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This has been an ACB Community Call.

Today’s Unmute Presents Community Call was hosted on Tuesday, 9 April, 2024.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Unmute.

As usual, we’ve got a couple of announcements here at the top.

I want to remind everyone we’re going to go through all first questions.

And if we get through everybody, then we’ll take a second question.

So if you have tech questions, go ahead and raise your hands and we’ll get to you just here in a few minutes.

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that Mac Bytes with Bits is tonight at 8 Eastern.

So you can go to their website to check all that out or check the daily immunity email that went out today.

Also I wanted to remind everyone that we’re doing the Introduction to Jaws in Club Unmute.

So check that out and you can check that out.

And all the details at is the website.

And if you have any questions or comments, anything else that you can think of, you can reach out to us at

The question of the day today is what do you wish your screen reader would do that it isn’t currently doing?

And you can be creative.

I wish my screen reader would go make me a cup of coffee and bring it to me.

So with that being said, Michael, how are you?

We’re getting there with AI, aren’t we?

We are.

So I’m doing great, Marty.

I think that the first thing that I’ll mention is Club Unmute members this afternoon are going to receive a three minute audio going over the keystrokes document we sent you last week.

Yesterday, technically working listeners received a podcast where Damacy and I, of course, sat down and talked about what we’re doing in the current programs we have, our audio setups, and also chatted about live streaming to YouTube because we finally got that up and working as well.

On Sunday, Digital Bites published and we talked about the Black Ink Crosswords puzzle, managing your iOS storage and new laptops with tactile dots.

On Friday, we started publishing Jaws Tips.

Thanks to Marcy for that.

And Friday’s episode was “decrease and increase Jaws speech rate during Say All.”

On Thursday, @YourFingerTips with Chris published a content about Braille business cards, Post-it notes and some other information that you’ll want to check out.

And then of course we have the Shell Phone Show and Tuesday’s replay call.

So that’s what we have right now, Sheila.

Do we have any hands?

We do.

Area code 417, ending in 192.

Can you unmute and tell us who you are, please?

Hi, guys.

This is Brittany from Missouri.

Hi, Brittany.


I have a question today regarding Find My Friends on the iOS devices.

My father-in-law has a brain injury and he’s, I think, almost 70.

And we have been wanting to use Find My Friends for a couple of years now.

And every time we implement it, he gets to the part where he’s going through his text messages and he deletes it because, you know, I’m in Missouri, he’s in Iowa, you know, it’s not necessary to keep on his messages.

And then the next thing you know, we can’t track him any longer.

So I know there’s a way because I have other people that in my family and our networks that we track that we don’t necessarily have messages with.

And I just can’t figure out how to do it.

So I was reaching out for help.


So I’ll take this one on Brittany.

If you can get on to your father-in-law’s phone, is that a possibility?

Do you have access to the phone itself?


I don’t know if I’m, like I said, I’m in Missouri, he’s in Iowa, but somebody can get on to it.

So yeah.

So if you can go into the phone itself, open the Find My Application, there’s an add button that you would tap on and they find my application.

I’m looking at it right here.

And when you tap on that, it’ll ask you to enter the phone number, pick a contact or email address of who you want to share it with.

And when you do that, it doesn’t necessarily, I believe it will send a message for the person to confirm, but once you confirm, you can go into your Find My Application and then tap on the people app icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

And the lower middle half of the screen will give you a list of the people that you are following with their current location and the last time that it was updated.



So keeping track of the whole message thing, you know, it wouldn’t be bypass, correct?


If you had a message, it would still be in your Find My App.


Thank you so much, Michael.

That truly helps a lot.

No worries.

Thanks a lot, baby.

Take care.


Hey, Janet.

You’re still muted, Janet.

I got a junk call and I was trying to get rid of it when you called my name.

I wish my screen reader would bring me a beer and make me lunch.


Well, thanks for that and appreciate it, Janet.



Hey, Teresa.

This won’t be as hilarious as the other two, but I wish the screen reader could tell you if you held up an object that we could tell you what it is, what color something is, what denomination and money you’re holding.

I know the FSA 5 does all that, but if you have a job screen reader, I wish you could do that.

Maybe try playing with Be My Eyes, the new version.

It’s pretty good when the AI section identifies a lot of stuff for you.

It’s pretty good, actually.

Oh, it does?


I have to check that out.

There’s a new AI tab.

So if you check that and then you point your camera at something with that app open, and once you open up the AI section, you take a picture of something or you can point it, like, for example, like in a room, if you stand at a doorway in a room you’ve never been in, and it will do the best that it can to identify all the things that are in that room or on a table or it’ll identify something in a picture for you.

