Community Replay for 9 April

Read transcript AI Transcript: This has been an ACB Community Call. Today’s Unmute Presents Community Call was hosted on Tuesday, 9 April, 2024. Hello everyone and welcome back to another Unmute. As usual, we’ve got a couple of announcements here at the top. I want to remind everyone we’re going to go through all first … Read more

At Your Fingertips: Braille business cards, Post-it notes, and displays

In this episode of At Your Fingertips, Braille Then and Now Chris delves into the significance of Braille accessibility through exploration of Braille business cards and innovative products. Insights are shared on finding Braille business cards via platforms like Etsy and the Braille Superstore, underlining their affordability and accessibility for visually impaired individuals. Unique Braille … Read more

ACB Community replay for two April

In this episode, we addressed audience inquiries on various topics related to text input preferences, message sending between iPhone and Android devices, enlarging keyboard size on Android, accessing SoundCloud on iPhone, finding micro Bluetooth transmitters, and recommendations for Bluetooth devices. Tips were shared on setting up messaging settings, troubleshooting message delivery errors, and exploring different … Read more

Unmute Presents – Thomas Domville

Today, Marty spoke with Thomas Donville from AppleViz about his tech journey from COBOL programming to network administration, facing challenges post-vision loss in 2005, and his role at AppleViz. Thomas highlighted the limited accessibility tools available, challenges working with servers, and the community-driven nature of AppleViz. He also shared podcasting equipment recommendations and AppleViz’s expansion … Read more

CSUN Recap with Special Guests

Marty, Michael, John, Chris, and Patrick reflect on their experiences at the CSUN tech conference, emphasizing the prevalence of AI in assistive technologies and the importance of networking with industry professionals. They discuss innovations like Glidance for individuals with visual impairments, Envision’s new assistant tool, and Aira for visual interpretation services. The team explores OKO … Read more

COmmunity Replay for 26 March, 2024

You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit to learn more about what is up coming. Send us your feedback online: This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-e4dc67 for 40% off for 4 months, … Read more

Digital Bytes – EP7 – Scanning SPotlight Travel Hardware

In this episode, We explore SimpleScan, a user-friendly iOS scanning app by Agile Tortoise, ideal for visually impaired users. We also discuss iOS 17’s efficient search feature and share travel accessory recommendations from traveling to the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. Magnetic cable ties and a multi-port charging station streamline organization and device management on the … Read more

Katie Talks Travel – Flight Tips

In this episode of Katie Talks Travel, we delve into Chris’s firsthand experiences as a visually impaired traveler who will be traveling with a guide dog. Chris, an advocate for braille education, shares practical tips on using technology during travel like the Aira app and techniques for managing electronics efficiently. The conversation underscores the importance … Read more

Community Replay for 19 March, 2024

You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit to learn more about what is up coming. Send us your feedback online: This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-e4dc67 for 40% off for 4 months, … Read more

Digital Bytes – EP6 – gestures, music, and Hable

Explore customizing phone gestures for seamless navigation and accessibility, even without physical buttons. Learn to identify songs with Siri and discover the intuitive Hable One remote control. Master its gestures and Braille-like commands for efficient device interaction, enhancing accessibility and functionality.

The Zoom essentials line

Explore the Zoom H Essentials line with Marty, Michael, and Chris. They discuss features of Zoom H1, H4, and H6 recorders, comparing sizes, buttons, and functionalities. Highlights include user-friendly designs, external microphone connectivity, and upcoming capsule options for H6. Best for students, Zoom H1e is recommended. Visit for more information.

Community replay from 12 March

In our recent Unmute Presents Community Call, we discussed mutual respect, upcoming events like MacBytes with Bits, and the efficiency of scanner apps on different devices. The conversation included insights on podcast episodes, scanning preferences, troubleshooting in Reaper, music production queries, and tech-related discussions. We shared recommendations on scanning apps, printers, and addressed accessibility challenges, … Read more

At Your Fingertips – episode two braille then and now!

