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DM 78 – Yes to answer

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We start this episode out talking about our mobile experiences, including siri setup and both of us using Android and IOS at the same time.
Damashe taught Michael something about using the Airpod Pros that he didn’t know.
This takes us into a brief sidenote about Damashe’s Timetracking.
We share our thoughts on the Epic vs. Apple Court Fight.
We close this episode up with sharing our thoughts on the new apple event with a app choice and a tech tip from each of us.

DM78 – Yes To Answer Transcript

Dm78 – Let’S Play Together

2021, The Your Own Pay Podcast Network
Damashe and Michael, Just Talking Tech


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Sorry to interrupt, but it’s time Democracy and Michael just ducking tack Yeah.
[0:26] There is if you want to open it up you don’t have to let me rephrase that.
There should be in the D. M. S. Folder. A google doc.
Just say no, there’s nothing in there.
Track 2Damashe:
[0:38] Oh Golden!
[0:41] I’m going to use that for taking notes because the last time I took all these notes and got everything in there and had him a note pad and then I restarted the computer and even remember why I lost him.
And yes, as Mallory says, uh prompts you multiple times, Michael, are you sure you want to restart when you have unsaved content,
and you know, Michael, did he just click the yeah, I’m sure I’m sure I want to restart and so that was my bad and google doctors, Auto savings.
So I said we’ll do google doc.
I think I called you when that happened do didn’t I? We are on D. M. 78.
Anything we mentioned can be found at your own pay dot com slash dM 78.
So democracy got to ask you, did Siri tell you when you went into the office that in this part of the house you usually listen to audible. Mhm.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:38] Oh, hold on, let me see, hold on, hold on, hold on.
No, I did see Bluetooth later when I connected Bluetooth though.
Uh I was like record series.
So what we’re talking about folks is the serie widget,
which I currently have on my home screen in a Smartstax or the stack, which is rotates and it shows me care whether fantastic out to do it and serious suggestion.
[2:08] Mhm.
Track 2Damashe:
[2:08] So what I found interesting this morning is plugged into headphones, I’m sitting outside.
Uh and the recommendation from Syria was sort of suggestion from theory was you should listen to uh open overcast based off the location you are in your home. And I was like, what?
[2:28] Mhm. And I told them Aussie uh if Syria is that smart, why can’t she send messages whenever using airpods and tell her to send messages?
Although with airpods, I have noticed that it’s been more reliable and uh well Democracy is looking to see if it has a different suggestion at a different location in his home.
So as of the date of this being published, two days after we record, I should have a pixel in my hands,
and Democracy and I kind of talked a little bit about it, I think, I don’t know if he was serious, but I took his comment as a fully serious comment.
So I think what my workflow is going to be as my iphone is going to hang out upstairs, it’s probably going to be plugged in most of the time because I can’t just give up the iphone, I just got Nicholas,
to switch back to the iphone and so I have to at least have the iphone so I can do facetime calls with them because we’re not switching back to duo.
And then I’m going to use the Apple.
Yes it does. I’m going to use the Apple Watch for notifications on the iphone for things that don’t work on the android and or in case mallory calls, music or something because I don’t think switch my other number over to android yet.
We’ll see where things are because I’m kind of excited about where those things are going with android and then I’m going to use the air pod pros so that I can engage with my phone hands free,
and we’ll see how that goes because.
[3:57] In conjunction with Siri when she actually uh in conjunction with Syria when it actually worked properly. I.
Track 2Damashe:
[4:05] It feels a little disrespectful though like. Really? I mean I get it. You know what the political, so that’s when political and pc this or whatever it’s actually supposed to be called nowadays because I’m old. Ah.
[4:08] Yeah, I know because I have the right.
[4:14] Uh huh.
[4:18] And see I’m going to leave both of those edits in there because it just adds a level of confusion. Like, don’t you want your personal assistant to be personal?
Track 2Damashe:
[4:25] It’s like,
right like my serie is a lady. Ah.
[4:31] I’m using Siri Voice to 12 or one. I think it’s too it’s a female.
Track 2Damashe:
[4:36] Yeah yeah so it’s a she if you switch it over to a male voice then you can call it the hell.
[4:39] Yeah, then it’s a here. Okay, so as long as theory, as long as she is, you know, being smart and stuff, I forgot the exact wording I was using, but I’ll just jump right back in there with it like that.
And that’s why I’m going to keep the edit in then I can use my airpods to reply to messages.
I can use airpods to uh reply to discord. I think maybe not. But uh you know, I can get all that information from my airpods and then I can use my Apple Watch for other things I can’t do.
And then you do most of my primary stuff on the android phone and maybe that might mean switching a phone number back over to android, you know, because I don’t want to pay for another service.
So I don’t know, but it will be an experiment. It will be a process and democracy and I think are probably going to take this adventure on together. Maybe.
Track 2Damashe:
[5:32] Yeah, this is going to be fun. I mean, what I’m gonna do is essentially what you’re doing is if I don’t have airpods so I can’t answer the phone, you know, answer the iphone calls with just by saying yes,
drives me fucking I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Actually going to say it drives me nuts, but I can’t say it does.
I don’t know how I feel about it, tears hanging out in the kitchen, washing dishes and she just says yes, like because you’re talking Uh huh.
[5:59] Wait, walk me through this.
Track 2Damashe:
[6:01] Uh huh. Mhm.
[6:05] Because I’ve been squeezing the tip of my airpods. I hope Jason’s not listening. Or maybe hopefully is.
Track 2Damashe:
[6:11] Uh huh. Uh Yeah that that is a thing, we shall report back to you folks on how to,
if either one of us figures out how to be able to answer the phone with Siri directly to be interesting.
[6:25] Sounds like democracy. We just need to start being nicer this area I think.
Track 2Damashe:
[6:29] Man, that beach that that really is nice. I’m sorry.
[6:32] Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[6:33] Anyway, small personal assistant whatever. Uh,
but what I’m what I’m going to do is um use the android phone and one of the nicer things like you kind of mentioned, you know, you think you can reply to messages from discord although you wouldn’t really need to because you have discord on android so I don’t think that would be an issue.
[6:51] And it is accessible for my understanding. So.
Track 2Damashe:
[6:53] Mhm I’m not sure for me we’re gonna put this card on my android phone but I probably will because I pop in there enough. I use it ain’t enough.
[6:56] Mm.
Track 2Damashe:
[7:00] Oh and started sending you messages through this course I guess I will out that she put it on the phone.
Uh but.
[7:04] Yeah. Although now you can text me because I can connect android windows so, but if I don’t have any.
Track 2Damashe:
[7:11] Who mm what just how that works.
Yeah I’m going to go on this this basic journey as well uh use my Apple watch for the apple connectivity stuff that I you know, has to be in place such as I messages and things of that nature I’m actually going to set up or I’m going to attempt to set up.
So I will definitely report back in our next show how this went uh set up, sip calling using the native android uh sip integration and see how well that works.
At least I will have service for a number while I’m on wifi just to have something to kind of, you know, see how that that fleshes out,
because I, you know from a business perspective, I’m extremely interested in the different ways that small businesses or entrepreneurs can.
[7:58] Have multiple phone numbers but have it actually operate like a business line and not just before 41 call to another call because then you get into the weirdness when you got to call people back and now they got your phone number, mobile number or whatever,
and google voice like I have,
I’m going more and more concerned about google voice as a free service being out there for people uh,
and some of the limitations and restrictions that they’re putting on the actual paid or that are in existence with paid service if you’re google workspace customer.