It’s really cool.

You should try it.

But Teresa, thank you for that suggestion because that is a good piece of feedback for screen reader manufacturers, is you’d like object recognition built into it.



Now I’m not undermining the hilarious answers that the other two people asked.

No but it’s a practical thing, so we appreciate that, Teresa.

Did you have a question today?

On my iPod touch, yesterday I was trying to use the OneTap mobile to get onto a Zoom call.

Not the approached one, but just another one.

And it got stuck and it didn’t do anything.

It didn’t move, it didn’t put me in exit out, it just got stuck.

So I think I know what’s going on.

If I understand correctly, you tried to use the OneTouch dialing on your iPod Touch to join a Zoom call.

Is that correct?

That is correct.

So the iPod Touch doesn’t have the ability to actually make phone calls, it’s just a Wi-Fi device.

So you would have to have used the Zoom link to join the Zoom call and not the OneTouch dialing.

And that’s why it just got stuck and didn’t do anything because it couldn’t make a phone call, which is what you were asking it to do.


Okay, now how do I get unstuck?

So if it’s still stuck?

I was trying to go through the email, you know, I saw the call listed in the email of Cindy’s and Adele’s and Belinda’s, you know, when one of them does the daily schedule.

I was trying to get out of that, so I just checked out their email and that’s where it quote unquote got stuck.


So in that case, what I would do is double press the home button.

So press the home button twice.

That’ll take you to the app switcher, find the mail icon and flick up to dismiss and that would close the mail app and then you can reopen mail.


Sometimes it’d be helpful to restart the device as well.

I thought about that too.


So there you go, Trisa.

Thanks a lot for your input today.

Okay, thank you.


Who do we got next?

I know that sounds very elementary to say that but that’s how it was able to.

No worries.

Well, thanks for your feedback there.

You’re welcome.


Hey Beth.

Hey, yeah, yeah, the clips, I’m seeing it through zoom.

That was, you know, the zoom call.

That was cool.

Yeah, I was wondering like you mentioned Be My Eyes, that AI.

Would that be able to read better with something can?

Because I have trouble with seeing AI than reading the text when it says text recognition and sometimes the product, it would make those like ringing sounds but it would say text not recognized.

You could, you could, you, if you wanted to read something, the best way to do that is to put whatever it is you’re trying to read flat, you know, and try and get a picture of the whole entire paper or document, whatever it is you’re trying to get to read.

Like a can like that.

What’s that Beth?

Like a can like that.

That’s kind of like more cylinder shape.

Like a can.

Yeah, I mean, sometimes it’s a gets a little bit difficult.

But if you’re trying to get it to like read a document, you would be better to use an OCR scanner type of a scanner instead of the image, you know, in in the Be My AI, because it’s meant to more grab the text and turn it into OCR and then be able to read it to you where Be My AI is more for like identifying objects or things around you.

It could read text too, but it just isn’t going to do it the same as an OCR scanner document app that would be made for that specifically.

What’s OCR?

What’s text recognition?

Yeah, makes it so your screen reader can read to you the information that’s on the paper, the text basically takes the text and turns it into digital so that your device could read it to you.

So that’s on the CNAI.

Yeah, because I I use the, you know, text recognition on there.

And it doesn’t always read it reads numbers that reads like the calories and I want the name of the you know, what I’m, you know, if I’m looking for some kind of beads, because that takes me forever to be able to find what I want.

So Beth, I’ll give you a tip that I learned and then we will go on to the next hand because I do see we have a few that might help you with that experience.

So you can use OCR like Marty was mentioning, which is optical character recognition or text scanning.

But if you use seeing AI, and you’re using the products channel, so you’re trying to scan for the barcode to get the name and you hear that beep and it gets faster and then it just stops beeping.

If that’s been the case, the best way to find a barcode is if you feel around the can and you find the seam where the paper comes together.

Oh, opposite of that is typically where the barcode is located.

And so if you put that seam down on the table or the counter, this is how I do it.

I put the seam down on the counter, and then I hold my phone about six to eight inches above the can because the opposite side should be showing the barcode.

And then I’ll slowly rotate the can and move my phone until it locks in on that signal.

And that might help you with being able to do it.

Just remember to put that seam down on the counter and then use your phone and see if you’re able to find that barcode.

That doesn’t say text not recognize.

That’s what it says.

If it’s saying text not recognized, then you’re not on the barcode scanner.

