Unmute Presents ACB Community replay for 22 August

On this episode of the Unmute Presents Community Call, we address a range of tech-related questions. We discuss tips for saving attachments in Outlook, generating QR codes, troubleshooting computer issues, muting messages on WhatsApp and GroupMe, and more. We also provide updates on recent podcast episodes and express our gratitude to the listeners. Stay tuned … Read more

Technically Working 22: Smart Vision, Accessibility, and Listener Engagement

In this episode, we discuss the smart vision three phone, address the backup process for the blind shell phone, talk about file moving and using SD cards and USB thumb drives. We also touch upon using magnification and voiceover features simultaneously and share our experiences with different keyboards and braille displays. Additionally, we mention engagement … Read more

Unmute – Selection to LaunchBar

In this segment, we learn how to quickly add a tracking number to the Parcel app on macOS. By selecting the tracking number from an email message, activating LaunchBar, and navigating to the Parcel app action, we ensure accuracy in package tracking. After inputting a brief description, we finalize the entry and receive a confirmation … Read more

191 – Tablets to the Extreme

Episode Notes In this episode, Michael Doise flies solo as the host and kicks off the conversation by expressing his appreciation for the audience and his enjoyment of doing the podcast. He updates listeners on the upcoming changes and news in the iAccessibility and Techopolis realms, including the re-release of the VO Starter app with … Read more

Friday Finds: Google’s AI Revolution, HP’s Printer Predicament & Instacart’s Pricing Puzzle

In this episode, we discuss Google’s efforts to enhance their AI system, BARD, to compete with ChatGPT and Bing. We also explore the class-action lawsuit against HP for designing printers that require ink for scanning and faxing. Additionally, we touch on the markups in grocery delivery services like Instacart and the need for transparency. Join … Read more

Katie Talks Travel – EP1

In this episode, we chat with Katie, an independent travel agent, about her passion for travel and her expertise in accessible travel. We discuss the challenges of website accessibility for visually impaired individuals and how Katie customizes travel experiences for her clients. Katie also shares popular destinations, tips for a smooth trip, and the importance … Read more

Unmute Presents ACB Community replay for 15 August

In this episode, we discuss listener questions, share news about the VO Starter app, address issues with sharing news articles on iPad, review a podcast, offer tips on using chatbots and AI, discuss keyboard commands and VoiceOver navigation, provide advice for those with arthritic hands, explore voice control tutorials, and offer tips for AirPods. We … Read more

TW21 – We Did It First

In this episode, we overcome technical issues and discuss recording interviews at a state convention. We highlight the MacWhisper app and express gratitude for listener recommendations. We cover topics like VoIP phones, travel plans, email services, and DNS backup. We mention the intriguing I clever BK 10 keyboard and tease exciting surprises for our listeners. … Read more

IACast: 190 – Beats Up, Threads Down

Episode Notes In this episode of our podcast, I am joined by Marty Sobo and Michael Babcock as we approach our 200th episode. We ask our listeners how long they have been with us and tease some upcoming changes for episode 200. We discuss the tech news coming in September, including new iPhones and betas. … Read more

Friday Finds – Don’t Text and Walk

In this episode of Friday Finds, we discuss the upcoming changes in iOS 17, including the relocation of the call end button and new features like live voicemail. We also address issues with the Mantis Braille display in the beta version of iOS 17 and the potential impact on blind and deafblind individuals. Additionally, we … Read more

Accessing Books with Lady A

In this episode we discuss options for accessing books, including Audible, Kindle with screen readers, and Bookshare. We highlight the Bookshare Reader skill and the upcoming beta skill for BARD. We encourage listeners to email their preferred book-reading services.

Shell Phone Show: Copying Files on the BlindShell Classic 2

In this episode, Damashe demonstrates how to copy or move a file using the blind shell phone. Damashe navigates to the file manager, selects the file, and chooses the copy option. Then, Damashe goes to the desired destination folder and pastes the file. Additionally, Damashe shows how to set a custom ringtone for a specific … Read more

Unmute Presents ACB Community replay for 8 August

You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit acb.community to learn more about what is up coming. Support Unmute Presents by contributing to their tip jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/unmute-presents-on-acb-communi This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-e4dc67 for 40% … Read more

Saving Email on the BlindShell Classic 2

In this episode, we walk you through the steps to save and access important emails using the Blindshell Classic 2. Press and hold the back button to open your email application, locate the message you want to save, and select it. Open the context menu, choose “Share,” then “Share by notes.” Press OK to save … Read more

189 – X Unpacked

Episode Notes In this episode of the iACast, Michael takes the main speaker role and starts off by mentioning that he is alone for today’s episode. He expresses his excitement about some news and mentions that there is both good and bad news to discuss. He informs the listeners that they can now listen to … Read more

Friday Finds: AI, Privacy, and Decentralization

In this episode, Marty and Lynn discuss three main topics. First, they talk about Mastodon, a decentralized social media platform that serves as an alternative to Twitter and Instagram. However, Mastodon has been found to have a significant issue with child abuse content, according to a research report by the Stanford Internet Observatory. The challenge … Read more

The BrailleDoodle on Unmute

In this episode, we talk to Daniel Lubiner, creator of the BrailleDoodle, a two-sided tablet that teaches Braille through tactile feedback. We discuss the importance of Braille education, the challenges faced by blind adults, and the potential of AI. Pre-orders for the BrailleDoodle are available through the Touchpad Pro Foundation’s website.

Shell Phone Show – Setting Custom Ringtones

In this segment, Damashe guides you through the process of adding custom ringtones to your blind shell phone. I explain how to find the appropriate folders on your computer, copy and paste the files into the ringtone and notification folders, and select the newly added tones on your blind shell phone. By following these steps, … Read more

ACB Community Replay for August 1 2023

In this episode of Unmute Presents Community Call on August 1st, 2023, Marty Sobo, Michael Babcock, and Michael D’Oise are answering questions. The main speaker emphasizes the importance of respectful and patient discussion. The focus is on the upcoming release of new operating systems for Apple devices, with listeners encouraged to share their desired features. … Read more


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Portable preferences on the Mac

In this episode, we discuss how to configure voiceover preferences on a portable device. By setting up portable preferences, you can easily transfer customized settings to other Mac computers or when using someone else’s Mac. This eliminates the need for manual configuration each time. Simply access VoiceOver Utility, select the General category, and choose the … Read more

188 – Router Recommendations

Episode Notes In episode 188 of the IACast, we begin by discussing the recent passing of Kevin Mitnick, a renowned hacker who later turned into a white hat hacker and worked with companies to defend against cyber attacks. We highlight his influence on the tech community and how his story inspired many to pursue careers … Read more

Friday Finds – Braille, GPT, and Accessibility Laws

In today’s Friday Finds, we have three interesting news stories for you. First, United Airlines plans to provide Braille signage in their cabins. OpenAI has launched the ChatGPT app for Android devices, joining iOS and web versions. Lastly, the DOJ released new guidelines for website and app developers to improve accessibility. Don’t forget to leave … Read more