b2 or s3, what’s for me? Find out on DM 23.

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s3 or b2?

Now isn’t that fun to write?

Should I use Amazon S3, or Backblaze B2 for my business?

Listen to this weeks episode to get Damashe and Michael’s responce to that very question.

Case for the cloud?

What is the reason that you would like to use a cloud hosting service?
If you want to avoide the 10 or so line policy configuration for permitions then you need to check out backblaze b2.
If however, you need the ability to lock your files down tighter then…

Well, tighter then your in house IT geek may think is possible, then you need to check s3 out.

Want more from the notes?
Two bad, you need to listen for this weeks episode!
back to our normal show notes and podcast content next week

oh and hears an article from Damashe for you.
Amazon AWS S3 outage is breaking things for a lot of websites and apps | TechCrunch

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I broke my phone

This is a message my list got Friday

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I love this software and you will two.

I hope your weeks been wonderful, I’ve got an interesting bit of updates for you this week.

what’s that michael?

  • yep i threw my phone and broke it
  • the website crashed two
  • and then my computer?
  • but at least i’ve got backups

The phone

So if you didn’t here this weeks Damashe and Michael, Just talking tech (DM Series) podcast episode you should listen to it.
"Listen as Damashe shares his excitement, he hasn’t been this excited since well, um, DM11…
We talked about what to backup, why to back the things up, and tools you can use.
Listen to Backing Up Your Digital Life – DM22 and before the Network ID your going to learn about why i had to re record my part for this episode.

The website crashed?

What? Really?
Ok so not really, but it kinda was like a crash.
If you follow me on twitter you know that every hour, to be exact, every 1.2 hours, I send out an old blog post using a plug-in called“Revive old posts”.
This plug-in is amazing, except I noticed last weekend that it wasn’t posting anything.

Strangely, I logged into my WordPress admin panel.

At least… I thought that was what I was doing…

And was presented with:

"Not Acceptable!

An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.“”

After some trouble support tickets and some back-and-forth with the hosting team that I was using, I learned that without me being made aware of it they had moved my website to a different server.

The wordpress security plugin i use on Damashe’s recommendation saw that there was something different about where my site was hosted and thought this to be suspicious.

I couldn’t access my website for a couple of days well the Internet updated to provide this plug-in correct information, and now I know how to skip this if it happens in the future.

Lesson learned, I should stop putting off migrating to a Linode.

DM17s “what is shared hosting vs cloud hosting” explains the difference.
that’s why this week’s w-cast was delayed two.

and the computer?

Ironically enough, Wednesday morning when I opened my computer, I noticed that the start up disk wasn’t set properly.

And unfortunately, I couldn’t access any of my files.

But I had a backup of everything that I needed…

Hopefully you do too!

So I reformatted the computer and I have been restoring from that backup, and making a clean backup as well.

I love that tool that Damashe recommended in this weeks episode to back my files up to onedrive. Especially since I’m paying for it
but not using it.

Well, I’m using it now…


So, if you’re not, make a backup of your important digital life today, because you never know what might happen.

{{ subscriber.first_name }} I appreciate you for reading these messages from me, listening to the podcast, and engaging with me via email and social media.

If you appreciate the tips that I’ve provided you, and the time I’ve saved you, feel free to make a Financial contribution of any size at the following link.
I am setting up some exclusive content for contributors more information about this coming…

Chat with you next week, if not sooner!

The five things I learned while participating in my second joint venture opportunity – W4

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Yes, i missed last week’s ’W cast!
Next wednesday i’ll share with you what happened.
For a glimps into my past week in technology listen to DM 22, all about backups

One of the goals that I set myself without writing it down at the beginning of 2017 was to establish more relationships with other people who do the same thing that I do, however you know, not quite the same.

This means that working with people who are motivating, inspiring, and educating other entrepreneurs around the world are the type of people that I definitely need to work with.

Being completely blind myself and targeting blind entrepreneurs, or the team members of small business owners who just happened to be blind…
There is plenty of room for growth in my knowledge, so connecting with other people who don’t have limitations that I might have even though I don’t like to admit it, is definitely an advantage. Because then I can take the knowledge that I acquired from that expert, and turn this knowledge into knowledge the other blind entrepreneurs or the team members of the small business owners who happened to be blind can use to help move business forward.

my first joint venture experience

In March of this year, I had my first joint venture experience and I told myself that there would be a few things I would do differently in the future, that I neglected to do for my second joint venture experience this year.

The first thing I learned I need to do differently for my next joint venture adventure

Maintain control

Having the know how and ability to maintain control of as many aspects of your joint venture partnership as possible, is definitely an advantage.

Let me give you two examples of how if I were to maintain control of all of the aspects of the two joint venture projects I’ve been involved in, could have made the experience better for me,
and a ton better for the people I invited to join me.

Tracking Efforts

The first joint venture I participated in March of this year was The launchers event, if you missed it hears my presentation in the embedded audio below, feel free to listen.

In this event, one of the tasks i completed was set the marketing system up for Fedora Outlier LLC.
This was fine, except I didn’t set up my own marketing system for my leads.