If it’s saying barcode not recognized, then you are and it’s not recognizing it.

But if it’s saying specifically text not recognized, then you’re not on the products channel and you need to change the channel to products.

Oh, okay.

All right.

Thanks, Beth.

Sounds good.



Hey, Jane.


So a couple of questions.

One is, well, I’m trying to send, I’m having issues with streaming and audio hijack or whatever.

And the developer says just take a screenshot.

How do I take a couple of different screenshots I can take?

What is it and how do I do it?


So what I would do in this case and someone else more familiar with the Mac might have more input on this.

And I’m looking at Brad because he may have a different opinion/idea.

But I use VOF2F2, which then brings up my window chooser.

And I make sure all the windows are closed that I don’t necessarily want in the screenshot.

And then the keystroke that I would use is command shift three.

And that adds a screenshot to your desktop and pops up a markup window.

Tap escape to dismiss that window.

And then on your desktop will be a screenshot of the currently active window.


And then I also noticed that whenever I call voicemail sometimes, the Siri voice and to answer on other people’s iPhones, how do I do that with mine?

So I take it if I am correct, you probably have a custom greeting that you have recorded.


Yes, but I want the Siri voice.

So you need to go into your voicemail and then go to your greetings.

And I don’t remember the name of the option, but it’s not custom greeting.

I believe it’s standard greeting is what it says.

And when you switch to that, then the Siri voice should answer.

If it doesn’t go to your settings and then your phone application and enable the ability to read what people are leaving as voicemails.

I can find the exact terminology if you need to.


Thanks, Jane.

Who do we got next, Sheila?


Hey, Pam.


To complicate, this is for Beth and I hear her frustration about the barcodes and trying to figure out whether that can is beans or fruit cocktails.

Big difference.

Big difference.

Sometimes, well, for me, the products I use very frequently, the barcode is not opposite to the scene.

So if you are our own product in seeing AI, then try first rolling the can so that the steam is straight up and move your thing around a little bit, your phone around just a little bit and the thing will start beeping and it’ll be faster and faster.

And then hopefully it will actually sort of begin to recognize the barcode and it will go into that little jazzy little punet place that I think is so cool.

It makes me smile.

And it will do that.

And it will, if it recognizes the barcode, it will read it to you if there is more info such as you’ve got a product that has cooking instructions or prep, preparation, whatever, or serving suggestions or whatever.

You can double-tab on more info and it’ll give you all that information.

But you do have to kind of roll that can around in order to find the barcode and to get the barcode you go to product.

And personally, I have found that there are other apps that have barcode readers and I have tried several, but the one in being AI is to me it works the absolute best.

And if all else fails, I mean you’ve tried everything, go to Be My Eyes and call a volunteer.

They’re not going to be able to read the barcode, but they are going to be able to tell you that they’ll say roll the can around to your left or to your right or whatever.

They will be able to tell you whether that is beans or fruit cocktail.

I appreciate that Pam.

You’re welcome.

I don’t think I want fruit cocktail in my soup.

Thank you.

No, probably not.

Probably wouldn’t be a good taste.

More beans in my fruit salad.


Thanks a lot Pam.

Thanks Pam.

Thank you.


Can you hear me?

We can hear you.


I’m having a lot of trouble.

In fact, I just can’t get into webinars anymore.

I don’t know if it’s that I haven’t been in one or a while and it’s canceled me or what, I just make the biggest mess when I try to get into a webinar and I can’t do it.

When you first get to the login window, you know how you click the link?

Then it pops up and you’re supposed to put your email and your name.


I understand that, but the problem I’m having is like your last name or something to my last name.

Well, when you put that in, then how do you get to the next place to put your last name in?

I mean, do you tap the top of the phone first and then flick or do you just flick or what?

You could do a, are you on an iPhone?


You could do a single finger swipe to the right and it takes you to the next thing.

So I think I understand where Ann’s running into an issue.

So Ann, if you tap on the name and it shows the keyboard at the bottom, you’re wondering how do you move that keyboard to the next field?

Is that correct?

No, I usually tap at the top of the keyboard and I’m just, I’m not getting in at all.

I’m just making a mess.


So that’s what you might want to try is in the bottom right hand corner of your keyboard between the dictate button and the delete button.

So it’s going to be on the right edge of your space bar.

There might be a done or next button that you can tap on.

So you would double tap if using voiceover and that should take you to the next field.

And then when you filled everything out, that should turn into a done or go button.

And when you tap on that, it should launch the webinar.