I don’t think we mentioned this on the show but I found out shockingly, I was shocked, absolutely shocked.
And I mean that seriously, no sarcasm was I was absolutely shocked when a recent google workspace customer disclosed to me that you can no longer set up a free google voice number if you have a workspace account.
Uh I still have a free google voice number upon the G suite high google screw you because you can’t do anything about it.
[8:54] Oh yes they can.
Track 2Damashe:
[8:55] Ah I mean they could but you know, I mean I’ve been paying well I haven’t been paying google for the entire time.
I’ve been using google apps, but I’ve been a customer since google apps and I’ve been paying them since around like 25 15 in 2016.
So and I brought you quite a few customers, maybe not as many as other people have brought in, but I brought you some customers,
probably more than I actually know because oftentimes I’m not actually giving people my referral link because I maybe don’t have it uh ahead,
and google keeps changing it.
But so I’m interested in different ways of using sip providers, especially when like maybe it’s unfeasible, you know, unreasonable to pay for,
an entire second line phone service through T mobile or Verizon or us more, you know, any of the regular care carriers or M Viviano’s,
but you still want a separate number, so I’m going to play around with that to, this is gonna be interested I think,
Oh man. And I can use focus time on IOS to control what comes through and with it, man, I’m really kind of excited about focused on, I haven’t done anything with custom home screen yet, but I’m excited about focused on as a general feature.
[10:10] That’s funny. I haven’t done anything about custom home screens either but I use the um sleep focus all the time.
Well not all the time. That makes it imply that I sleep all the time. Although I used to sleep focus on quite often.
And then I also am experimenting with those.
What are they notification summaries? Yeah. Notifications summaries have a love hate relationship with that. Um Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[10:38] They’re still broken. It’s my opinion because I have twitter so I’m still using the twitter, the official twitter app. But I have.
[10:45] Yeah. So if anyone wants to tweet him we’re still waiting for someone to tweet them to see how’s time tracking going to Marcy.
Track 2Damashe:
[10:50] Somebody. Mm Damn it man. Uh huh.
You know I think I may, yeah I think, I mean just quick site on time tracking I made because I have set out for a year.
I may actually try out using timing because most of the time that I need to actually track business wise, you know what I’m doing is at the computer it’s very relevant.
I’m actually doing I mean I’m not obsessive about it to the point that I want to know, how much time do I spend listening to audio books this month or today or this?
Like I don’t I don’t care that much about it. I mean maybe there’s a focus like when I trigger this focused and it starts the time and that can be a way to deal with that shit.
But I don’t know but to answer your question it has been going terrible.
I have tracked time when I have needed to for projects for clients but that’s about it.
If there’s no time constraints like I’m not building hourly. I haven’t been tracking time at all.
[11:51] I have been tracking time on podcast, editing mainly for the DM series. So I know how much time I’m spending and then I’m editing a couple of other podcast now.
One other one right now, it sounds like it’ll be two other ones.
Uh So I’m going to be tracking time on those 21 of my I’ve been editing since March and I wasn’t tracking in my time, so I don’t really have a baseline for how long it will take me. And someone asked me, Michael, how much time do you spend on on editing our podcast?
Uh uh I can give you a rough estimate,
and that’s something that even if you’re not getting paid for, probably something you should you should know because if you do want to get paid for doing that particular project,
you should have a baseline to give people, well, you know, a 30 minute episodes gonna take me 55 to 60 minutes to edit on average or something like that, because then you can price yourself to, you know, I want to make $20 an hour,
Which at first sounded ridiculous to me, but now it sounds, you know more doable in some scenarios.
Uh and or I want to make $40 an hour because I know your content is going to take me two hours or something, you know.
So yeah time tracking is important when you get.
Track 2Damashe:
[13:10] Yeah, it is, it is important, especially if you’re going to do anything where you’re going to build people already because having that baseline, like guessing is not good because things always like yeah,
just generally tracking time in your brain, like things always, you’re always going to be way off basically.
You can be like, man, this shit felt like it took forever. God was doing something today.
And I sent a like a 30 minute timer and I swear I was like, man, this freaking timer just did not go off, like it just didn’t go off, okay, whatever, I might as well finish doing what I’m doing now and I get up and go check on the kids,
And what seemed like about an hour later, it really didn’t feel like an hour.
Well what I really felt like about 20 minutes later than the timer goes off. And I looked at the time like, oh actually it was only 30 minutes, but it seemed like I had been sitting here for 45 minutes already.
Uh Conversely you can think something, it doesn’t take that much time which happened to me finally above yesterday like sitting here, I started working on something,
And I look up and I was like, Okay, Lincoln’s off the bus, okay, that’s like three, it’s like, you know, I was like about 45 minutes I’ve been working.
Yeah, the next time I looked up it was 5:00 and I was like, what do you seem like I was sitting here that long, got a ton of shit done, but I really didn’t feel like I was sitting there for two hours.
[14:23] Right. Yeah.
Remember that conversation we talked not too long after that. I think you looked up because I called you if I remember I because I wanted to test the headset buddy.
Track 2Damashe:
[14:31] Yep.
[14:35] Mm Yeah, you called me and then you said what time it was on your side?
And I was like, yeah, I just saw that I was like, man, it really didn’t feel like it was that late, like this day really? I don’t know where this day went. Like I did get stuff done, so it’s not like I don’t, no, you know, like I just wasted the day, but it’s like jesus really went by fast.
[14:45] Uh huh.
Yeah, you did.
[14:56] So back to how we started this conversation. Did you ever get a chance? Look at series.
Track 2Damashe:
[15:01] Yeah, it was showing me an option to do a quick text. Really was saying ai or decision michael babcock.
[15:03] Ah
[15:10] Hmm, interesting. So back to our conversation about Siri. You said to you had an experience with Syria recently. Tell us about it.
Track 2Damashe:
[15:22] So I don’t quite remember the context of the conversation.
Uh No. Between no.
[15:29] Between you and Siri or I mean you and T. R. TN series.
Track 2Damashe:
[15:32] So between me and tear because we were talking about something. Somebody said something or did something or something. She was telling me about something she saw on facebook or some situation that went on around here and she was like, all right, what’s wrong? Do all that?
I would just bash him in the head or something like that. She said a budget number something like there was some, you know, some some you know, I would do something violent to her individual and Serious like would you like me to call 911?
And I said, man, I’m gone.
[16:00] Mhm. Know what the fuck.
Track 2Damashe:
[16:00] Mhm.
I was like, man, what kind of shit is this?
[16:07] That is. So she just happened to say like hey stupid, I would smack him in the head or something like Yeah, that’s some creepy shit man.
Track 2Damashe:
[16:12] No, no, no, no. It was like, man, she was like, I don’t remember that.
I want to say it may have been one thing, but I don’t want to say that thing and I really don’t want to get in that conversation. Anyway.
Uh but it was something like she was talking about something, she saw like this person did this thing or destroyed their property, doing this to somebody. She’s like I would just bash him in the head.
She was like, would you like me to call 911? And I was like or would you like me to call emergency services or something like that? I was like, man, what the fuck? I’m out peace.
[16:44] Mhm. Did did did did she reply? No in Syria’s like be safe then?
Track 2Damashe:
[16:45] Gold.
[16:49] Donald?
[16:51] Uh huh.
Your response has been recorded. Don’t blame me for your difficulties. Be safe.