Join us as we explore Braille greeting cards and grade three Braille in this episode of “At Your Fingertips, Braille Then and Now.” Discover DIY tips for creating Braille cards, sources for purchasing them, and the efficiency of grade three Braille in note-taking. Stay connected for more insightful discussions on Braille.

Digital Bytes – OKO, Voiceover Focus, and JBL Clip 3

In this podcast episode, we introduce the innovative OCO app, powered by AI to aid individuals in interpreting crosswalk signals where audible cues are lacking. The app’s intuitive interface and functionality are demonstrated, showcasing how the back-facing camera can provide audio feedback on pedestrian signals in real time. Additionally, we offer valuable advice on optimizing … Read more

Computers For The Blind

Brian and Marcy highlight Computers for the Blind, an organization founded by Robert Langford to provide affordable computers to blind individuals. With over 18,000 computers delivered, they offer partnerships with companies and detailed application processes. The computers come loaded with essential software and training classes, aiming to empower users with assistive technology. Brian shares his … Read more

Community Replay for 27 FEB, 2024

Join us in this engaging community call every Tuesday with Marty on ACB Media 5 or Clubhouse, exploring the world of earbuds and headphones. From earbud reviews to phone reset tips, we delve into personal experiences and preferences, from wired to Bluetooth options. Discover the importance of comfort, functionality, and practicality in selecting the perfect … Read more

DIgital Bytes – Due Restart Earbuds

In this episode, We discussed the ‘Due’ reminder application’s features and user interface, highlighting its efficient task and reminder management. We also shared tech tips on new Siri commands for restarting devices via voice commands, enhancing device management with convenience. Additionally, We unboxed and reviewed the Raycon everyday earbuds, detailing their packaging, physical attributes, sound … Read more

Community Replay for 20 Feb, 2024

Tune in every Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on ACB Community for live tech Q&A. In this episode, we cover updates on the First Unmute Club launch, podcast reviews, and listener questions on using Teams, SuperSense, and microphones for podcasting. We discuss tech training needs for visually impaired users, AI integration in iOS 18, … Read more

Digital Bytes – EP2 – Food, calendar, and open earbuds

Join us in this episode of Digital Bytes where we delve into a range of tech topics. Chris introduces the Paprika recipe management app, showcasing its efficiency in simplifying recipe saving by removing unnecessary information from websites. Demonstrating how effortless it is to save and organize recipes with Paprika. Marty offers a quick tip on … Read more

Katie Talks Passports

In this episode, we discuss passports with expert insights from a travel agent specializing in accessible travel. We cover the importance of having a passport, the application process, safety precautions, and the significance of working with travel agents. Tune in for valuable insights and tips.

Community Replay for 13 Febuary

You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit to learn more about what is up coming. Send us your feedback online: This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-e4dc67 for 40% off for 4 months, … Read more

Digital Bytes – Glasses

In this episode of Digital Bytes, we discuss accessing visual information through smart glasses and apps. We explore the features of Envision glasses, including text scanning and scene description. We also touch on the Celeste glasses, which are still in development. The upcoming Apple glasses and their spatial audio capabilities are also mentioned. We recommend … Read more

All Things Lady A – Episode on Alexa Games

Show Notes for All Things Lady A – Episode on Alexa Games Welcome to this fun-filled episode of All Things Lady A, where we delve into the entertaining world of games you can play with your Amazon Alexa devices. From word puzzles to brain teasers, join us as we explore some of the most engaging … Read more

Community Replay for 6 FEB

We answer on this week’s call listener questions on various topics such as contacts, troubleshooting, and MacBook choices. We also discuss the ACB app, offer help with tech issues, and mention a tool for organizing recipes. We direct listeners to additional resources and encourage them to visit for updates. Read transcript

Digital Bytes – EP0

In this episode we share this Exciting news! We’re launching a new show, Digital Bytes, on Unmute Presents. Join Marty, Michael, and Chris as we explore the fascinating world of gadgets, headphones, keyboards, and more. Get ready to geek out with us every Sunday starting in February. Stay tuned for our first episode on the … Read more