Have you tried that by chance?

Oh, I didn’t know about that.

So you prep, like I put my first name in and then I go to the bottom of the phone at the right and look for a done button.

It’ll, it’ll, it’ll probably actually say next.

And so it’s in the bottom right hand corner.

If you tap on that, then it will say email edit field and you put in your email and then it’ll probably say done or go.

And if you tap on that, then it should open zoom after your information is filled out.

I used to be able to do it, but I guess because I hadn’t been to one in a while, it canceled or something.

I don’t know.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but try that and see if that gets you into a webinar.

There is always the one touch dial in for webinars if necessary.

I think that’ll help you out with getting in there, Ann.


I’ll try it.


Thanks a lot.



All right.


Hey, Hazel.

How are you?

You’re still muted, Hazel.


We’ll come back to her.



One thing I wanted to tell everybody and I’ll tell people on the e-reader this afternoon, but and I don’t have one of these devices, but I wanted to make everybody aware.

One of my friends yesterday was earlier was trying to get Spanish.

You know, these tutors, tutorials in Spanish and things like that are from NLS.

They’re not showing up on the e-readers.


So you’re saying that your friend was trying to get Spanish tutorials and they’re not showing up on the e-readers.

They’re not showing up at all on the e-readers.

What she had to do was she had to go into her Victor reader stream, get them all on the Victor reader stream through an SD card and then transfer them from the SD card to the e-readers.

And did she let her local library know?

Do you know?

I think she’s going to have to because the problem is they’re not showing up on the e-reader.


That is my recommendation is make sure that she lets her local library know so they can look into see what’s going on and figuring out why they’re not showing up.

And that’ll be the best resolution for you and her.


Oh, thank you, Stacy.

They’re not showing up on the e-reader.


And unfortunately I don’t have access to that.

That’s why I say reach out to her local library and they can investigate why they’re not showing up on the e-reader.


All right.

Thanks, Stacy.

Sheila, who do we got next?

I’m going to give Hazel a little tip.

Hazel, I see you’ve lowered your hand.

If it said that I wasn’t allowing you to unmute, you haven’t gotten the okay or the got it button.

So I would recommend you go out and come back in.



Well, what happened is a stupid thing.

Oh, there you are unmuted.


Hi, Hazel.

Hazel, go ahead.


Stupid thing keeps losing focus.

That’s what happens.

And then I have to…

Oh, terrible.

Oh, it’s aggravating.

Anyway, my question is about webinars.

And I’m using Windows 11 and JAWS.

And lately, I don’t know if something’s changed, but lately I have been having trouble trying to get these things added to my Outlook calendar.

When I get the confirmation, it’ll say add to calendar.

And I go down and I choose the Outlook calendar.

And then it will put it in my downloads folder.

And I press the control J to get to it.

And then I’ll press the applications key and go down to open.

And when I find that Outlook calendar is selected, I go to import and I press enter on import.

And it says that it is imported, but it isn’t.

And I keep having to do it.

I’ll have to do it two or three times because sometimes it’ll put me on a browse thing.

And if I choose browse, it just goes to other places on the computer, not where I need to be.

So I have to do it like two or three times.

Sometimes I have to actually go into the downloads folder from my desktop, open it up that way, and then go down through all of those things that are there, which are not in alphabetical order and find it and press enter on it from there.

It’s really crazy.

Yeah, it sounds like it’s kind of a mess.

I’m going to be fully transparent with you.

I haven’t used Outlook calendar, and that’s actually something I’m learning over the next couple of weeks.

What I would do if I was in this situation and it kept doing this is next time you have a webinar invite that you’re trying to add to your Outlook calendar, call the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk and I can give you their phone number.

And they can remote into your computer and see exactly what’s going on and why it’s not adding it to your Outlook calendar immediately.

I think it’s probably just something is popping up because it sounds like it does it sometimes, but it’s not consistent with when it adds.

Is that correct?

That’s right.

I never know what it is that actually makes it work.

Yeah, so if you have a way to take down a phone number, I can give you this.

I have it, but I took a friend of mine and he said, “Oh, they’re no ill.”

He was doing and he tried with the same link I had and he had no problem.

Yeah, I would reach out to Microsoft and just tell me, “Hey, here’s the issue that I’m having.

Can you look at what’s going on when I’m trying to add it?”

And what they’ll do is they’ll jump on your computer remotely and have you add it so they can see exactly what’s going on.

Okay, I will reach out to us if you have any other questions and have a great day.

Who do we got next, Sheila?


Hey, Lynn.


