DM69 – And Then I Can

DM69 – And Then I can

This episode starts out with us talking about the fact we are enjoying editing again!

Thanks to some classes the two of us have taken.

We also talk a little about Damashe’s new business!

The soundcraft Signature 12MTK is then explained as it’s a new tool Michael got.

M1 computer is ending up in Damashe’s hands soon, and with that conversation we talked about the Apple event.

One last thing is how if you want you can support the podcast.

Michael also randomly shared with Damashe that they were recording on his birthday!

Explaining how the soundcraft signature is laid out!

The top of the board has 8XLR ports
Directly below that are 6, 1/4 in inputs followed by 2 1/4 inputs on top of each other (left on top, right on bottom).
The USB B connection is next to these input jacks.
to the right of this usb connection is a single 1/4 jack (for headphones). Above the headphone jack is a 1/4 jack for AUX1.
To the right of these from top to bottom is AUX2, AUX3, and Foot pedal (1/4 jacks).
to the right of this are 2 XLR at the top (left and right master)
Below these are 1/4″ports for Group 1 (left) and Group 2(right).
we start with Chan 1
Limiter button
Gain NOB
100HZ, and USB RTn Buttons (left to right)
MF Again
Mute Button
MST Button
1 -2 Button
Strips are layout: 1 – 6, 7-8,9-10,11-12
fx return is 10th slider
Pan and Balance are bottom nob
2 nobs on right hand side are Trim (left) and headphone (Right) adjustments
USB/rtn is the button slightly separated from the strip of buttons (I think this is a master USB/RTN)
phantom power is the one next to the light far right
param1 and 2 are below that.
FX nob is below this, turn and press to select.
Below this are 5 nobs.
From top down:
Left, aux1 and 2
Right, aux1, 2, 3 master
6 pack of buttons is to the right of the 5 nobs previously explained
Left from top to bottom, aux 1,2,3
Right, AFL (all 3 buttons)
Interval mute above master slider on far-right side
Mono and Master both are master


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