Track 2Damashe:
[17:00] Oh I was like man, what kind of shit is this? You say something violent in series like would you like any call 911 because I don’t think that’s a good idea to advance. Well, I’m just saying I’m not sure it’s a good idea to resort to violence. I can’t call the emergency services. However, what kind of shit is this?
[17:14] Mhm. Oh shit that is funny. That is good.
Kind of creepy though. Like I’m not surprised because we hear stories and I haven’t experienced it actually that much but we hear stories of,
smart devices getting activated inadvertently and so yeah, I’m not surprised.
I’m glad she asked first though.
Track 2Damashe:
[17:39] Yeah, it would have been really weird if the phone started ringing.
[17:42] Yeah. Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[17:44] Uh like I said my my first experience with the Apple watch is accidentally call 911.
[17:50] I’ve done that too. Have done that too.
Track 2Damashe:
[17:54] Histories and now when I set up an Apple watch number one when I turn it on, I know just be patient and wait because eventually triple click will turn over is over,
and secondly don’t hold on that side button until you have went in and turned off the setting that says automatically called emergency services.
[18:07] Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[18:12] I was like, well at least I know the cellular connection works because it’s not connected to my phone yet. Not even sure how that worked. All right.
[18:18] Mm
mm. Good times and spooky times.
[18:31] So Democracy. You had something you wanted to mention today.
Track 2Damashe:
[18:35] So what was at the time that we’re recording this which is Saturday September 11th.
[18:41] This could change will not change but more details could it could emerge.
Track 2Damashe:
[18:44] Yeah.
Yeah. More details are probably going to come out about this. Uh And and of course Apple has to go through the process, but essentially on friday september 10 2 judge and I have just heard her name when I have forgotten.
It’s Gonzalez Rogers that her first name, super smart lady based off how she has responded,
And the questions that I know I’m not sat and read through any of the documentation directly but just listening to people reporting order to reading on people’s reports of it.
Extremely smart lady. Like you know we’ve all seen these cases with tech companies evolved where the judge presiding over said case doesn’t even understand the thing that they’re supposed to be,
trying to pass judgment on or come to a decision about this lady is on her shit.
She should be like, I don’t know that she should be the next Supreme Court justice because she, she grasped this shit in a way that I think even a lot of detect press doesn’t quite get.
So she’s past her ruling down. Of course, Apple is probably going to appeal that that hasn’t been dropped out there yet. That’s just speculation on my part.
[19:52] I was just reading article Tim’s I can’t pronounce his last name from Fortnite is, uh, already has announced that they’re going to appeal it.
Track 2Damashe:
[20:01] What the fuck. Okay.
[20:05] Yeah, he says it’s not a win for small businesses or consumers.
Track 2Damashe:
[20:12] Um, so we’ll, we’ll get into that.
I’m going to come back to that because I mean you had a pretty good conversation about that earlier. So well we will look back to that specific point right there. Who this helps and who it doesn’t.
But essentially just to update everybody at this point, what we know is that Judge Gonzalez Rogers has passed out her verdict and is it averted whatever it’s called, we’re not lawyers here uh,
has passed out a verdict basically here the key takeaways that I know right now that we know right now at this moment, uh, it was first found that Epic was in violation of their contract with Apple,
with Apple, which they were when they put their app for people who don’t remember how this whole shit got start in the first place.
Epic pushed an update to the app store well because a lot of epics code on the server side once the app was in the app store and people started updating Epic just flip the switch on server side that added a button in the,
interface of the app that lets you pay them directly and bypass apples. And our purchase.
[21:11] Uh, judge Rogers, you know, said that there was a violation of the contract that was in place at the time with Apple, which it was and I said that at the time that’s a clear violation, they knew it was. So like, you know that’s, that’s not, that’s obvious to me.
So the result of them being in violation of said contract though is,
They have to pay apple to 30% of the money that they did earn during the time that that that feature was active in their app before Apple suspended their application, which comes out to I’ve heard numbers around like three,
three or 3 million in some change.
Uh not a terrible amount of money to either one of those companies, but you know, they still have to fork that over.
[21:50] The second bit of her ruling is around the what was being called anti trust or or monopolistic behavior by Apple.
It is controls over the app store. Epics argument was that the platform that they’re kind of trying to, you know, grow within,
is controlled strictly by Apple and the iphone is the platform or the iphone is the marketplace.
Apple of course, trying to argue the entire other side of the corn, which is, we’re just a console.
So you know, we have to we lock things down to everybody else that runs consoles, you know, does this look at the Xbox, look at the playstation, so we’re not doing anything wrong. It’s not monopolistic because we don’t own the market share for smartphones or gaming consoles.
[22:43] Judge Rogers, I keep want to call them Miss Rogers but it seems very disrespectful to call a Judge Miss uh Judge Rogers,
basically went right down the middle and was like, you’re wrong and you’re wrong.
Here’s what the marketplace is that, this is all about, This is the mobile gaming market that you were discussing here, Like, this is the,
space that we’re in right now, that this relates to is the mobile gaming market, Apple.
While they do make it quite healthy profit off of this space, they are not the sole owner of mobile gaming, they don’t have all of the control over mobile gaming.
And just because they’re successful at running their mobile gaming business does not make it a monopoly, which again, I like this, this is like, and here’s the thing, right?
I wouldn’t have thought to split this this way because I didn’t want, I didn’t think that deeply about it all the second year, I probably still would have come up with what she said, but it makes perfect sense to me.
The point that she made that I have said before very simply is people should stop trying to go after tech companies or any sort of big companies just because they’re successful in making a ton of money and saying you’re a monopoly just because I’m good at doing what I do.
[24:00] Uh huh I’m going to sidetrack for a second to a conversation, man, Michael had a little earlier and I gave this analogy, I said, think about it this way.
Like a lot of people don’t consider this when you look at Apple and say, oh, they’re monopoly just because they’re going all the money and they’re making you pay them 30% or look at google or amazon anybody else in this space. And they look at tech companies like, oh, it’s a monopoly is antitrust because they’re successful and dominating their industry.
But if you, if we were to flip this completely on his head and let’s look at restaurants, let’s look at fast food restaurants specifically.
[24:35] What epic was trying to argue and what a lot of politicians and a lot of different countries, not just the US or trying to argue or would be arguing in effect, in my opinion, somebody, you know, tweeted us on, you know, if you feel like I’m wrong about this,
or if you have different opinions, I love to have a discussion about it.
But in my opinion, what a lot of companies that are suing for antitrust with a lot of politicians who are trying to enact antitrust laws and all this sort of shit against these tech companies.
If we flip this around and say fast food restaurants, it to me is an Oculus to saying that Mcdonald’s, we just can’t have you dominating the way that you’re dominating because everybody loves your fries. They’re great.
Like people go, bye supersized fries because they’re so good.
People like me, I’m one of these people that has went to burger king and gotten a burger or went to Wendy’s and gotten a bacon cheeseburger and went right across the street to the Mcdonald’s about some french fries because their fries are simply better than everybody else’s.
Well, my feeling at the way that a lot of people are approaching antitrust with these tech companies is similar to saying, well, Mcdonald’s.
[25:46] You’re going to have to do one of two, like, we’re gonna have to do something about this, you’re either going to have to allow other people to use your fries, that you will spend time, you know, engineering, you know, coming up with a recipe for that successful or,
you know, something, we’re going to do something about you because you can’t just keep dominating with these fries because they’re so good.
Like we can’t have you being the only company that makes a good french fries.
[26:09] Yet the person who is making that comment probably has a super sized fries in there handle they’re saying that.
