episode was as delayed as it was…

The Your Own Pay Logo on a black background, a blue Microphone shows at the top, with white letters that say,, @payown showing on the bottom
The Your Own Pay Logo on a black background, a blue Microphone shows at the top, with white letters that say, “”, @payown showing on the bottom

We’ve had it ⏺ for a couple of weeks now, i’ve just not got the work done with a lot going on in my life…

More about that in a future cast…

However, todays cast is all about transmiting 🦆’s


before we get into it

Don’t forget that you can connect with @damashe, or myself on twitter, especially nice for extended periods of time when we’re not publishing content.

Points to listen for

  • 1:20 – Damashe chats a bit about what FTP is. 📂
  • 2:00 Michael mentions one time when ftp is mentioned, hint, often when administrating wordpress sites…
  • 2:19, Michael mentions a couple of ways you can access remote FTP servers.
  • 2:35, you learn Michael’s favorite FTP app
  • 2:48, Damashe’s favorite app comes out 😜
  • 2:57, and now were hearing the story of how he got started with it two🎧
  • 04:28, listen to a couple of reasons that transmit has stuck in Damashe’s life.
  • 4:48, chatting about why Michael got started with his favorite FTP app, 🦆.
  • 5:13, why Michael can’t get 🦆 out of his life 😜
  • 5:18, then Damashe corrects Michael and lets him know that keeping those ducks in his life isn’t an excuse anymore
  • 5:29, time to talk about 4.
  • 5:45, careful, Michael is looking, ask his wife…
  • 6:11, all about what 5 has given us.
  • 6:46, another reason Transmit has stayed in Damashe’s life 📱
  • 7:05, Damashe tells us a story about saving the day for a website owner from the mall, then getting back to his waffle frys…
  • 7:47, Michael asks about data keepping in sync
  • 7:53, and Damashe’s answer.
  • 8:30, horror stories from 4
  • 9:00, Damashe brings the 🦆 back up
  • 9:31, Damn you Michael for your timing 🃏.
  • 10:01, maybe it’s the right choice for you?
  • 10:17, donationware?
  • 10:36, doesn’t work the way you may expect thankfully.
  • 10:56, donate or pay to play.
  • 11:11, try them both out
  • 11:18, twitter following information

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DM26: Crowdfire, Meet Edgar, the Power of Social Media Automation

CrowdFire and Meet Edgar
CrowdFire and Meet Edgar

This week, we are revisiting a topic discussed in DM4, social media automation. Automating your social media publishing is important for anyone using these channels for marketing purposes, but you can’t lose sight of the key, which is engagement.
This week, Michael is going to tell us all about some new tools that can help you level up with your engagement and promotion.

The main reason you want to develop strategies for automating your social media posting come down to the magic phrase, maximizing your efficiency😊
We have all experienced the time loss phenomenon that is Facebook or Twitter. Wait, you haven’t heard of this… Let me explain.

You go over to your Twitter app, with the intent of sharing a link, and maybe responding to some mentions. The next thing you know, an hour has passed, and you are late for a conference call. Sound familiar? Yeah… thought as much😉

One way to avoid this trap, is to automate your posting. But even better than that is having a way to speed up all your interactions on social media. For example, wouldn’t it be great if you were reminded of tweets you should reply to, or if you were given a selection of potential content to share with your followers? Michael explains to me how Crowdfire is doing just that for him.

I was excited to hear about how the other new tool Michael has been using works. Meet Edgar has made it much easier for Michael to schedule a month’s worth of content to be posted to Twitter and Facebook, and even better, automatically reposting past content that still has value.
This was a great episode to learn more about social media automation, including the new tools and strategies, and a webinar coming up.
connect with us on Twitter, @damashe and @payown👋

Join us


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Setting your Can Spam, Name, and Reply email up in Convertkit

If you enjoy todays posting, try convertkit for your first month free.

visit this link to try convertkit free for a month

We’re going to fill out the important key information for your convertkit account.

I am still on that page that told us that there was one more step and I continued reading down that page.

Noticing that there actually are a few more steps

let’s go ahead and fill out this form real quick and you can substitute any of this information with your information,

continue reading down the page after it tells you to return to your email to confirm it you’ll see the following:

Antispam laws require a physical address where you can be reached at

This address is found at the bottom of every email.

Street address

and of course you can put a PO Box there as well I’ve seen a lot of people doing that.

   so I'm going to grab the street address information that Mitch uses for his Can-spam requirements and Pace that in here, 

     after you filled all that information out you'll be prompted to enter your  website. 

This is the main site you will use with convertkit, ( you can obviously use convert kit with other sites as well,however in this field please put your companies main site)

so I’ll paste in the URL that were using for this client.

And then the last thing we have to fill out on this page is your default email settings. This is the name and email address that will be used as a default for your account, you can change it later or override it on individual emails. Or broadcasts or sequences.