Hey, Lynn.

How’s it going?


How are you guys?

Good, good.

Thank you.


Thanks for answering all our questions again today.

Appreciate it.

No problem.

So I wish that my screen reader, so I have a new keyboard as in a music keyboard, not a typing keyboard.

And I wish that it would help me identify all these buttons because there’s like a million of them.

That’s what I wish my screen reader would do.

Anyway, my question is, I have thousands of text messages on my phone, and unfortunately, I need to keep some of them so I can’t just delete everything without looking first.

And I can’t figure out how to easily get to the top of a conversation thread.

How do I do that?

Are you shocked?

Oh, go ahead, Michael.

I want to try something real quick because so what you can do is if you put your finger on the status bar and what I do is I put my finger on the status bar and then I double tap with another finger twice.

And then it says page one of 26 in this message thread.

If I do that again, it’ll say page one of 36.

And then I wait a second.

And then I put my finger on the top of the status bar and I double tap with another finger.

And now it says page one of 48.

So what’s happening is it has to load this message thread.

And so I have like this conversation thread that I’m in has has messages from 2016.

And so it takes forever for it to load.

So what you can do also, and I’m trying it right now, is if you hold your finger on the status bar, and you wait about two seconds, and then you just tap another finger on the screen that page one of X.

So right now it says page one of 94.

So as you can hear, it’s going up.

So if I tap another finger says one of 95.

So and now it’s one of 104.

So hopefully that helps you a little bit.

And you just have to keep waiting.

So it’s going to load all those messages.

And that can take a little while.

And one other thing I will tell you, which is a little bit confusing with messages, opposed to everything else like email and things like that.

The most current message in the body of the message is actually at the furthest bottom, not the top.

Unlike an email, you go all the way to the top.

So right, you want to go to the bottom to go to the most recent message that would be there.

In the bottom, I want to go to the top of the messages, because sometimes I have a message that says, Hey, I’ll send you the phone number for such and such in the next message.

And then I don’t know what the if I’m reading from the bottom, I don’t always know what that phone number was because sometimes people don’t put in, you know, what the phone number was for.

I mean, just because they’re they expect you to get rid of the message in the same day, which is logical.

And I should have done that.

But you know, anyway, that’s one thing.

One last thing to let you go, because you mentioned it with your screen reader, and then we’ll go on to that next hand is if you take a picture with your smartphone of your keyboard, hold your phone about eight to 12 inches from your keyboard.

And you can use multiple tools, including the be my AI, which Marty mentioned earlier, and they can you really, yep, it’ll give you a description of the keys that it sees.

And if it doesn’t tell you what the keys are, there’s an option that says ask more.

If you tap on that, then it pops up a keyboard and you can say, please describe the keys to me from left to right.

Jaws also in the picture smart feature has the ability to send an image to an AI.

Unfortunately, you can’t ask questions of the image.

But in this case, since you’re an iPhone user, I would recommend checking out be my AI with your keyboard and see how it describes it to you.


Well, thank you.

You know, this is a good question, because then you can you can educate people as to how they can do the things they want to do.

This is pretty cool.


No worries.

Thank you.

All right.

Yep, you too.

Thank you.

I want to cut 303 ending in 935.

I think it’s Petra.

I want to jump in here really quick and just remind everyone the question of the day, which is what do you wish your screener would do that it doesn’t currently do?

For those of you who maybe weren’t here for the announcements at the beginning, and you can be creative.

So go ahead.

Well, hi.

Yes, it is Petra.

How are you guys?

I know you’re good.

Thank you.

How are you Petra?

Your help is really so appreciated you.


I had a couple of comments.

One is that there’s a wonderful app that I got years ago, called digitize.

And that is old.

One thing it does do is read barcodes and it’s pretty good.

And yes, I agree with Pam, I find most of my barcodes on the side with the steam, just to the left of the seam at the bottom of the can.

But now I know to turn the can over and try the other side if I don’t find it there.

The other tip that they told me is that if you go shopping with anyone, when you’re shopping, if you take a roll of clear scotch tape, they can put tape over where the barcode is and the barcode readers can read through the clear tape.

And that gives you a marker on the can or the package to know where the barcode is when you’re home and alone.

The other tip that I have is I don’t know how I’m sure you guys know, but maybe other callers don’t.

There’s a free app that’s put out by the US Treasury Department called Inote.

And Inote identifies US currency and will tell you whether you’re looking at the front or the back, which for me doesn’t matter.

But all my cited friends want the money facing front.