Track 2Damashe:
[26:15] Well, there are exactly right. Like these people, they got an iphone shot on iphone on the desk.
Well, these are apple is, is, you know, but to me that’s what it is.
Very simple simplistic, right? But her point, judge Rogers point about success does not accompany of monopoly being extremely successful, does not make a company of monopoly is exactly what I’m trying to get in the right.
Mcdonald’s has been extremely successful with their french fries.
Like they, to my knowledge, they have the best french fries that any fast food restaurant has ever produced. When you’re talking about, you go sit down and You know, you actually got somebody back there chopping off the potatoes.
Maybe five guys, five guys, that’s pretty good. Really good friend for us.
[26:55] I’ve never had five guys.
Track 2Damashe:
[26:56] Yeah. Most people haven’t those, that’s the thing. Like I I didn’t have them until around about maybe 2013, issues.
Like, I mean for most people, McDonalds have the best French fries.
Uh no. Hands down, especially for a fast food restaurant.
You can’t go and say, well Mcdonald’s, you’re just too successful with these fries.
So you’re gonna have to cut, you know, you gotta cut burger king some slack. Like either you’re going to have to dial back your fry production or you’re gonna have to share this recipe with burger king so that they can also be successful.
You know, you’re making it too difficult for other people trying to sell french fries out here. It’s like, we’ll get your fucking french fry game up is what I would tell you.
[27:35] So I have mixed feelings on this because I’ve, you know, Apple right now is the only app store you can easily get apps on.
However I have learned over the last couple of weeks of an alternative app store you can get but it does require more work and at first I was like, well this is all messed up.
I was, I was on the antitrust Ballgame because I was saying, hey, I can only buy apps in the app store and Apple won’t let me get up from other people.
And maybe Apple doesn’t allow you to use like salt store or or what not,
in their terms, but it is something that can be done and when I think about android unless I’m mistaken, I think you have to side loaded alternative app store on android.
Yeah, yeah. So it’s it’s similar. No, you cannot directly side load stuff onto your iphone,
but you can have the ease of mind when you have the app store and all you have to do is go into the app store and,
your payment information is saved there, you’re only paying one person,
if something goes down and you no longer want that banking information added your app store, you have one place to remove it from and you know I’m comfortable with that,
with that fact and with those conveniences and I do realize that with that I’m giving up some things kind of sort of on relation to the conversation we just had about me switching over to Andrew but that’s besides the point, so those are my initial thoughts.
Track 2Damashe:
[29:03] Yeah. And so I’m not one side of like Apple is not, I’m not one of them and I don’t haven’t found very many people that feel apple is 100% right?
Uh have found some people that feel apple is 100% wrong.
I don’t agree. But I didn’t. One of those statements, Apple definitely like the things uh and the final thing that Judge Rogers ruled on so we can roll this into the conversation as well is that Apple has to stop their bullshit with this.
Oh well you know, you can put your app on the app store and people can log in and you don’t have to use our in app purchases, but you can’t tell people how to pay you or how to sign up for your service bullshit, right?
That has been bullshit. Day one. And I have said it has been bullshit from day one.
Uh She she has named that that is anti competitive. Now there’s a different state, there is a huge and again this lady is super smart uh or a beer or glass of wine or martini or something.
[29:55] Uh if I ever run into or somewhere I will buy that lady because she is super smart because to me that there is a clear difference between,
anti trust which means you’re using your power over a market, your dominance in a market, your your dependence in a market to manipulate people for your own benefit, right?
To manipulate prices and or whatever for your own benefit.
Whereas anticompetitive that is absolutely anticompetitive to, you know netflix and I went over this with you today, I was like, you know,
as it stands right now, if her mother were to download netflix for the first time today because she heard about netflix from one of her friends who has a fire tv stick or whatever.
She was like well I’m gonna try this netflix, I want to watch that show, he was looking at your house, I’m gonna go download netflix, you go to the app store to download netflix, she opens up inflicts,
it says log in Netflix right now, I can’t say I don’t have an account, click here to go create one or,
you know, I don’t have an account, you have to go here and start your subscription that you can’t say any of that right now, due to Apple’s policies, that is a load of shit.
[31:03] It is, and when you are trying to get more people to use your apps, not having any explanation of what that app is can be detrimental to your potential customers.
Because I could download an app an email app, for example, and it says, hey go, hey log in, I’m going to keep that in there for sure.
Track 2Damashe:
[31:20] Hey, Okay.
[31:25] It says, hey, go log in. And then I’m like, well why do I even like, why?
What’s the whole point of this? What is this app? So it’s interesting. That was good.
Track 2Damashe:
[31:34] Yeah, that, that, that to me is any competitive. Um my general feelings about This overall situation, one, I don’t like the, I don’t like it from top to bottom.
I don’t like a government coming in and feeling like, oh we’re going to tell Apple how to run their business.
Also don’t like the way that Apple kind of mix tapes too, developers how to run their business.
There are some rules that I feel are fair or some policies that I feel that our fair because Apple is the platform owner, right?
You have to see some something to the company who built this.
Apple has no obligation to say, well we built this thing but we’re just going to give it to you and let you do what you want to do with like they have no obligation to do that the same way google has no obligation to say,
oh well, you know, of course android is open source, you can go use open source android, but if you don’t comply with things the way that we want you to comply with certain things for the protection of our users in the protection of our business,
right, are back in our api our infrastructure, then we’re not going to let you use google play services that they’re totally within their rights to do that because they built the shit like it.
Again, it’s like telling the Colonel man, you got to hand over this chicken recipe because this KFC chicken, it’s just killing everybody’s business so you can’t do that.
[32:51] There were attempts to that with new an interesting history of KFC.
Yeah, yeah. On that, on that podcast, I’ve told you listen to a couple of times Business, yours. I’ll link to it in the show notes, so maybe you’ll go listen. No.
Track 2Damashe:
[32:58] I vaguely remember something about that.
[33:07] Yeah, I will go listen to it because I’m vaguely remember here something about this two of some years ago, like I was a bunch of younger, but I vaguely remember hearing something along those lines.
[33:15] There was guns involved in shit like that, man. It was, it was rough, but yeah, yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[33:20] Oh shit, hold on, I really gotta listen to this. I didn’t hear about the guns. There was some old mob shit churches showed up with mrs winters and it was about to go to town on the Colonel.
[33:27] Mhm. I’ll send you the first episode of that series. Um, so it’ll, I don’t know, I don’t know, Damashe See what’s going to happen with the world.
Track 2Damashe:
[33:40] I mean, uh, as as many long time listeners know like I have a big,
big chip on my shoulder about the state of internet and the United States of America whilst we have congressman.
So senators and representatives both uh, as well as states attorneys generals or attorneys general or however you say that,
uh, drafting proposals for laws and amendments to bills and all this shit to curtail how Apple runs their business, how google runs their business, how amazon runs their business.
Uh, number one, nobody stepping on facebook for the bullshit they’re pulling.
Number two, nobody stepping on Comcast a TNT spectrum or any of the other companies who are flat out lying to the federal look, Apple ain’t taking money google and none of these big tech companies which I do have issues with all of them.
Like I’m not a, you know, I love apples products, I love, you know, google’s products just google about as good.
[34:44] As long as they keep them around.
Track 2Damashe:
[34:46] Yeah, I mean I trust Google 2nd. Like Apple has more of my trust, but also like Apple has to hold themselves to a higher standard. But outside of the tech companies, right?
My issue really comes down to the fact that google amazon apple Microsoft. None of these big tech companies that people are trying to regulate or Saini regulating or even got some crazy woman running around talking about what we should break them up.
