DM73: Podcasting

This episode, it’s all about podcasting. We haven’t taken you through our process in a while, and Michael’s offering a new service; So we thought this would be a great time to review how we make the show happen. Of course, it wouldn’t be our show if we didn’t go off topic just a bit. … Read more


A DM Special First of all, thanks to you if your the one who has ordered the Pine Cast service over the last couple of Months, it really helps the DM Series. In this DM Special Damashe and Michael decided to spend some time with family. Damashe’s kids are blowing bubbles while Michael’s are playing … Read more


Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech Damashe got the same board we talked about in dm69. speculate what we want on wwdc Michael talks about his Webcam experiences. We then close this episode with talking mailing lists and adding elements to different parts of a wordpress site Links for DM72 DM69 – And Then I … Read more

DM71 – After Dark

DM71 – After Dark In this episode, we started out talking about Michael’s setup with this boardTransitioned into the time of day that we are recording this episode.Damashe’s latest with Sendy and SES from AmazonText expander caused Michael to explore Auto hotkey.Damashe shares his frustrations with text expander.This takes us into a conversation about the … Read more

DM70 – Clean Watch Toys

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech You can get the original show notes for this episode, , on the original Your Own Pay Podcast Network page. starting out talking about clean feed, and what it is it is like using the tool and joining a call. what Michael has done with Club house, and his … Read more

DM69 – And Then I Can

DM69 – And Then I can This episode starts out with us talking about the fact we are enjoying editing again! Thanks to some classes the two of us have taken. We also talk a little about Damashe’s new business! The soundcraft Signature 12MTK is then explained as it’s a new tool Michael got. M1 … Read more

DM68 – NO Creative Title

So i didn’t do show notes, nore did we come up with a creative title for this episode! We missed a week, and wanted to get this content to you as quickly as possible. Please, hit us up on twitter, and let us know what you enjoy about the content Be back in a couple … Read more

DM67 Surge Protection ++

DM67: Surge Protection ++ We’re back, and chatting about the new Watch, protecting against power surges, $1100 left on Damashe’s porch, and of course… Reaper. Links to stuff mentioned iZotope RX Reaper broadcast effect chain Auphonic Multitrack productions with Auphonic Deliveries: the package tracker Carved iPhone cases plug extenders power jewels primer This podcast is … Read more