Revenge porn, and autonomous vehicles

DM 30: Globe showing Australia We’re coming to you from Down under this week🇦🇺 OK… so we didn’t actually leave the country, but our two main topics are about things going on in Australia. First we share our thoughts about the announcement of Facebook’s efforts to put a stop to revenge porn. They’re running a … Read more

Michael’s wild Hare in DM29

DM29: A Wild Hare YOP Network Logo Damashe and Michael are back this week to talk all about Michael’s recent changes to some of his course offerings. Michael recently made his WordPress from a blind users perspective course a free for feedback offering. Michael explains: It was just a wild hare that I decided to … Read more

DM28 – Git does not equal GitHub

DM28: Git does not equal GitHub Terminal Screenshot Did you know that git does not equal GitHub? Neither did Michael! Hey… those two guys are back with a new episode! So what have wee been up to lately? Damashe is going to share his experience and experiment on his journey to graduate from WordPress implementation … Read more

Transmitting ducks, today on DM 27

OK, so it’s michael ✍️ todays show notes… and it’s my fault this episode was as delayed as it was… The Your Own Pay Logo on a black background, a blue Microphone shows at the top, with white letters that say, “”, @payown showing on the bottom We’ve had it ⏺ for a couple of … Read more

social media automation

DM26: Crowdfire, Meet Edgar, the Power of Social Media Automation CrowdFire and Meet Edgar This week, we are revisiting a topic discussed in DM4, social media automation. Automating your social media publishing is important for anyone using these channels for marketing purposes, but you can’t lose sight of the key, which is engagement. This week, … Read more

LaunchBar Super Powers – DM 25

DM25: LaunchBar Super Powers Screenshot of the LaunchBar Wikipedia Search Alright, we’re finally doing the show on LaunchBar! Your welcome Marlin LaunchBar is one of my must have apps on any Mac I use. If I don’t have LaunchBar installed, or for some reason it quits, my Mac feels broken. I literally have to stop … Read more

b2 or s3, what’s for me? Find out on DM 23.

s3 or b2? Now isn’t that fun to write?Should I use Amazon S3, or Backblaze B2 for my business? Listen to this weeks episode to get Damashe and Michael’s responce to that very question. Case for the cloud? What is the reason that you would like to use a cloud hosting service? If you want … Read more

Backing Up Your Digital Life – DM22

screenshot showing I-mazing on the left and arq on the right Backing Your Digital life up! This is the 22nd installment of the DM Show. 🕴 Listen as Damashe shares his excitement, he hasn’t been this excited since well, um, Cloud Storage for your Business, DM 11 🎤 Before we get into it One moment, … Read more

Publish With Purpose People – DM 20

DM20: Publishing with Purpose beside Why are we doing this show? Why should you actively engage on social media? Why take any of the advice you can find on the web about marketing? These three questions all come down to the same answer, having a purpose. Whether we’re talking engaging with your potential … Read more

DM19: Customize your site with Themes

Does your site look like every other WordPress site out there? It shouldn’t! looks completely different from, even though both Damashe and Michael are WordPress users, and even use some of the same tools.
Why is this, it is all about the theme you choose for your site. Think of your site’s theme as … Read more

Extending wordpress with Plugins

DM18: Extending WordPress with Plugins One of the reasons we prefer discussed in DM16 is the plugin architecture. Extending wordpress with Plugins Plugins for WordPress allow you to really give your site abilities and features to meet your needs, without knowing any code. And yes, there are times where the only way to accomplish … Read more

Getting Paid – DM 14

DM14: Getting Payed If you’re in business for yourself, getting payed is serious business. Unlike working for someone else, where your employer takes care of taking payments and issuing your check, you have to take care of these things yourself when you are the boss. So how are you going to actually get your money … Read more

FOundation for all small business owners

The important things for small business owners to have This week, Damashe and Michael are talking about the three most important things for a small business to have. We’re talking the foundation of your business from a technical standpoint, and why you should make sure these things are in place. It seems obvious to some … Read more

Podcast Workflow Using Trello – DM12

Ready to learn our podcast workflow using Trello? This week, Damashe and Michael will share the process for getting the show out to you each week. Producing the DM Show usually starts over a iMessage conversation. While we both love Slack, iMessage is usually immediately available, and consistent regarding accessibility. Trello plays a significant role … Read more

Cloud Storage for your Business, DM 11

Damashe and Michael are once again up in the clouds this week. 😉 You are most likely familiar with this week’s topic, Cloud Storage for your Business how much thought have you given to your business cloud storage? When choosing to use cloud storage for your business, you should consider things like: * Security and … Read more

DM4: Social Automation Tools

DM4: Social Automation Tools Wait… social automation… You can’t automate society… You are right, but we can automate the information shared socially, thanks to the tools discussed in this week’s episode. Social automation is all about getting your message in front of people on the social networks, without spending all your valuable time on your … Read more

DM3: Getting Automated

DM3: Getting Automated Why do you need to “Get Automated”? Are your computers and devices working for you? Can you focus on the enjoyable part of work and let some the tedious tasks get done behind your back? If you listen to this week’s episode… then you will certainly be on your way to automating … Read more

DM2: Calendar Management Tools

Wait… You aren’t using your calendar… 😲 Well here’s the first tip… Start using your calendar! 😉 We’ll jump right in and let you know why using your calendar is so crucial to your life and your business. Find out what happened in Michael’s life that made him start using his calendar… We’ll also discuss … Read more