It’s like what the fuck do you mean? So this company sells the iphone and that company sells macs and ipads like what the fuck kind of business are you trying to do here lady. Uh huh.
But the problem is they’re not taking federal money and then doing, you know, shit detrimental to the people that they’re supposed to be serving right there.
I mean, they are mostly publicly held companies, but in the general says they’re probably all right, they’re not getting money from the federal government to run their business.
Whereas A T and T. Comcast spectrum and the rest of these fucking internet providers are taking federal money, which means they’re taking our tax dollars because we all pay taxes.
[35:47] Even if you don’t pay taxes when you go buy something at the store you’re paying and so it effects you are paying some sort of tax.
They’re taking federal money to build out their infrastructure and then they’re flat out lying to the sec, the FCC and probably all the other seas to about what they’re actually doing and where their coverages.
And you would think after The Lockdown of 2020, that this would be abundantly clear to people when, you know, I mean, never mind just I mean, even if you’re selfish is shit.
There’s a ton of selfish as people who feel like they’re big shots that didn’t have good internet when they had to go back to their little town or whatever that they come from and they were on lockdown on the internet didn’t work.
So they couldn’t show up to do their voting that they were supposed to like all this right here, but you’re not going after these companies for what they’re doing.
I’m annoyed on that level with the government.
Apple in general. Like get there should be some changes.
I feel like at this point Apple could and it seems as though Apple is like slowly letting people kind of chip away at their policies. Like they’re changing them one at a time and just trying to play the long game.
I feel like that’s a little stupid on their part. One reason.
[37:00] Big Change at Once.
Track 2Damashe:
[37:02] Well, there’s an argument that they could implement what they think is a great plan and that, you know, maybe I would agree with it is a great plan and maybe a large majority of Apple users and developers may agree it’s a great plan.
But then the government comes, somebody’s government comes in and says, well we don’t think you did enough.
And I was like, well shit, we, we that’s it. We out, it’s over. We ain’t got no more ideas, man, we’re done.
[37:24] But I feel like there are enough countries in this world that don’t work in our if not more organized, at least there’s more directives.
Like there’s, there’s more directness there in these countries and there may be in the U.
S. Where you know, somebody says, oh we’re going to have to be able to deal with this situation where area three years from now my kids are being, my youngest kid will be in, You know, 5th grade by the time this law comes up to get voted on Germany ain’t gonna take that long.
You know, you fuck around with that lady over there in Germany, like she’s liable to get some shit past tomorrow.
Like, Alright, album, this is what you gotta do. You know, South Korea did not take that long to pass their law that they passed saying essentially what is her name, Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, mm hmm.
[38:11] Well she said Apple has to do, which you can’t tell people that they can’t link to their shit, right? It’s basically what South Korea says. So my thing is number one Apple should just let that go.
Like just don’t fight, don’t put that back, don’t push back on that. Just just implement that rule and they you know good way.
It’s arguable at this point whether or not Apple has to and I think that’s going to be like they’re going to have to draft what their proposed to do and take it to the judge and then let her you know say yeah this is within the guidelines of what I was saying.
You know you didn’t do enough but it’s arguable at this point whether the actual ruling means Apple just has to let people link out to their websites and explain to you how to get their shit or how your alternative payment methods.
[38:54] Or whether it means you literally have to let you know epic.
And everybody else basically do what amazon dot com does right now because amazon out man. Look I don’t pay for anything in the amazon app through Apple because you can’t just all paid through amazon right?
[39:09] I kind of wish you could sometimes, but you can’t. Yeah. Especially when I have money in Apple Pay.
Track 2Damashe:
[39:10] Yeah man.
Mhm. But if anybody wants, especially when you got money, like amazon doesn’t even take Apple pay like that’s that that’s one of the dumber things to me, it’s like So you’ve got Amazon pay, why not take apple?
Like you’re getting the money, it’s not like apples taking 30% of your apple pay payment.
[39:31] Right. Right. Right. Anyways, not to derail you.
Track 2Damashe:
[39:34] Ah oh no man because this whole conversation has been the real, the whole nation has been derailed now.
[39:42] That it has, but that’s a discussion for another show if you’re interested in the Politics show. Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[39:49] Uh, but it’s arguable as to whether or not they actually have to allow people to,
have payment systems inside the outright right alongside the in app purchase system that Apple provides or whether they only have to a lot of the link out my concern with this whole deal though.
Uh huh. Because tim whatever his name is from epic, you said, he said this is not a win for small businesses or consumers.
Dude, stop your bullshit. First off. First and foremost, I’m saying it on the show, I don’t play a clip, I’m gonna post this clip on twitter, It might keeps it in the show.
Stop your bullshit dude. You don’t give a fuck about a little dude or or or the customer, right? You’re just trying to make more money. You want more of the money that you’re getting because you don’t want to have to give Apple, they’re 30% now, to be fair, 30% is a little much at this point in time.
I’m just saying, Are you serious? Really? 30%, man, come on come on, But here’s where my concern go.
And again, there’s always these unintended consequences whenever politics and legalities get involved and people just don’t do the right thing in the first place as a business.
[41:01] This ruling could come down and say, okay, well Apple doesn’t have to let you put your payment system directly in the app, but they do have to let you link out to it.
Okay, well Epics going to do it and facebook is going to do it and you know, all these other places are going to do with smaller developers, a lot of them are not going to do it because they’re not gonna want to deal with the headache of the shit, some of them may, but what you’re gonna end up with,
is I, let’s say, so you, you were bringing up this example earlier market,
like with Nicholas or, or Ben or Andrew wants to go buy something from the store right now, it goes through Apple and you know what they’re doing and all of that and you know, I don’t know if you have some place for Nicholas or not because he is a little older,
to my kids, but From my perspective and I also have the ability to turn on asked to buy, right, so I know what they’re going to buy before they buy it and I can say, yeah, you can get that game and I don’t think you really need to get that right there or I don’t want to pay $20 for that, like whatever the case may be.
[41:54] $20 every seven days mm.
Track 2Damashe:
[41:59] Speaking of which man, okay now you directly uh because that’s yet.
Uh But no but here’s the problem right?
So this this could come down in favor of what a lot of people say they want, Which example just let people offer to compete with with the other payment processes.
Let people roll a strike right? Like people you know rolling and Paypal or we pay or whatever it is they want to use and take payment that way a couple of issues.
Apple could take the mike. I can’t say that’s a dick move.
Apple could take the route of Okay we’re being forced to do this but we don’t have to do anymore because we invested all the money into the research and development of this platform etcetera etcetera etcetera.
We don’t have to do anything beyond what you told us to do?
Which is they? Okay now I can go into Epic store or Fortnite whenever if it makes it back on the app store and buy gyms or whatever you’re buying for tonight. I don’t know don’t don’t even tell me about it. I don’t care.
Mhm. But I can go buy stuff.
[42:58] Alright well now buying this stuff directly from Epic instead of going through Apple.
So does that bypass and because it wouldn’t be me or barbie my kid.
Right. But there’s this bypass parental controls at this point. So does this bypass asked to buy, do I have to now put a credit card in each person’s device that wants to buy something inside of the app that has chosen to go outside of the app store.
Uh huh. Like how does that affect any of that? Most certainly.
And I’ve heard people argue this point that yes, Apple could probably write the ap is to allow people to you know keep connected to the lower level os you know systems that power that stuff in the app store.
But I got to tell you it’s probably not as easy as me just saying it and they can get happened first off secondly first you tell me, I mean again let’s let’s let’s take this scenario.