That app will actually tell you what it is and whether you’ve got it front or back.

And I really don’t know what I want my screen reader to do because I’m not sophisticated enough to figure it out.

I have trouble with what it does already.

Well, I’m sure you’ll come up with something at some point.


Thank you very much, Petra.

All right, Erica 951, ending in 288.

Can you tell us who you are, please?

Yeah, hello.

Can you hear me?

We can hear you.

Okay, it’s Evelyn.

I got a couple of questions about the blind shell.


Okay, when you do a full backup, do you have to go to restore data before you restart the phone?


So when you do a full backup, when it tells you that the task has completed, then your phone is backed up.

You can go and restart your phone.

You go to restore data after you reset your phone or if you get a new phone and that will take the latest backup and put it back on your phone like you haven’t reset it.

Does that make sense?



If you have, if you already have it like on an SD card or flash drive, you mean?


When you do a backup, it’s going to copy that backup to the SD card or to a flash drive.



And then another question, what is the difference between the factory reset and the system one?

So the factory reset resets the blind shell to what it was like with the latest software update and none of your personal data, the system reinstall it, you have to, it’s typically used for service individuals.

And what you have to do is get a file from blind shell and then reinstall the operating system.

I don’t know that that file is available publicly.

So what I’d recommend doing is just doing the factory reset.


Thank you, Evelyn.


Have a beautiful day.

Who do we got next year?




Hello, everyone.

How are you guys doing?




Thank you.

I have experienced a not so good behavior in iOS 17.4.1 today.

And just ahead, this may involve reaching out to Apple accessibility and your local talk and book library because there is an issue now with the NLS Braille eReader not displaying the information correctly on from what voiceover is reading in what you’re trying to read, what voiceover has outputted out on the Braille display.

I have attempted to do a restart of the iPhone and also attempted to do a reboot of the NLS Braille eReader human wear Braille display.

That seems to solve the problem.

And if it continues again, this is where both Apple accessibility and the Braille and book library is going to have to come into play again.

Well, yeah.

So appreciate you letting us know about that, Nolan.

And you’re right.

It sounds like you have a plan.

If it does come back up, I would definitely reach out to your local library and they can help you with some tech support and let you know if you need to reach out to Apple accessibility as well.

So thanks a lot for that.

You’re welcome.

I just thought I would let everybody know if you see that issue, be aware.

All right.

Thanks a lot.

Who do we got next, Marty?

I mean, Sheila.

Hey, Lisa.

Hey, Lisa.

How are you?

I’m well, thank you.

My eyeballs all of them.

I’m like, who’s that?

I have a question on my phone.

I have downloads.

You know, I download stuff and I have stuff from my taxes and I don’t know how to access it.

Can you please help me how I access downloads on an iPhone 15 Pro?

Where are you?

So was this an email or how did you get the original documentation?

I know I’d be on a website or something and something to that effect.

And it says download.

I download it, but I can’t find it.

And I have downloads saved to my cloud, to the iCloud.

So my downloads do get I did find that out when I went to settings and I went to I went to downloads and it says it’s saving it to my iCloud, but I don’t know how to access it.

What version of phone do you have just out of curiosity?

iPhone 15 Pro.

There’s actually an app which a lot of people don’t know about, which is a stock app that comes on your phone called files and people don’t really know about it.

But it’s like a file.


Is there a downloads folder in there that it puts those attachments into that downloads folder?

You know what?

And that would also sync with your cloud, by the way.

Oh, okay.

I didn’t think hold on.

I’m kind of if I can.

Something’s This is old.

No, this is not related.

Something says downloads.

But it says error.

Coming up with error.

So I’m not sure exactly what’s going on where I would go in this though is if you go to your files app, which it sounds like you’re there in the bottom right hand corner, there should be a button that says browse.

If you don’t find browse in the bottom right hand corner, then there should be a back button in the top left hand corner.

If you go back, you do the browse.

Yeah, browse and then oh, go ahead.

I’m sorry.

So if you tap on browse, then that brings you to a list of all of your locations.

There’s iCloud Drive and on my iPhone and mine has Dropbox too because I have Dropbox set up.

So where I would go if I were you is I would tap on on my iPhone and see if the downloads you’re looking for are there.

If they’re not, then I would go to the back button in the top left hand corner, tap on iCloud Drive, and then tap on downloads and see if the downloads are there. iCloud doesn’t show up a download comes up.

But I have to see you know how and what I have to go through them to see if the most recent one is in there.

So that’s where I would start looking to go ahead and take a look there and let us know if you have any other questions.