I then invested into some paid traffic, and I was only able to calculate how many people clicked on the link, but because I didn’t maintain control of the entire system I didn’t know how many people actually converted.

The other thing is the other presenters didn’t know what advertising method they were using that were effective as well, because we were all driving everyone to the same webpage… Again, none of our advertising efforts were trackable,
by us… The presenters

experiences for the guest

Being able to maintain control of the entire experience for your audience especially when connecting with a specific audience like myself allows you the opportunity to control the experience for your visitor throughout the entire process.

In this latest joint venture opportunity, I realized that I needed to track a little bit more

In this latest joint venture opportunity, I determined it would be best for me to brand my tracking link to myself, so I can at least be aware of how many people are clicking the link to visit the registration page.

However, there was a slight problem
People could click the link, and hell, it was even easy to remember… But, when people got to the page if on certain browsers with certain screen readers, it was virtually impossible to know what information the capture page was asking for.

When this information was brought to my attention, all I could do is keep track of it so I could pass it on to Rick.

The second thing I realized during my two joint venture experiences…

Just Do It
I originally reached out to Rick in April or May of this year, to be honest I don’t remember!
When I reached out to Rick, I didn’t have a clear plan as to where I wanted to go with whatever we ended up doing.
See, a couple of months ago, Rick had sent an email out to his list asking if people could organize a group of individuals looking to learn more about social media.
Social media is Rick’s expertise.
I remember thinking to myself that it would be quite interesting if I could gather a few blind individuals to be able to ask that Rick come and present to us.
However, at that time I didn’t act on the opportunity.
A couple of months later, Rick is offering this again to his email list, and until this point I figured why not
Until this point, I had only spoken with Rick via social media.

I figured why not, but up the phone, and give them a call!

Until this point, Ric

The third thing was

Communicate clearly
Listen to this episode for more information 😉

The 4th thing is

Planning helps
Listen to this episode for information about this part

The 5th Thing is

Having guests can help everyone involved

Did you here the episode? If not, give it a listen…

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Backing Up Your Digital Life – DM22

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screenshot showing I-mazing on the left and arq on the right
screenshot showing I-mazing on the left and arq on the right

Backing Your Digital life up!

This is the 22nd installment of the DM Show.


Listen as Damashe shares his excitement, he hasn’t been this excited since well, um, Cloud Storage for your Business, DM 11


Before we get into it

One moment, before we get into this weeks important episode all about backups, Michael shares an interesting happening with you before the network identifier.


Starting this episode out, Damashe and Michael have a quick chat about why it’s important to backup your Digital life…

Your phone especially. [1]

Ask Michael…


Have you ben there?

Back Your computer, phone, and website

Michael then asks Damashe how often he backs his iPhone up [2].
We chat a bit about why it’s important to back your website up! [3]
and a few tools are discussed for backing up, including a disk cloning app for Mac OS, and a tool Damashe Suggests called ARQ for Mac and Windows. [4]
We also suggest backblaze. [5]

Connect with us on twitter [Michael is ]@damashe](http://twitter.com/damashe) && Michael @payown.

Did you enjoy this episode?

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Resources for this episode


If you choose to take action and invest into a product or service recommended in this content, it is very possible that the host or hostess of this content will receive compensation at no additional charge to you.

If for some reason you would not like the host or hostess to be paid a commission, please use your favorite search engine to search for the recommended resource.

This is called affiliate marketing, and it is a popular monetization strategy for digital content producers.

If you’d like to learn more about how it works, reach out.

  1. Michael Threw A Fit and his phone, iPhone high impact to wall = Non Working iPhone  ↩
  2. If you didn’t know, it’s important to do a local backup two.  ↩
  3. Moving Websites and Data Los, one of the reasons you need a backup of your site.  ↩
  4. so side note here, Damashe suggested on this podcast episode to check this app out especially for use with one drive, a service we are paying for but not using. It was very quick and easy to set ARQ up, and well worth the investment for the pease of mind of having an offsite backup system in place.  ↩
  5. We were notified by a user on twitter that accessibility issues prevent users from setting backblaze up on computers running windows with NVDA and Jaws, As of the time of writing these show notes, we don’t know if this user ever got backblaze set up or not. If your using AT, and Backblaze, and had any problems getting it set up however found work arounds, please drop a comment below to let us know your findings.  ↩

new Listeners, Automation, Tools and Relationships

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new Listeners, Automation, TOols and Relationships

Welcome back to the third installment of the w3 cast.

This week we are going to expose it for you…

The new format,

But first a word

Skip the word
This episode is thanks to the relationship we have built with sanebox.
If your looking for a way to take control of your inbox, and try to find inbox 0
then you should really check out sanebox…
Taking all the unimportant messages from your inbox, and moving them to a “sane lader” folder
allowing you to get threw what matters now.
Get a $5 credit just for trying it out today, visit:
to take control of your inbox today

The new format


In this section of the podcast i shouted out a new listenner.
Hears a link to facebook:

and thanks again for listenning.
If you want to be shouted out, contact me today and i’de love to shout you out.