You gotta you gotta grown up kid who’s living with you was like well I want to live with you anymore.
I’m going to move out and get my own place. I got a job, I got my own money and want to move out and get my own stuff. All right, right, fine do that. That’s okay. No problem. No hard feelings.
But you still want to come to my house and eat every fucking day.
[44:07] Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[44:09] It’s like you wanted to take your own payments, you wanted to handle all your money by yourself.
You didn’t want to give us a cut of our money. But now you want us to do the work To integrate your payment system or make it possible for people to integrate their payment system with our back end system that protects our users.
They do it. There’s an argument for yes, they should. But on the flip side, Apple people like well this is what the fuck is 30% discovered.
[44:32] But why couldn’t apple say we’ll do that for an additional $99 a year or something like that and and recoup that money?
Track 2Damashe:
[44:39] Because that ain’t enough, because that’s not really that that legitimately is not enough money.
Like I said I I think Apple probably could get away with taking 10 to 12%,
of each transaction in the out store and people will probably be more happy now you’re epics of the world would not be but most people I think would be a lot happier with that Because what you’re getting what happened, what I think a lot of people outside of it outside of developers don’t think about.
Yes, we’re pissed about the 30%. I’m pissed about 30% of its not even coming out of my pocket.
Uh You know history reason I have donated money to developers.
You know, even after I have bought their app and they have a tip jar like I got the money until Jordan out there because I know you’re not charging me for this app every year. You haven’t one subscription. Uh.
[45:29] But what people outside of messages say Apple should, you know they should charge what stripe charges. Well they can’t charge. I mean they could charge what straight? Well they have all these billions of dollars. Yeah but you know what happened has to pay for.
So let me make it very simple when you develop an application. First of all, Apple pays all of the engineers that developed Mac OS which is free. You don’t pay for Mac Os. You pay for the Mac.
But once you on the back, like you don’t pay for updates, you don’t pay for our west updates. Once you buy your phone, you don’t pay for any of the platform updates to software updates, you just play for the hardware.
[46:04] Right? But Apple has to pay the engineers that write the code and NPR’s that run Mac OS and allow us to have the nice apps on my Mac Os, IOS, watch us ipad Os, right?
They write all the code for that. They they got to pay those people a part of a big part of Apple’s businesses, research and development.
Like tim cook. This doesn’t shit out the plan for iphone every year.
And then they just start making that shit. Like they spend a ton of money, like a ridiculous amount of money, enough money for me probably to live off for the rest of my life on research and development when they’re making new devices. How does this glasswork?
Is it really more shatterproof? What about this camera bump is just gonna be a problem.
Like the money that goes into that shit is like, just if you’re really interested, you probably can pull apples public reports because they are publicly held company and look at their R and D budget, right?
It just extrapolate, like even if you just split it, you know, equally up amongst the devices that we know Apple sales today and look at how much money goes into that on top of that when an app developer develops the app.
Yes, there’s a lot of hoops they have to go through. Yes, there’s a lot of bullshit they have to deal with. Yes. Apple does not respond to their feedback requests, which again is another whole motherfucking problem that Apple needs to solve.
[47:19] Uh don’t respond to my feedback requests either. That makes anybody feel any better though.
You know I write accessibility Apple dot com several times. I sometimes don’t get any answer so uh I feel your pain but I ain’t go developing out right now.
I don’t have to pay for exco already on the Mac. So I mean of course you got to have a Mac but already on the Mac.
I go download X. Kodi build my app.
I test my app. Apple has test flight, I don’t have to pay for you know, upset or any other third party tool to provide betas to my users.
I do still you do still have those options but I don’t have to use test flight infrastructure to beta test my app.
I pushed my app to the app store, he goes through ap approval. Again. Something else in the Apple does need to work on. Seriously. Uh huh.
But it goes throughout review, it gets approved and it’s in the app store.
The only thing I have to do once my app is approved is to determine or maybe before it’s approved. But at some point in the process determine what countries I want my app to be available. And if I say release it to the entire world where it goes out to the entire world.
I am not paying Apple any money for that bandwidth.
I’m not paying Apple any money for storing my shit. I’m not paying for their CDN cost and Apple uses a comma.
A comma is expensive by a commode doesn’t even come up in conversations for me when I’m talking about c. D. S because I cannot afford it.
[48:46] Yeah Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[48:48] Uh so there there’s all of that infrastructure never mind that.
I mean literally probably millions at this point, hundreds of thousands of free apps on the app store now, is it fair that everybody has to pay for the people who don’t pay anything with the developer fees?
I mean I don’t know what to really say about that. I don’t I don’t feel that the people who do well on the app store can make a living off the app store should be picking up the cost for someone who just creates a free app and throws it up on the store.
But on the flip side of that, a lot of people get their career started with those free apps as well.
And I would really feel kind of shitty about telling a kid well you know we can’t put a free app on the store man because we’re not going to tell me that we’re not going to cover that shit right, I really would feel shitty about that. So I don’t know how to deal with that situation.
But my point being Apple has to charge more than what started charges because Apple is providing more infrastructure then stripe is providing uh not to mention Apple as much money as Apple actually makes,
their market is honestly pretty small compared to a strike.
[49:55] Yeah, yeah, because stripe is all of your e commerce, all of your well not all of your in person, not all of your e commerce either, but a substantial amount of your e commerce, a substantial amount of your in person if you’re using their stripes payment methods and,
a lot of people use stripe and they don’t even know they’re using it.
Track 2Damashe:
[50:13] Exactly like stripers all over. What I mean is like their their their their potential market,
the potential growth for stripe Is in my opinion exponential to what Apple’s potential growth is right because apple can only, you know,
get 30% off people who put apps in the app store and sell apps again, I don’t think it should be 30%.
I think it should be more like 10 or 12% and they would do just fine.
Mm honest. I truly honestly believe that also honestly believe that if they were to loosen up some of the restrictions that some of the seemingly arbitrary restrictions that they have in place that probably at the time they were put in place made sense. That’s the other thing.
Lot of people don’t think about it. Some of the rules that apple has in place regarding their devices and the app stores, they absolutely made sense when the iphone IOS was super young, Super constrained.
[51:09] You know, 10, 12 years ago.
The problem is apple hasn’t grown and evolved as the industry has grown and evolved.
It’s the reason they’re having all of these problems.
I’ve heard people say that institutionally a lot of old apple people and these are the people that you tend to see on stage a lot, you know, your tim cooks and your craig Frederick G.
S and your craig johnson wax and uh my scott forestall, He’s the guy who got fired. Uh the other guy.
[51:44] But the Faces You know of Apple.
Track 2Damashe:
[51:46] Yeah, the people you meet all the time, like they were around apple and Apple literally was about to go out of business.
Like they were, you know, they had to take money from Microsoft.
Like Bill Gates gave them money so that he wouldn’t be the only company making computers to keep them afloat.
So it is said, I don’t know how true this is or how not true, but it doesn’t make a little bit of sense to me because it is in a lot of ways how steve jobs operating.
And his wife steve had the mentality that he did about owning as much of the product line as he possibly could.
Like Apple started making their own processes because they didn’t want to be beholden to somebody else for their processors took him years to get to the M1.
But they eventually got there. They started with their mobile devices 1st.
But that’s a part of that culture is like, well we don’t want to find ourselves in this situation, we deal with power Pc and then we had to quickly switch over the intel even though steve really didn’t want to do that business from what I hear.