I’m going to put the from name here

We’ve now got the reply email address, and we will press VO right arrow until we get to

save your information

and we’ll select that option.

Now unfortunately convertkit does not with voice over show you that this information has been updated, however when all you see is that you have one more step which is to confirm your email address then go ahead and confirm your email address, then that page will go away and you’ll be ready to go.

Your next lesson tomorrow is going to be a brief overview of terms to know foru sing convertkit.

Did you enjoy todays lesson?

If so, feel free to try Convertkit out for a month click to try convertkit


If you click a link in this or other content published by me, it’s possible you may be clicking an affiliate link.

Clicking an affiliate link simply means i took the time to establish a relationship of some sort with companies so these companies would pay me a portion of what you pay them for the product or service you order.

I do this because it’s my goal to do what i can to provide the best life for my younger brothers and my wife who has done so much for our family.

You do not pay any more for ordering threw an affiliate link then what you would pay if you ordered the content directly threw the company producing the product/service.
I’ll be sharing more information about affiliate marketing in the Payown.Club
Contact me if you have any question about what this means for you, and if you don’t wish to support me threw using affiliate links I publish, feel free to google the company/product/service.

DM25: LaunchBar Super Powers

Screenshot of the LaunchBar Wikipedia Search
Screenshot of the LaunchBar Wikipedia Search

Alright, we’re finally doing the show on LaunchBar!

Your welcome Marlin

LaunchBar is one of my must have apps on any Mac I use. If I don’t have LaunchBar installed, or for some reason it quits, my Mac feels broken. I literally have to stop and figure out what is going on.


(But we both feel the same)

You will hear some people refer to LaunchBar as an application launcher, which it can be. Some may refer to it as a clipboard manager, which it can be. Some might even refer to it as a finder replacement… again, it can be. Here’s a quick excerpt from Objective Development, the developers of LaunchBar:

Meet the future of productivity.
Keep your hands on the keyboard
Start with a single keyboard shortcut to access
and control every aspect of your digital life.

One of the absolute truths of being an accomplished LaunchBar user is that you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard. Now as a screen reader user, I am always learning keyboard shortcuts to speed up my work, and LaunchBar just takes that to a whole new level.

Here is a brief list of things both myself and Michael use LaunchBar for:

  • Launching apps and scripts
  • Moving files and folders
  • connecting to servers from our favorite ftp apps
  • Keeping a clipboard history
  • Making FaceTime calls
  • Running terminal commands
  • performing web searches
  • Control Music
  • Add calendar appointments
  • Quickly enter emojis 👍

As I suggested in the show, take your time and learn to use the features that originally caused you to download LaunchBar. If the problem you saw it solving was a better way to move large numbers of files around, then master that feature first, then move on to another useful feature. While reading 📖Take Control of LaunchBar, this advice was one of the most helpful tips I learned.

Share your thoughts and uses of LaunchBar by reaching out to us on Twitter, @Damashe and @Payown.

Or, just drop a comment below.

LaunchBar in Action

I recorded this video to show how to configure the clipboard settings Michael mentioned during the show, but I’ll also show off one of the ways I use LaunchBar everyday.

Get this exclusive video from Damashe

Damashe recorded this video for you.

Showing you using voiceover, how to configure Launcher and 1Password to play with each other.

Enter your name, and the best email address we can send the video to you at, and then check your email.

That video will be in your inbox within 5 minutes.

We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

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How to get a free convertkit account

How to get a free convertkit account, screenshot of the trial page linked to in this article
How to get a free convertkit account, screenshot of the trial page linked to in this article

In todays content, I’m going to show you how you can get started with convertkit and a 30-day trial.

How to get a free trial of convertkit

this is not publicly available so click on this link and follow the directions,

I think it’s important that you realize that you can have a one-month trial with this plan, after that it is $29 a month.
(I get $8.70 a month of that $29 for you using this link at no aditional cost to you)

First steps for your free convertkit trial

Screenshot of the convertkit homepage
The first thing that you need to do is fill out the login credentials information starting with
– the email address in the first edit box
– Re Enter Your Email Address
– Use 1Password to create a new password, and confirm it.
– Then Press enter to move to the next step

Next steps for getting a free convertkit account

After you create your free convertkit trial account you are prompted for your billing information.

Important, don’t forget that the billing does not commence until after you’ve completed your 30 day free trial.

What’s Next for my free convertkit account?

We have one more step to complete before your account will be ready to use.

In order to confirm that we have the proper email address, you need to go to your email and click the link that convert kit just sent you.

This will tell the system that the email is correct…

And that’s it, you now have a trial of convertkit.

On wednesday i’m going to share with you the next step, that is setting your CAN-Spam, Name, and reply email up…

Shhhh, want a headstart? Check out the video above, it’s the content coming to the podcast wednesday 🤓

Now that you have a convertkit account, you may want to check out DM 5, email marketing automation

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