This week’s question comes from maxwell who asked me:

Do you know of an automated service someone can use for testing there website for accessibility?

Listen to this weeks episode to get my answer to that question.
If you have a different response or another resource, please share it in the comments of this posting.
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This week’s thought is a second shout-out to two important people who have birthdays this week.
Remember who you have in your life that is close to you, and even those who aren’t and treasure every moment you have with them.

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The tip today can help you save a lot of time.
Want to learn more?
be sure to check out our cool tools for mac os and IOS and learn more.

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The trick i shared this week is all about leveraging relationships to help build your platform and the platforms of others.
Listen to this weeks episode and you can here the audio track without my voice in the embeded audio posting below.


do you enjoy this music?
If so, listen to next weeks episode for more, and also don’t forget to show jasper some love!

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Publish With Purpose People – DM 20

DM20: Publishing with Purpose

Damashe.org beside yourownpay.com
Damashe.org beside yourownpay.com
  • Why are we doing this show?
  • Why should you actively engage on social media?
  • Why take any of the advice you can find on the web about marketing?

These three questions all come down to the same answer, having a purpose. Whether we’re talking engaging with your potential audience, or consistently publishing new content, it all should have a purpose.

Once you have identified your purpose, then you get down to implementation.

For example, we wanted to do a podcast, but what is the purpose of our podcast? We decided that our purpose of recording a weekly podcast is to share our knowledge of technology to help other business focused individuals maximize their effectiveness. Whether or not we achieve this goal is left up to you the listener, and your feedback helps tweek our processes.

Defining your purpose

I hear some of you saying >I get it, but I’m not a publisher… but you’re wrong.
In today’s world of social media and easy to post blogs, we are all publishing content. But from a business point of view, what is the over all point of your blog or Facebook page?
Defining that purpose gives you direction in posting content, and also builds the expectation of your audience. The process of creating content becomes somewhat easier with a definite purpose in mind, making your content more consistent. This also lets your audience know what to expect, they know that they won’t get cat pictures and videos if you are consistently publishing content giving them personal care tips. This means that when they want tips about grooming, your site will be at top of mind, of course, this also means when they want cat videos, they’ll go elsewhere for that?
How you define your purpose is up to you, but randlomly posting content quickly leads to posting no content.
You can always reach out to us on Twitter @Damashe and @Payown

Get our top 10 plugins

Enter your name and email below to get instant access to the top 10 plugins Damashe and Michael recommend you use on your wordpress sites

Introduction to the “W” cast, W1

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Welcome to the first episode of what I’m dubbing my “W” series.

On a weekly basis, Wednesday at least, I’m committing myself to bringing you the latest and what’s going on behind the scenes.

As I stated at the beginning of today’s podcast, it’s not my objective to commit myself to multiple podcasts on a weekly basis except for the Tuesday podcast I already committed to with Damashe, and now these “W” podcast released on Wednesdays.

In today’s podcast episode, I share with you a little info regarding the new link shortener I’m using from rebrandly,

I also share with you information about the webinar that Rick and I are doing.

Yes, it’s not your ears playing tricks on you, I am experimenting with some audio editing tips I’ve learned from the podcast engineering school podcast,

as well as from audio pizza.


If you have any questions about the content we produce, don’t forget to reach out and contact me today.

Finally, it’s really important that you share the message you enjoy with your most active social media…

If you enjoy it, those who you are connected too likely will as well.

Links for today’s episode

DM19: Customize your site with Themes

WordPress Theme Directory

Does your site look like every other WordPress site out there? It shouldn’t! yourownpay.com looks completely different from damashe.org, even though both Damashe and Michael are WordPress users, and even use some of the same tools.
Why is this, it is all about the theme you choose for your site. Think of your site’s theme as the design of your house, or your particular style of dress. You should want your site to reflect the business you are in, but also reflect your personal branding.
A WordPress theme can determine the layout of your site’s navigation links, how photos are displayed, and even the color people see when highlighting a link. And just like Plugins, themes can add functionality to your site in amazing ways.

Speaking of Plugins

If you enjoy this episode, you need these 10 plugins from Damashe and Michael

How to pick a theme

With all the available themes out there, both free and payed, which one should you pick for your site?
While this answer differs for each site, there are things to look for when picking a WordPress theme:
* what type of site are you building?
 If you have a store front, then you most likely want a theme that is designed to showcase your products.
 If it is a blog, then your content should should be front and center.
* How customizable is the theme?
 You want the ability to customize different aspects of the theme to fit your needs.
 If you don’t want a slideshow at the top of your site, you should be able to remove it.
* Does the theme get regular updates?
 You don’t want a theme that hasn’t been updated in years, because it could introduce vulnerabilities in to your site, and it’s probably not using the latest and greatest technologies that have been brought to the WordPress core.

And remember, you can always change your theme without losing any of your site’s content. THe only thing that changes with a theme change is how that content is displayed.
Share with us the theme you like to use by leaving a comment or tweeting us @Damashe and @Payown.

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