They come from the time when Apple was the actual underdog and they had to scratch for everything they could possibly get. So therefore they try to hold on to as much as they possibly can.
There are huge trillion dollar company, hundreds of millions of dollars at this point you’re not so small anymore.
So I mean don’t go through a party and throw all your money in a fucking pool and jump off a diving board into like uncle screws like don’t get stupid but.
[53:11] Evolve so that you can continue to grow as a company because one of the sad things to me out of this whole situation is that yes, I do know that there are problems internally at Apple that we probably don’t hear about.
But the things I do know about, just the things I know about with the app store and the way that things operating some of their policies and how this app, you know, their ap approval shit is really screwed up.
Uh huh. I don’t like that because I’m one of those people that looks at and I’m like if you’re slipping and your continuing to slip in these same areas like what else are you fucking up on that you’re supposedly so great at,
because Apple come out on stage and tell you how great they are and how good they do for developers and how much money they paid developers and all of this shit.
But I’ve also comes out on stage and tells me how great their security is and how their privacy focusing, they’re concerned about your data and your data being your data.
[54:02] And we’re all going to hear about that on the day that show publishes.
Track 2Damashe:
[54:07] Yeah, but you know, I know apps that have developers that get their acts rejected for stupid shit, nobody can explain to him and it turns out all the way it was a mistake.
We’re sorry we reinstate the draft, you know, or flagrantly I mean just flagrant, not even an attempt to try to obfuscate the fact that they’re ripping off the app.
Just flagrant ripoffs of apps showing up in the store and getting higher ratings or showing surfacing up higher in search than the actual legitimate original app does when you’re fucking up on shit like that.
It really makes me question what else you’re fucking up on with when it comes to security.
Uh huh. Yeah, on the data show Publishers, Apple has an event going on.
We all suspect it’s going to be the new iphone and a new Apple watch. I ain’t buying shit.
I’m not excited. Uh,
Also have any money. Yeah, but I think outside of something that is truly going to be like probably the only Apple thing I will buy any time soon.
Might be some airpods and that would still be, you know, some months off uh some newer airpods or something. It’s just because I really am going to disdain the bluetooth earbuds that I do have.
But I’ve also been looking at these Sony’s That is certainly true quality earbuds that are out there.
[55:31] You’ve been on Some are.
Track 2Damashe:
[55:35] I mean look at these, somebody’s thinking about these. I’m like they get longer battery life than Apple ones and don’t really talk to my devices all that often like so I don’t really care about that.
Uh I’ve been I’ve been, but I mean I’m sort of at a point like I can’t go on strike because like Apple wouldn’t give a shit everybody I know that has, you know, oh it did.
There are more people than I can count on my fingers that I know for certain is going to buy whatever Apple selling Tuesday, but I ain’t bond shit.
[56:05] Yeah. Yeah. I’ll watch it see what’s going on.
Probably. Mallory will probably end up with something. But I don’t there’s nothing, nothing really interests me right now. I’m pretty happy with what I have.
So. Democracy. Do you have any more to talk about related to the Apple stuff?
Because if not I think we should wrap it up by sharing a couple of apps. I have a new app that I’ve been playing with. It will only be effective for some users, very limited amount of users.
And I’m sure you may have an app you can recommend to people.
Track 2Damashe:
[56:38] Yeah, fantastic out get it, it’s fantastic and all these kids What you Got man.
[56:44] Uh node remote. So I recently got a new and I will link to this in the show notes by the way in the google doc. There’s a place for you to put your affiliate link for google workspace, we can get some time.
So node remote is a tool that I am using. It costs $5 in the app store.
And uh Andrew bought it for me because we’re on a family sharing account, he accidentally added $25.
Is that full account? I’m like I so you can just go by this out for me the real quick even though you’ll never use it, I will be available to download it then.
Uh You can never leave the family now either I,
but it allows me I got a sherry note or sorry, notice how it’s also pronounced.
So I got a shari note which allows me to use my radio to remotely connect to other people who have a Shari note on their end or a uh a all star note.
And it gives me substantially higher quality voice.
But the problem with it is it is simplex which means that if someone is talking, you can’t send D. T. M. F. Or dial tone.
I forget exactly dial tone multi frequency ah buttons from your radio while someone else is talking. So.
Track 2Damashe:
[58:06] I thought it was a dude, I thought it was a new show with Tom Barry, Yeah. Uh huh.
[58:09] Oh no, no, it’s the touch tones.
You remember democracy a couple of years ago, maybe like 10, 15 years ago we had to pick up this handset and you would hear a buzzing in your ear and you had to push these buttons to call people.
It wasn’t no touching the screen or telling Siri to call them, it’s the beeping noise you hear when you’re pushing the buttons now.
Track 2Damashe:
[58:28] Mhm.
[58:34] So when someone is talking I can’t press keys.
So I was recommended by Doug I think told me to get this app.
W always recommended everything to me to get and it will let me control my radio that’s connected to the raspberry pi four B remotely from my phone.
So if someone is talking and I don’t want to listen that conversation anymore, I can hit disconnect and it will disconnect me from that person and I can connect to someone else or to another hub.
So it’s a the radio. The reason I got involved in radio isn’t necessarily for emergency preparedness but it does give me that added benefit.
I also like it as a hobby and the convenience of being able to use my phone to control my radio just as kind of cool.
So noting out node remote if you’re not a ham it probably won’t do you any good but if you are or you’re interested.
[59:30] Well worth the $4.99 a couple of unlabeled buttons and I just went in and labeled those real quick. So I don’t forget with a two finger double tap and hold on the button that needed labelled.
So that’s your quick tip that you might.
Find useful if you’re using an app that has enabled buttons that stayed the same.
So if you know that you know this button is always the scan button. For example, you can double tap and hold with two fingers on that button and then it’ll put you in an edit box that you can either type or dictate the text of the button and then hit OK.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:00:07] You just happen to say this game. But then I know you probably weren’t talking about this, but I can’t remember the Apple. There was an app that a lot of people were like, oh this is great. And I think they were trying to target it at blind people for text recognition and they had unlabeled buttons in it.
[1:00:22] Prisma.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:00:24] Principal was there’s Yeah, yeah, they were there. And the man I hadn’t used that happened so long. You know, actually owned the Mac app, I think I mean I don’t use it. Uh it’s also a set up.
Hey, that’s gonna be my way. Did I talk about sit out recently?
[1:00:41] We talked about a we talked about some apps in set up but you didn’t really actually talk about that because that’s how we got on the opener conversation.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:00:42] All right.
[1:00:50] Yeah. And to open it up was amazing. Hold on, let me look around you forgot something else.
I can’t think of the app. I feel like I just told you about the app and you’re like, I might buy that.
[1:01:00] Well not the most recent app we talked about was voice dream reader.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:01:07] Mm everybody should know about that already. Mhm Okay.
[1:01:10] Should know about it, but everyone doesn’t.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:01:15] No, we were talking you were looking at some app that I had and you were like, should I pay for this or not? Because it’s not. Ah paprika, was it? Maybe?
[1:01:23] Yep, that I thought it was.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:01:25] Yeah, well do enough actual real recipe following to do So I will do voice dream reader. And I think I do also have a two.
[1:01:32] By the way, I just want to be fully transparent with the listeners. I don’t think Damashe He knew I was going to throw it at him like this. We we we generally talked about it but.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:01:42] Oh man, I wouldn’t even think about it. I was trying to remember what the hell I was supposed to tell you about Syria and bashing somebody’s head.