You know, I so appreciate that something so simple is to go to files and then go to downloads.

Thank you so much.

No worries.

No problem.

Good luck to you.

Thank you.

All right, Diane Duchamp.

Hey, Diane.

Hey, guys.

How are you?


How are you?


So I have a zoom question and I was using my iPhone to schedule a zoom meeting because I have all the contacts in there.

So I’m at the point where I’m inviting in attendee attendees.

And as soon as I put one in and I try to put somebody else in it deletes the first one.

So what am I doing wrong?

How do you put multiple attendees to one zoom meeting?

So I will need to play with zoom on the iPhone.

Let me ask you when you’re done adding a contact, what do you do?

I’ve tried multiple things.

Well, first of all, there’s no semicolon button.

There’s no simple and simple.

There is.

You got to go into the you have two options and numbers and then symbols.

I did.

I went into symbols and there wasn’t anything there.

There was not a semicolon to be found.

I’m going to look and see if I can find one.

So I thought there was one, but now I’m second guessing myself.

So I’m going to look and see if I can find one.

So I tried spacing.

I tried hitting return and nothing was allowing me to put in a separate person.

I had to send everybody a separate invite.

OK, so I was just doing a quick test with my zoom.

And what I ended up doing is when I tapped on.

So I’m in the meeting.

I have the meeting topic and then I have the start and the duration, all that fun stuff.

And then you get to attendees and it says none.

If I double tap on attendees, it says search by name and then I’m going to put in your name right here.

So if I put I type in D.I.A. and it finds you actually it didn’t because I don’t have your email address.

That’s interesting.

So if I if I find someone’s name and I what I did is I tapped on it and then that added them.

And then do you see the other like other people’s names there or is the issue trying to add someone that’s names not there?

Because I can just double tap on each of the names and it changes from not selected to selected.

What I did was I got attendees thing and then it said something like send by message or send by email.

So I clicked on send by email and then an email field.

So you know, I understand the setting is what you’re doing and the two blocks.

So I would put in like the first person.

His name is Josh.

So I would J.O.S.H.


He would pop up.

So tap on his name.

The next person was Amy.


So I would start to try to put her in and I couldn’t because when I put her in it deleted Josh.

Try pressing enter before you put her in.

So after you tap on Josh, hit enter in the bottom right hand corner underneath the delete button and then try typing Amy and see if that lets you do it.

Well I thought I did try that and it didn’t work, but I could try it all again.

Yeah I’ll play with you.

I was just wondering if you guys had a magic.


That would be my magic thing that I would try there.

I do have an answer to your semicolon issue though.

I did not actually find one on the keyboard itself.

I still am perturbed by like why can’t we find a semicolon.

But what I did do was I hit the dictate button and said semicolon and it stuck it in there.

So you might want to try that.


All right.

That is worth a try.

But it is strange that there’s none on the keyboard itself.

Yeah but it’s funny that you can say it and it will actually put it in there.


So try that.

If you get to where you need to stick a semicolon there, hit the dictate button, say semicolon and then end the dictate and at least you’ll get the semicolon in there.


I will give that a try.

All right.

Thank you very much.

Good luck.

Thank you.

All right.



All right.

Belle Juliana.

Hey Belle.


Hey Belle.

How are you?


How do you record?

Well first of all I better answer the question.

I would love for my screen reader to conveniently read PDF files.

You just can’t believe what I go through when I get PDF files.

I guess they’re scanned in or something.

I don’t know what the problem is but boy I mean some of them I cannot read no matter what I do unless I go to my iPhone and I can kind of read them that way.

I mean it’s kind of hard for me to do but anyway that’s the thing I would love to have.

So then how do you record on the iPhone?

Just audio.

Yeah but I mean yeah but I mean yeah.

Say I’m listening to something or you know can I record how do you do that?

You would use the voice memos app and then you can record you know if you’re somewhere and you want to record something or if you want to talk into it and record your voice that’s how you would do it.


What about something really long like?

Well you could you could literally like you say like there’s something you wanted to record you can hit the record button and just put your phone down and let it start listening and it’ll record whatever it is you wanted to whatever is in the room whatever audio or anything like that or your own voice.

The only thing I would say is you’re going to have to be careful that you don’t fill up your hard drive on your phone.

Where is the record button?

Once you open up voice memos it’s going to be right there when you open up the voice memos you can hit the record button and it will start recording.

OK thanks.

Yeah no problem.

All right we’re getting close to 10 minutes.

Lady A is after us so you’ve got seven hands.


