Project management Android and back doors DM43: Project management Android and back doors In This episode, we’re discussing a new podcast recording tool, Damashe’s using Edge, and Mike’s Android thoughts after a year of daily usage. We get right into it by discussing a new service, SquadCast, we’re trying out for recording the show. While it is pretty straight forward … Read more

DM42 – Are they listening to our task managing time tracking

There back!   Welcome back to another episode of the DM Show with Damashe Thomas and Michael Babcock.   The disclaimer file provided at the start of this episode is courtesy of Murray Media Productions    Starting this episode, we chat about the crazy setup Michael has for recording, but it works right?   Closely … Read more

Interview coach reiki practitioner and guided meditation leader Kim Oneill visited What’s Your Excuse

Hello again; This week I’m bringing you another previously recorded episode of The What’s Your Excuse? Show. I’m sharing this interview with”>Kim O’Neill to celebrate our reconnecting on Face Book this week. She was commenting on the news that I had been selected to give the closing talk for the podcasting school at next … Read more

Seminar on using podcast interviews to share your story and grow your passion

Hello Again; Thought I’d share this webinar that me and my good friend Michael Babcock recorded on one of my favorite subjects using podcast interviews to build your business and grow your brand. In fact it was Michael who encouraged me to start offering a service where I would get people booked on podcasts so … Read more

Powerful selfie speaker Azuka Zuke shares his inspiring story on What’s Your Excuse

Hello again; I hope you are all doing well. I had some scheduling difficulties with a guest, so I’m sharing a previously recorded interview that you probably haven’t heard unless you are subscribed to my youtube channel. 🙂 This time my guest is the incomparable inspirational motivational author and speaker Azuka Zuke. I met Azuka … Read more

former police officer now speaker, preacher, podcaster, and radio network owner Rob Thibodeau stopped by What’s Your Excuse

Hello again; Happy to be sharing another wonderful interview on The What’s Your Excuse? Show. This time my guest is Bob Thibodeau. Host of The Kingdom Crossroads Podcast. Rob was forced out of his dream job as a military drill instructor due to downsizing. Then he suffered an injury that would force him out of … Read more

Former dominatrix Kat McLead transitioned to helping sex workers start healthier businesses and now helps stay at home moms run successful mom-first businesses

Hello again: I’m back from my trip to Erie Pennsylvania with a new episode of The What’s Your Excuse? Show. I was in Erie to speak at an event called Disability Insights put on my my good friend While there I did two other speaking events and three book signings. I sold four of … Read more