[1:01:48] Mhm.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:01:51] Like I can’t forget this yet. Oh man, I’ve been moving shit in and out of into Cindy all day. So like my brain is is I’m just as a kind of spreadsheets in my mind right at the moment.
Although I will tell you uh numbers is not terrible and there are some very handy shortcuts.
So that will be my tip that I will leave you with.
Uh first and foremost is if you are a macro issues and I do not touch the numbers on the iphone at all, but only on the Mac ed.
I am, I’m gonna say 100% certain that there are similar shortcuts in exhale uh if you’re an exhale user.
But one of the things that one of the things I was having to do was so I was importing spreadsheets, we’ll see SV exports of mailing list data,
to migrate somebody between mailing lists or email marketing services.
So this format That I was getting the files in first, it had like, I don’t know, 18 column.
[1:03:01] It’s between 18 and 21 yeah, definitely, way too.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:03:03] Well 18 columns that I didn’t need, right, so like 18-19 columns and the sheet that I did not need.
So I had to delete all of those uh one shortcut I found which I,
when I try to repeat to you is in the menu bar up on the tables and numbers, but what you’re essentially looking for is something that’s gonna whether it’s numbers or Excel is something that’s like,
select all rolls to the right or select all to the end of right or something along those lines.
Basically what I was doing is I was skipping past the first two rows, which I did need to email in the name,
then I would just select the row all the way across the header to the end and then hit a keyboard shortcut and it lead to the entire section of that sheet. It’s all gone poof.
So if your spreadsheet user and you’re finding yourself trying to manipulate data around another thing that also works and should work in Excel as well, is the ability to select an entire column,
cut it and paste it into an empty or overwrite an existing column of data and have everything just feeling like I I I learned a lot about using numbers over the past couple of days.
Uh I’m probably a barely scratched the surface.
Uh huh. Also, another tip just just I know don’t get in the business of moving people between email marketing services. I’m just saying,
or raise your rates before you do it. Uh.
[1:04:27] Substantially.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:04:30] My app I would like to share is going to be voice Dream reader.
We haven’t talked about this app in a while on the show.
I feel like we may have done an episode about it early on for those who are not familiar because mike made a very good point. Everybody should know about it, but everybody probably doesn’t Voice Dream Reader is 10 bucks.
I think It might even be 15. I think it was 15 when I bought it.
I don’t care by the app if you do any of the following.
Uh, and this also work society people too. So you don’t have to be a blind person. Mm.
[1:05:05] Are you ready to hear how much it is now? 20 bucks.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:05:09] How much is it? Still buy it anyway?
[1:05:12] Yep, yep, well worth it, I put it off for years.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:05:17] I bought it when it first came out. Like I probably wasn’t the first person to buy and I wasn’t the first person to buy it. But as soon as it was out and I heard about it. Like read about it. I think I listen to somebody talk about it and I would have bought it.
So essentially what voice train reader does for me and we’ll do for you if you happen to be a screen reader user or someone in general who doesn’t mind listening to texas, speech voices, read things to you.
Ah you can import just about any kind of file type, but you can think of them as text pdf word docks, doc’s D O X D O C X D O X E.
I don’t know if that’s form out of the uh Rtf txt html, all, all of the things as well as uh e pub, so open uh DRM e books, pdf Sandy pubs,
ah and much like listening to a podcast or audiobook, you can just drop whatever that document happens to be in there and play.
You have the ability to adjust speech rate and choose different voices.
Uh It does display the text on the phone.
And I do remember several years ago when I was first getting into uh teaching IOS the ipad specifically at that time,
working with a couple of people who were cited actually, but we’re uh you know, or have some usable vision and getting them, you know, helping them learn.
[1:06:47] Not so much to read, but just improve their spelling by following along with his Avalon properly dropping on my kids are passed at some point, I just got to find books for them to actually read that I can put in there and I haven’t done that yet because I’m lazy.
Uh, but voice during reader is essentially is going to allow you to clip uh, text or add files into it and have it read aloud.
So what I use it for it lies if I need to read a manual or I just want to read a pdf book that I have bought or epa book that I have bar from somewhere I drop in an airport in there.
Listen to her, just say, well listen to an audible book or in a podcast.
So uh, check it out. It now does ocr of uh documents directly inside of the app. So I don’t think you have to buy pdf, whatever it was, whatever the scanner app. Voice dream scanner.
Yeah, I don’t even think you have to buy that anymore. Uh At 20 bucks, if I, We’re buying it today, I would spend $20 for it.
I honestly think I spent $15 for when it first came out.
It has gone up and down in price or at least been on sale periodically.
Uh but for the usefulness of it, like I told Mike, it is one of that, that’s what I told you about.
Mike was that dropping shit into that upload folder and iCloud, that’s what it was, but as I was telling Michael the other day when I was explaining one of the features of a voice tree, which is it sinks through iCloud or can’t sing through iCloud.
[1:08:05] Yeah Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:08:16] You have a folder that shows up in the reader inside of iCloud, your iCloud folder reader and then upload, you can just drop a file in there and listening to your device.
But what I was telling, Mike is like, Voice Dream is one of those apps to like, I don’t open it regularly,
uh because I’m sort of an audio book junkie at the moment and podcast junkie, so I’m not reading as much ah,
through voice straight, but it’s always on my device, it’s always on my I mean, I own the android version of it, uh,
how great if the app it is, and it’s one of those deals with, like, when I need to solve it, but like, I need to read a thing or I want to read this long article somebody wrote on medium, but I don’t have time to sit there and hold my phone,
it goes to voice tree and then I’ll read it.
So if it’s not on my devices, like, you know, when I get ready to go for it, it’s like something’s broken.
[1:09:07] Mhm. Right. And yeah and I am setting up sinking right now because I forgot to do that and you were talking about it and I literally just went downloaded that book I was going to read and I’m like I’m going to get this in there now.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:09:08] So check out voice Dream reader. Mhm.
[1:09:20] Because I’ve had this book and I need to read it.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:09:24] That’s the video book.
[1:09:25] NVIDIA. Yeah.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:09:28] Oh yeah go by the N. V. A book if you’re a Windows user or if you’re interested in using every day. Yeah.
[1:09:31] Damn it. Not going to have that to the links to. Uh huh.
You guys, that’s how it works. He just throws random shit at me to put in there.
Maybe he’ll put it in. No I’ll go grab it because I have the email up right now so I can get back to it. Ah.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:09:43] Okay. I was gonna say I was just gonna search my email forward to find the link for you can even to.
[1:09:49] Yep, that’s what I was going to do. Um So yeah that’s all I have today.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:09:55] Links show notes. All that will be at your own pay dot com slash dM 78. Um.
[1:10:02] And you can find me on twitter at Payown P. A. Y. O. W. N. The show at the D. M. Series and he’s on twitter.
Track 2Damashe:
[1:10:11] At Damashe C. D. A. M. A. S. H. E.
[1:10:18] D. M. Underscore series. I think his deal on I think it’s DM underscore series. The know how fucked let me go see it now teeth of you are,
the D. M. S. Er It’s the D. M. Series.
I think that’s what you said. I just keep want to put an underscore in there for some reason. I don’t know why.
[1:10:46] Because you’re You like the underscore.
[1:10:48] You’ve been listening to your own pay podcast. If you’ve enjoyed today’s episode, visit your own pay dot com slash casts for exclusive content and to contact us today.
We’re eager to hear your thoughts and about how you’re making this podcast, your own thanks for listening. We’ll be back soon the your own pay podcast, your own pay dot com.

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