So area code 9 7 0 ending in 8 7 4.

Please tell us who you are.

Hi this is Catherine.

I asked this question before my dial-a-write advisory board has changed to Teams instead of Zoom.

And so is there a way to get a list of phone numbers instead of because I can’t access it on the blind shell teams.

It would have to come from whoever is making the invitation for the Teams meeting.

Oh for the phone numbers?


They’d have to provide it?

Like whenever you get a Zoom you know when you get a Zoom email and they give you the links to get in but they also give you phone numbers to call as well.

That comes from whoever created the event.

So whoever is creating the event needs to send all the links to be able to log in as well as phone numbers from someone chooses to call in instead of use a device you know with the link either the computer or the device with a link.

Oh OK.

I’ll ask them then.

And then my other quick question is can I get instructions on how to back up my blind shell phone because I’m having I’m going to have to switch to a new blind shell phone because my wiring got baptized about 10 months ago while I was in the RCPP hospital.

So it’s failing.

Are you subscribed to the Shellphone show?

Yes I am.

If you go back and look at some of the previous episodes I believe it was September or October I walked you through how to back up your blind shell classic too.

Oh wonderful.


Thank you Michael.

Do I need to provide the IMA I can never say that right.

I mean I can for the number.

Do I need to provide that?

I recommend providing that to your cell phone carrier but need to is probably a strong term.

Oh so yes.



You don’t need to but you should.

Oh OK.

I will do that then.

Thank you so much for your help.

Thanks Catherine.

I’ll check that out.


Hey Scott.


The semicolon can be found or at least this is how I found it by going into the notes app and as if I were going to create a new note so I can bring up a text field.

If you look if you are on the lower left corner and you’ve got you’ve got the where it says letter you choose letters numbers and so on.

If you choose numbers the semicolon is immediately below the number four.

If you go like start at the number row the semicolon is immediately four until they’re just to the right of the colon.


And I think that placement might be slightly different when it’s showing the email keyboard which is zoom is showing.


See that’s OK.


Well thank you Scott.

That’s pretty unfortunate.

That’s kind of unfortunate if you ask me but you know they set up the different keyboard layout is a little different for each for each app.

You know that’s good.

I did pull up a text message to open up for typing and did what you just said and the semicolon is there.

So that’s cool.


Thank you Scott.

Appreciate it.

I’d offer that.

All right.

Thanks Scott.

Appreciate it.

Area code 502 ending in 382.

I think that’s a Kentucky area.

Thank you.

This is Terry Turlock and I have a question about the blind shell phone.

When I looked at it about six months ago deleting an email required four or five steps and I wonder if the email app has been worked on since then or is that process still I found it quite cumbersome.

Thank you.

That process has not changed.

Do you use the second half of your email address.

Is it a Gmail account or an outlook at outlook at Gmail.

What is the second half of your email.

Mine is a Gmail.

So do you use a computer also by chance.

Well oh yeah no this was I was trying to help someone learn to do email with the blind shell and we gave up because it was just too complicated to do all the five steps from her.

So I was hoping there was a simpler way.

It has not changed at this time Terry.

Great question.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you.

All right.

And hey and.

You’ve got about three minutes.

Can you hear me.

Yeah we can hear you.


I’m in mess in messages text messages when you’re in a thread and you want to delete a message but not the whole thread.

How do you do it.

I’d have to figure that out.

I’m not sure I ever even tried to do that.

I’d have to figure that out and try and get back to you unless Michael do you know.

So yes if you highlight a message and then flick up to more and double tap this will select that message and put you in a multi select window where you can go through and wait a minute you go you open messages to the one that you want to delete.



And then you flick up to more.

So you touch the message you want to delete.

So you open the message thread touch the message you want to delete flick up to more and double tap.

This puts you in a screen with that message selected and you can select more messages if you would like.

But in the lower left hand corner is a delete button double tap that and that’ll delete all of the selected messages that you’ve selected.

Even if you just want to delete one it will just delete.

Well delete the entire thread.

Nope it’ll just delete that one that’s selected.

Oh OK.

I’ll try it.


Thanks a lot.

And I think we need to wrap it up.

So Marty you want to go in.


We have a hard deadline today because we have something right after us.

So we want to thank everyone for being here as usual.

We’ll be back next week same time.

And if you have any questions comments or anything like that you can email us at feedback at unmute dot show.

And if you want to check out what we’re doing and everything else going on you can check out our website at unmute dot show.

And everyone have a great week and we’ll see you next time.

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